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Not to offer business trip!

For one people (and there is a lot of them) life is inconceivable without regular traveling and the related new impressions. For others it to appear among constants “exit“ means to lose feeling of stability necessary for them and regularity of life. However, as if the worker treated office trips, he has to know the rights and duties well.

According to instructions

Departure on the instructions of the administration officially will be considered as business trip only in case on hands the worker has a document in which time of departure and arrival is accurately stipulated; there is a place for host marks etc. Employees should know that according to the Labour code in office of the enterprise are obliged to issue them the traveling instruction and to legalize their departure by the relevant order. Only then they can count firmly that during all term of an office trip the salary to them will be regularly charged, and all rights - to observe. Isn`t that so, the business trips of force spent for registration are worth it? Though in the private companies unlike public institutions this standard of the labor legislation is ignored pretty often. Quite often the chief gives to the subordinate an oral assignment and the unlimited sum of money for expenses then he without excess paper formalities sends to a way. Perhaps, so really more simply, but in case of any a swagger - a major (for example, receiving a production trauma at foreign enterprise or accident in way) the right for the relying compensations is backdating difficult to prove. And the Labour code contains the special provisions concerning investigation of such facts and establishment by them the put privileges, but for this purpose departure needs to be issued in due form. Whether it is so necessary to risk? Or all workers for 100% are sure that, there is God forbid something to plane or train, the favourite boss readily recognizes the responsibility for the employee and will voluntarily assume burden of all payments and compensations? Alas, sometimes it is easier for employer to declare the become a cripple employee the persistent absentee, it is unknown from what hangover wound over the country, than for many years to pay it a grant for the trauma got in far branch of the company.

But we will consider

that the sent employee everything is it is rather reasonable and provident. Then under the law in the period of the temporary disability caused by an illness it as the worker who is officially in an office trip also has the right on the paid sick-list.

to himself the administrator

not to spoil business trip by the bad organization, is better to take from the very beginning business in hand. And for this purpose the employee needs to go to transport agency behind tickets and to choose time, most convenient for departure. To check personally whether are warned in the point of destination that he needs to be met and whether such room on which he counts is reserved in hotel. I write these lines and I remember one of the first office trips as the war reporter. By inexperience I then completely relied on the young employee of department of coordination of TV company. And as a result on the silent railway substation mislaid in the Astrakhan steppes we landed at half past eleven p.m. The promised car from part where we followed, did not appear because the girl just forgot to phone to a regiment staff. All night long we were heated, strenuously being engaged in physical exercises, and with the first beams of the sun, having picked up heavy bags with the equipment, on foot went to the nearby settlement located in 15 km from station. Since then, taught by bitter experience, I trust nobody the organization of so responsible action as business trip.

Financial side of business

After signing of the order on the direction of the employee in an office trip the accounts department makes the estimate of his expenses: considers the term, transport to which the person will follow to the destination and back, daily allowance etc. By the way, each Soviet sent received the standard sum of a monetary allowance, but recently legislators accepted addition in the Labour code. According to it the employer from now on can establish the amount of payments at discretion. So it is necessary to envy the employees having the generous administration. For example, in the separate companies pay the checks for food and for city transport submitted by employees after a trip. However there are firms where, on the contrary, save on sent at full scale.

the accounts department has to compensate

Besides costs of journey and accommodation:

to the Beginner sent needs also to be known that:

Cannot be sent to

of Contraindication to business trips of pregnant women and minors (except for the creative specialists sent, say, to filmings or dancing show). The law on work also says that it is forbidden to send to distant office trips without written consent and providing necessary medical documents of the women having children under three years. It is forbidden to send to business trips of employees with which the student`s contract (for example the students training at the enterprise) is signed, except cases when the purpose of visit is directly connected with training.

A to the head at the choice of the candidate for distant office voyage will not prevent to consider personal features of the person and his family situation. It is known that some people are afraid for a long time to leave the family or very badly transfer the road and the related change of places. And in general, whether it is worth sending violently the person to far-away countries if he in every possible way tries to avoid this fate?

Councils skilled

If the issue with an office trip is already resolved by

, then it is very important to take with itself a “gentlemen`s“ set of very useful things in business trip. So, besides clothes and the most necessary accessories it is worth putting in a suitcase:

  • small road iron;
  • set of threads and needles, several buttons;
  • a set of drugs, including against pain, sudden cold, an allergic attack, diarrhea, seasickness, and also iodine and a plaster;
  • small electric kettle. In many hotels persons on duty on the floor for certain will treat it more favourably, than a fire-dangerous boiler;
  • during long flight by plane the inflatable pillow under the head can be useful to
  • : it will prevent an ache in a neck.

In way cannot be forgotten about safety rules at all. So, for documents it is better to get the special folder, there scrupulously to put all checks. The special attention should be paid to money: as they say, not to store all eggs in one basket. By the way, now among sent in the course nominal traveler`s checks and plastic cards which allow to secure themselves against any malefactors. It is more reliable to keep the passport in an inside pocket of a jacket - there more convenient to control it. And God forbid from casual acquaintances at the stations and airfields which are especially inviting together to drink or play gambling! Even for a while it is impossible to leave things on strangers, and also to agree to look after someone else`s baggage: and what if there explosive or other potentially dangerous subject? Having undertaken to deliver a parcel to other city or the country, it is necessary to take an interest in its contents that when checking not to be guilty, for example, in illegal movement of the pharmacological means forbidden in the territory of the adjacent state or smuggling of objects of art.

I finally council to those who perceive business trip as an inevitable evil: if it was not succeeded to get out of a trip, it is useless and harmfully all the time to feel sorry for itself and to damn the heartless administration. It is more correct to try to accept voyage as unplanned holiday, let and with the working purposes. It is necessary to see new places, to get acquainted with interesting people - in a word, to change habitual tenor of life. Unless it is bad? According to psychologists, long travel in many cases promotes “rassasyvaniye“ of the chronic conflicts and stresses because the person is so arranged that new emotional experiences inevitably force out household and office problems from his consciousness. Often traveling impressions as if awaken sensory perception and that promote positive changes in human life. By the way, quite often the people hating business trips get used to them over time and even begin to derive pleasure from trips. Generally, you should not hurry to specify in the summary: “Not to offer business trip!“ - and suddenly in soul the inveterate traveler will wake up?