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The little mouse of happiness

Exactly a year ago, on August 18, 2005, the Little mouse of Happiness appeared in our house. In the house which was so populous: we with the husband, our boys who at that time were 16 and 7 years old, my mother. A cat Kasya who was always considered as family member.

Honestly I admit to

that emergence in our family was not planned by Mashino. More precisely, no, not so: we always very much wanted to have the daughter. But God gave us sons. Good, favourite boys. And we did not plan to give birth still to the child any more. The husband even laughed about it: “At such as you, little girls are not born!“

to me was already 35, the husband has more. I worked hard, constantly felt remorse from - for the fact that I find not enough time for a family. Though honestly tried to compensate quantity by quality, as they say. We together spent all days off, went to have a rest. Younger synulya gathered in 1 class. The senior then finished the second year of college. Life was quiet, systematic. And suddenly...

I cannot even remember

Ya when IT came. This thought that the child can be yours even if you did not give birth him... Perhaps, when on the TV showed the thrown girl, and my mother casually noticed that it would be possible to take the girl and to grow up her as the daughter. What many supposedly after war and did. Perhaps, when the colleague at work after several unsuccessful EKO suddenly adopted two (the brother and the little sister) at once... I do not know. But I know precisely that then I for the first time visited the website 7ya. ru.

absolutely new stage in my life began


Decision-making. It is difficult. It is difficult even then when you have no children. When you have two - more difficult doubly. The younger son ours (probably, it is necessary to speak:“ I wash“) accepted idea enthusiastically: it cool - in the house will appear the child with whom it is possible to play! The senior - watchfully. The husband, in principle, supported me, but all the time as though braked: wait, do not hurry, let`s everything weigh.

As you want

, but I believe in destiny. In the Highest forces or in something that solves everything for us. Then thought: if SO it is necessary, then everything will be solved. Though, it is necessary to admit, there were both tears, and offenses.

Went to have a rest. The husband spoke, let`s have a rest, you were tired, all on nerves, such decisions should be made quietly. I honestly did not lift 10 days a subject of the adopted child. And the husband, appears, slowly talked to boys, and in these conversations the truth was born: to the little sister to be!

And further, it - to God, as in the fairy tale: itself sometimes I do not trust... In the first day after holiday, on July 25, I see the letter from Ivanovo, from the regional operator. In the letter - several photos. On two of them - my Masha. I understood that it washing at once. Unusual similarity to the younger son, and something native - native... Collecting documents for guardianship (at that time Masha had no status on an adoption) lasted day three.

U me: everywhere, where I appeared, all doors opened, all issues were resolved. Everywhere I was met kindly, to help readily. Whether a joke - already early in the morning on August 4 with all package of documents we rushed in Ivanovo to our girl. Thank you, inspectors of guardianship, the doctor all who helped me!!!

our first meeting... The little, bitten by mosquitoes, scared girl. Maruske was 1 year old and 8 months. Height is 80 cm. Weight is 12 kg... Tousled, she then reminded a vorobyshka. We communicate about an hour. It is time for girl to have dinner and sleep. Tutors delicately suggest us to remain together to make the decision.“ What to solve? We behind it arrived“, is my husband. You know, I then nearly started howling: well I from it did not wait for these words so quickly.

the Resolution on guardianship to us was issued in 2 working days. So everything coincided: all documents, and ours, and Maruskina were as it should be. And the remarkable inspector of local guardianship made everything quickly. Since that moment when we for the first time saw Masha in the photo, before emergence it in our house, there passed only 22 days. It is not necessary to me kopeks of money and it was not necessary to stand in “a queue for the child“.

my Boys called Masha the sister at once. She very harmoniously joined our family collective and though we do not plan to keep secret, many acquaintance we do not admit that it is a reception. All say that the daughter is very similar to mother...

my husband, my beloved husband whom as it seemed to me, I knew in 20 years very well suddenly opened for me from the unknown party - as the girl`s father. As it is pleasant to me in this new quality!!! And I was once again convinced how it to me is expensive and loved!!!

I there passed year. I will not deceive anybody. Year was difficult. Probably, just now we finished adaptation. That angel whom we took away from Children`s home turned in some way into the real imp in our house. Mashulya destroyed everything, broke toys, fell on a floor, wrote to trousers, left in a huff, listened to nobody. Here it is necessary to pay tribute to my members of household: they assumed all main blow. I continued to work, make on 2 - 3 times a month business trips. Negotiations, meetings, problems, plans...

Ya promised not to complain. I promised to suffer and not to break. And constantly “worked“ with the lightning rod. I remember, I come home, I open a door. In the apartment there is a terrible shout: the granny abuses Masha, Masha cries, for some reason the younger son, the husband with crazy eyes shouts nearby... Silently I give to the husband of 20 drops of “Corvalol“, literally I wear out the son in a bedroom to calm down, I take Masha on hands. At once it became silent - quietly... You keep, my darlings, I very much love you, everything will pass, everything is necessary time...

For this year Masha changed to unrecognizability. She grew up (in a year on 16 cm!) . She matured. This is absolutely other child. With other eyes and a look. It became more obediently, upravlyaemy. She is a GIRL! I do not know whether you will be able to understand my delight: I just enjoy every minute of communication with it, it copies me in everything: powders a nose, paints nails, “dries“ the toy hair dryer hair.


I IT us! I know it precisely, I see it and I feel every day. I am not tired to kiss it in the mornings, such sleepy, tousled, sweet - sweet. She long waves to me from a window in the mornings, and very much rejoices, having hardly caught sight of my car in the evening. We gather in a garden in a month, Masha promises to be the good girl and is going to sing and dance there.

the Younger son, having fought with Masha the night before, since morning gently embraces her when she, having hardly woken up, runs to it to the room and gets to it under a blanket... This idyll very quickly comes to an end as soon as they begin to divide toys.

my senior absolutely on - native kisses it on patches, sometimes walks with it, puts it to himself on knees when plays on the computer... And she with adoration faces to it.

Granny. Thanks to you, native. I know how you are tired. And I know how you love the little assistant! Any business does not take place without its participation: whether it be salting of cabbage for the winter, a molding of pelmeni or cleaning of the apartment!

Even the cat who probably already reconciled to Maruski`s appearance with an indulgent look allows it to fray now herself for ears.

And we with the husband collect by

documents on an adoption now. And soon, I trust, our girl will carry our surname. I have feeling of internal comfort. I forget all problems when I see the, such big, a family now. It turns out that for entire happiness we lacked this tow-haired blue-eyed Little mouse. Little mouse of Happiness!