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In Sacred mountains of

Pushkin had a Curved seashore, and we go to Svyatogorye! It is not so far from Moscow - at one o`clock in the afternoon get on the train on Kursk the station, at five in the morning next day leave in Svyatogorsk. However, it is not possible to have a sleep in the train almost - borders disturb, Svyatogorye though not seven seas, but abroad is located - in Ukraine, in the north of Donetsk region. Town absolutely small and very green: Svyatogorsk occupies the territory of 8,4, from them only 16% under building. 1813 sq.m of green plantings are the share of one inhabitant. The population - 5,1 thousand people

Had a rest we in sanatorium “Sacred mountains“, permits to us were bought by relatives from Donetsk, but in principle they could be ordered from Moscow, having called sanatorium (all information on which is on the website of the city of Svyatogorsk). Besides sanatorium in the city there are tourist bases, several hotels and boarding houses (including private). Rest “on private apartments“ rather is very widespread in lodges in the private sector.

can Eat

in numerous cafes. By the way, to eat and be treated in sanatorium it is absolutely optional to have the permit - it is possible to get all this “in breakdown“, and the official prices are twice more, than at payment “from hand to hand“. Here only food in sanatorium, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. But, eventually, we not to eat too much here arrived! Slightly received medical treatment (massages, inhalations, bathtubs, the salt room), but the main thing for us - fresh air, the nature, bathing and new impressions.

So, we will begin with the nature. All city, in essence, is located in the pine wood therefore air here remarkable. In the city the river the Seversky Donets, the right inflow of Don flows, near the river also quite big lake Bathing is located. Both there, and there it is possible to bathe. Bathing attracts families with little or badly floating children - here rather small, and water is warmer, than in the Collum.

On the river two beaches - one wild, dirty, but with good opportunities for swimming (quickly you reach depths and a current not really fast). Other beach official, with a bulk yellow sand, cabins for disguise, a cafe, is good besides for small children - small and when you reach depth (on the middle of the river) a current very strong. Therefore we bathed on the wild beach, but did not “stay too long“ and did not “razlezhivatsya“ ashore, and preferred after bathing campaigns on sights and other active recreation.

Yes, the name of the city - why, actually “sacred“ and why “mountains“ is time to explain

. Well, with mountains everything is clear - they rose along one of coast of the Collum. And “Saints“ these cretaceous mountains created by the nature became long ago, in the sixteenth century when appeared on the bank of the Collum Sacredly - the Uspensky monastery. It is the main decoration of the city and a bait for numerous tourists also now. The monastery nice for the cretaceous caves where there lived monks and hermits, closed twice - at first Ekaterina the Second, and then - the Soviet power. Since 1992 the monastery began a new stage of the life, and recently it was given the status of Monastery.

In the monastery there live 120 monks today, morning and evening services are daily made. There is a hotel for pilgrims where there can arrive any orthodox person and lodge here for three days. Accommodation and food - free, is required only one - strict submission to the rules established for pilgrims. Rise here, for example - at 5 in the morning, food - fast. Can come to the office not only the pilgrim, but also anyone, only do not forget to put on correctly (women - in skirts, with the covered head, any decolletes and free drawings on clothes or packages, men - in trousers, but not in shorts or bridges). Services are majestic, fine chorus of monks. And if carries, on big church holidays it is possible to see also a ceremony of taking the monastic vows.

travel on caves, the entrance to which is in the main part of Monastery, at Sacredly - the Uspensky monastery, and an exit - on the cretaceous mountain Is unforgettable

. But on the cretaceous mountain, to Saint Nikolay`s church, it is possible to pass also across the picturesque serpentine, only footwear dress convenient, it is necessary to rise uphill about an hour. From an observation deck at Saint Nikolay`s church beautiful views of Monastery, the city of Svyatogorsk and its vicinities open.

By the way, cretaceous mountains as you already, probably, guessed, “are made“ of chalk. Therefore youngest and brisk “tourists“ will not fail to polazit on naked breeds and to try to get into small cretaceous peshcherka. And the most brave fans of extreme sports will rise and go down not on the serpentine, and straight, on abrupt footpaths.

Besides the main territory of the monastery, monasteries, economic constructions, the hermit`s grave - Saint Ioann belong to Monastery located here, on the mountains.


during war in vicinities of Svyatogorsk conducted heavy fighting of which remind us memorable places - the square with the tank in the downtown, for example. On the mountains you will see the singed oak trunk - one of defenders of Svyatogorsk died here. From an oak as in the fairy tale, the road branches on three. On left you will go - to Saint Nikolay`s church on the cretaceous rock you will get, on average - to a new wooden monastery and on the hermit Ioann`s grave, and directly - to a monument of Artyom.

Artyom is a revolutionary figure, and his huge figure is visible from far away, above the highest church it rises over the city (and it was conceived). The sculpture, of course, is not of any art value, but it is worth descending “to Artyom“, painfully beautiful look opens. And on the way to a monument the biggest memorial which immortalized glory of those who died here in the Great Patriotic War.

But we were fond of

travel on one coast of the Collum, unfairly having offended another. And on other coast there is a national park in which it is possible to see relic trees, the Bottomless lake and an oak which is 600 years old! I admit honestly, the Bottomless lake impressed us a little: small some, both the bottom is visible, and the small fish dead at the bottom rolls. But the oak, and the truth, appeared a giant! And what we in national park took a breath, infused on mint and other herbs!

If to you bothers to go on foot, then it is possible to drive on the Collum on the boat, a catamaran or the boat. For a small payment you will be taken to the distant, not restored still cretaceous caves, but we preferred to hire the boat and rowing, enjoying wonderful types.

was Bothered by water? We pass to “horse procedures“! Three horses will take for a drive you on vicinities and at a slow pace, and at a trot and if you are not strong in a dressage, then it is possible to make a safe trip on the cart in which the she-ass Dasha is harnessed.

Rest in Svyatogorsk came to an end, but we decided that communication with relatives and friends has to become fine completion of our stay in Ukraine. Especially as at us there is a lot of relatives on Donbass, and friends after rest became even more.

At first we stopped by in Donetsk where we were very much pleased by children`s entertainment center “Plasticine“ and park with attractions. But and we in Moscow have attractions and entertainments, and here a trip to friends to Enakiyevo (the city in 60 km. from Donetsk) there was for my daughter unforgettable “a reality - show“. Friends live in own house with a garden and a kitchen garden, and the grandmother of the girlfriend has hens and goats. So my city Polina herself dug potatoes and beet, gathered pepper, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, peas, haricot!

A when, having dressed up in overalls, Polina was given the master - a class on milking of a goat, to delight there were no borders! The Ukrainian borsch cooked from with own hand collected vegetables was absorbed in record-breaking short time!

We returned to Moscow, but the part of our heart remained “in the neighboring countries“.