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Where my cup?

the one-year-old kid has many cares. It is constantly necessary to master new abilities. He hardly learned to go, he tries to put sounds in words, and now to him suggest to leave a small bottle! In his life everything changes with kaleidoscopical speed! It is no wonder that your child does not wish to forget about a habit lovely to heart.

Unfortunately, right now to it it is time to say goodbye to a favourite small bottle and to learn to drink from a children`s mug - a poilnik. But to be fair It should be noted that many children and in two years still drink from a small bottle. Of course, all kids will learn to drink “as big sooner or later“, but it is better to pass to a mug as soon as possible. And for this purpose there are several reasons. Main of them - a dental health of your kid. Long drink from a small bottle conducts to the fact that milk or juice long are in a mouth, and it not in the best way affects a dental health. Little fans of small bottles usually drink too much milk, and their appetite is not enough for more serious food any more. As a result nutrients come to an organism in insufficient quantity. Besides, the firm food is very important for the kid, and from - for the uses of liquid food its teeth are left without “work“. Do not postpone process of an otucheniye for later. Maturing, the child begins to perceive a small bottle differently, for him it is already not just the container with kefir or juice. It becomes for the kid object of care like a teddy bear. And drink from a small bottle turns from need into ritual.

to support the due level of moisture in an organism of the kid (and to provide it with necessary vitamins and minerals), a certain volume of liquid during the day is recommended to give
to it: for kids 1 years it are more senior makes 80 ml x 1 kg of weight.
It is a high time for

How to make transition from a small bottle to a mug the most painless? It is important to undertake it in time. Your pediatrician, perhaps, already advised you to begin to use a training mug in six or eight months. Perhaps, you considered that you it too early, and did not take its advice. But now it is a high time to begin. Do not force an event, try to replace a small bottle with a milk mug during one feeding, choose time when the kid is quiet and ready complacently. Give it several days that he learned to cope with “novelty“, then gradually replace a small bottle with a mug during other feedings. Certainly, there can be reasons to postpone such replacement. If in your life there are serious changes: moving, the birth of one more child if the kid is chilled or tests an indisposition, it is better to postpone innovations for several weeks.

be not anxious if the kid drinks less milk and waters during transition from a small bottle to a mug. This normal phenomenon. After a while the child will begin to consume usual amount of liquid.

evening came

“to tempt“ the kid with a training mug, offer it the choice: milk in a circle or usual water in a small bottle. Most of kids will prefer milk. Be ready to evening battle. Even if your child willingly switches to a mug during the day, before going to bed it will be for certain less compliant. The tired child is not ready at all that the habitual order of withdrawal to a dream can be broken. Try to track that other part of preparations for a dream remained invariable. It will help the kid to calm down and not too to endure from - for missing small bottles. The easy food in a circle will add feeling that everything remains on the places, and will help to fall asleep.

Show an ingenuity

your child is suspicious of a new mug? Use imagination to convince it that it is not so difficult to drink from it and it is even cheerful.“ In 13 months Alina had no the slightest desire to drink from the mug, - mother tells it. - And then I began to drink from this mug milk in the mornings, smacking the lips and extolling its magnificent qualities. Certainly, it interested the baby, and she decided to try too“. Children who do not like to drink from training mugs can offer circles with a tubule. From such mugs it is much more convenient to sip liquid, but it not the only advantage. The tubule helps the kid to involve the mouth muscles necessary for development of the speech. If the kid expresses desire to drink from a usual cup, allow it to try. Most likely, he will not manage to make it accurately, but he will drink from a cup “as big“ and will refuse a small bottle! Buy his own, plastic mug for the kid: a glass cup too fragile, and the movements at the kid still awkward.

If to the kid is one and a half years old or more, and it is still attached to the small bottle, it is possible to show soft persistence. Explain that he already grew up, and time to say goodbye to a small bottle came. Many parents try to obtain success, one night having convinced the kid to collect all the small bottles for a collection of the bottle fairy, having left then on their place a small toy.