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So Valeria was born of

5. 05. 2005 After sex I told the husband that I have some bad presentiment. As we were not going to bring the kid yet, decided to drink “Postinor“, but he laughed that “It cannot be, just because cannot be“. I also did not begin to bother especially as we were protected.

21. 05. “these days“ Have to begin. Went to fishing for karasikam. Not only that galloped the whole day with rods and any result, so put more unsuccessful for fishing. At anybody on the lake does not peck. Except me. I drag rather big karasik of one behind another. Exchanged with the husband consistently: rods, place of fishing, feeding up. Nothing helps. I catch fish, all others look at serenely stood floats. I remember a sign (to catch fish on a rod in a dream to pregnancy). Interestingly, and in reality?

22. 05. I Buy the house test. Two cheerful stripes. We, of course, did not plan (lack of housing, the little daughter (2,5goda), desire to promote, etc.) but …

24. 05. Nerves do not maintain, I go for ultrasonography. The verdict is severe: there are no data on pregnancy. I buy 5 more tests - all positive.

31. 05. Repeated ultrasonography - pregnancy 4 weeks. HURRAH!!! I was already adjusted, the husband sincerely wanted one more child therefore we rejoice …

June. Anything interesting. Toxicosis avoids me again, I do not feel the pregnant woman, grew thin for 3 kg (just hormonal reorganization of an organism), received the next rank (militia captain). I am not registered yet, and at work I tell to parents nothing. Let so far will grow up.

July. Anything interesting. Noted a rank (not less than 2 glasses of vodka imperceptibly poured out on the earth, caught an asterisk from drinking water. Blasphemy!!!) By the way, it is not lucky, I receive the second rank the pregnant woman. Tendency, pancake.

Augustus. Made the official announcement. In total shocked (especially management). On August 25 went to get registered. Made ultrasonography - 17 weeks, everything is remarkable, allegedly - the girl.

September. the Tummy gradually grows, but is from outside absolutely imperceptible. Weight - as before pregnancy, health - as at the astronaut. The daughter very much waits for the little sister (to her told very first in May).

October. my small already half a year. Disturbs nothing, I go to consultation “for show“, I want to stay as long as possible the pregnant woman.

November. Month of continuous holidays: two ranks, two weddings, the Day of Militia, Birthday of the daughter - flew by as in waste (not drunk, of course). On November 21 - in the decree. Quiet life began. For hours it is walked with the daughter on the street, we sleep till a lunch. In general, I lead vegetable existence. I eat, I sleep, I read. Grace!

December gave

a surprise - 23 - go on ultrasonography told that the head already fell to a basin, after any inclination or squat waters can depart. And we - that wanted for New year on the nature and term of 35 weeks so far (on ultrasonography 36 - 37).

January. the Daughter is not going to get out anywhere, the paunch rose again. PDR - on January 25. Collected a package, shaved, I wait. 24 - go channelized in maternity hospital. Decided to go only with fights because pregnancy took place remarkably, without indispositions. 29 - go made ultrasonography and KTG. They are 9 points. The child - 3900 g

1. 02. 2006. to Wait already rather cloyed. The stopper does not depart, harbingers any. Descended for work in the afternoon. All met by one phrase: “You did not give rise yet?“ Young little girls got to the bottom what will be if at me begins here? Nothing, as - nibud I will reach maternity hospital, only 2 quarters. During the lunchtime sat with the girlfriend in cafe. Home to go by the bus it is already rather heavy - the rebyatenok fell back to a basin, I want to write each 15 minutes.

1. 02. evening. Have supper, watched film, drank on a wine glass of red wine (to me got gram 30, for the sake of the company), plaid pranks in a bedroom (well, a wish arose). Went to bed.

02. 02. 2006

04. 30. Rose in a toilet. Found mucous blood allocations. Began to panic, but decided not to awake the husband since it is, most likely, a stopper. But maybe not a stopper! There are no allocations any more, but decided that if does not begin, in the morning to go to maternity hospital and to check whether everything is good. Laid down, but I cannot sleep. I think … of life.

05. 00. Seemingly easy skhvatochka. Or not a skhvatochka?

05. 30. Oh, one more. Though some they are unclear. There is no pain at all, the uterus only hardens and slightly noticeably pulls a stomach bottom.

06. 00. Progress, for half an hour 2 fights for 10 seconds.

06. 30. Fights if it they, absolutely any, do not become frequent at all - 10 seconds each 15 - 20 minutes.

07. 00. for work the husband Gets up. Dialogue:

- You what do not sleep?

- I Think, can it is time go to maternity hospital.

- We hurry?

- Not especially.

- Well, then I will also be washed thoroughly, time all the same to be late for work, and that yesterday not before was.

08. 30. the Husband was washed, shaved, has breakfast. I made an enema just in case, shaved, woke and dressed the daughter to deliver it to the grandmother. Let`s roll. Process of childbirth (if it they) at the same stage - 15 sec. in 15 min. Hardly noticeably. The daughter got to parents herself, told that I will go, I will be checked if tell that I perekhazhivat - I will lay down in a hospital. That did not wait by a lunch.

09. 00. we Go to maternity hospital. For all road to maternity hospital of any fight. Perhaps in vain I go?

09. 30. Standard procedure. Looked at an obmenka, felt a stomach, asked about intensity of fights. Ordered to undress, give things to the husband and to pass in rodzat (on one person, he and prenatal). Told that so far I will not go anywhere, let will look, maybe, I also do not give birth. Then I will go back home. Is not present, speak, probably, you will not go.


It`s all right, not really - that already there was also a wish, especially, I know that for the second time maybe quicker. (By the way, the first time I gave birth almost days with notable fights, weakness of patrimonial activity in the first period therefore I do not even hope that will be quickly.)

was Put me on a table, the midwife looks. The doctor approaches.

- It in labor? (It they among themselves).

- Yes, disclosure of 7 cm. (It and me too).

My God, it is good that I lay, and that such news and it is possible to fall. Punctured a bubble, descended in a shower. Reduced on ultrasonography. Everything is remarkable, weight - the same 3900 g. Fights went slightly more often, but absolutely not painful.

10. 20. Connected to KTG - in 20 minutes of lying on a stomach began to take slightly more feasibly. Considering, indicators are normal, and the device is necessary to others, I was released. Disclosure was not watched any more, told:“ As will grieve, call“, and left.

10. 50. Started walking on chamber. One behind one there passed three very strong contractions, and right there began to podtuzhivat. I endured several attempts and called the midwife. Me put on a table, looked, quickly transformed it for childbirth and told to make an effort. It was not sick, but there was a daughter hard and slowly (to me then so it seemed). Neither on the first, nor on the 4th fight it did not appear.

the crotch since after first labor a seam, the child big, was afraid that I will strongly tear asked the midwife to cut

Ya. “I to you, - say, - now I will cut language, give birth, give, the idler“. It was necessary to give birth! At first head, then, prodyshav couple of fights, coat hanger. After that I relaxed, released hand-rail. It to me: “What sprawled as in the resort, to a priest give birth“. I to it:“ Absolutely became impudent, even you cannot pull out a bottom (joking, of course)“.

11. 10. All laughed, the bottom was born, the daughter cried, and it was put on a stomach, then cut an umbilical cord. Emotions for some reason did not overflow me. Probably, I was adjusted to GIVE BIRTH. Long and painfully. And then to receive an award. And here - feeling as though everything dreamed. Even the simplification special was not - did not manage to be tired.

the Umbilical cord was cut, my beauty processed, measured, weighed, looked neonatolog. The midwife enclosed it to my breast, she stuck, at this time the doctor speaks to me: “The girl is healthy, everything is, 54 cm, 4445 g weight (and an hour ago on ultrasonography of 3900 g was!) 9/10 on APGAR (oho)“. Here also feelings came. She lies near by, sucks a breast, and except this sweet smacking nothing in life is necessary to me.

11. 30. When the afterbirth was born, I did not notice. Any razryvchik or a razrezik, thanks to the midwife (even her did not remember a surname, chicken). Called the husband, told that already gave rise. Did not believe. Asked again, whether precisely. Told that nearly 4500 g - did not believe, asked again how many. Then ceased to brake and began to congratulate. I called parents, pleased also them. Then switched off phone that did not bother, and began to study the Valeria.

only one question Concerns with

: if I carried it and gave birth why I did not feel either that, or another; if did not give birth - from where it then undertook? (I joke again.) And if it is serious, then already 6 and a half months as us four. And, despite some difficulties of the financial and housing plan, my little girls - the most precious that we have. The only thing that is not enough for happiness for our father … Probably, understood. Let`s look year through three.