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As parents can help the children of preschool age to keep a good bearing? At first we will talk about formation of a bearing. More precisely, we will consider how the backbone takes that form which is necessary for activity.

At the newborn the backbone has the form of a uniform arch. Formation of the first bend - a cervical lordoz - begins soon after the child`s birth under the influence of a muscle work when the kid raises the head. The second bend - chest kifoz - begins to be formed when the child sits down and grabbles. Later, when the child begins to stand and go, process of formation of a bearing is supplemented with increase in a tilt angle of a basin and formation of the third bend - a lumbar lordoz (the more the basin is inclined forward, the stronger it is expressed lumbar lordoz) and, starting with three - four years, formation of an arch shape of bones of foot.

the good nutrition, massage and physical culture are necessary for

In the first years of life of the child also for health in general, and for normal formation of a backbone. The attentive attitude towards health of the kid, regular visits towards the doctor will allow to reveal in due time those violations oporno - the motive device which are shown when the bearing per se does not exist yet.

Prevention of rickets and flat-footedness, a hardening and other all-improving actions - it for normal physical development is enough at the beginning. What else is necessary for the child - so it from first weeks of life to make friends with the good neurologist. Now each newborn has more or less expressed perinatal encephalopathy practically and often demands long-term treatment.

If the kid is rather healthy

, then approximately till three years his backbone usually develops normally. Problems begin with that moment when the child is told for the first time:“ Do not run! Sidi it is quiet!“ In order that muscles developed, they have to work. Then functional bends of a backbone will be correctly formed, and muscles and sheaves will be rather strong to cope with loadings.

the Healthy child has to move much especially as from - for features of children`s nervous system and muscles it is more difficult for it to support a motionless pose, than to run, jump, spin and jump. In a sitting position or standing, especially if it is necessary to be in the same pose long several minutes, the child “droops“, vertical loading is transferred from muscles to sheaves and intervertebral disks, and formation of the wrong motive stereotype and malposture begins. Small, but regular physical activity (swimming, home exercise machines, is more than outdoor games less TV, daily physical culture) - a necessary condition of normal development oporno - the motive device.

At preschool and younger school age the bearing at children is still unstable

, with age it continues to be formed and gains specific features. These features are defined by a set of factors: growth, weight, proportions of a trunk and extremities, existence of congenital violations oporno - the motive device, features of a metabolism. The bearing is negatively influenced by both defective food, and the general unsatisfactory state of health, and environmental pollution, and chronic sharp diseases, and even specific features of character and change of mood. Remember habitual expressions it seems “kowtows to the administration“, “hung up a nose“. But most of all bad physical development and the inattentive relation of parents to formation of a correct posture harm the child`s backbone.

the Correct shape of a backbone and a good bearing are provided to

first of all with the developed muscular corset. Muscles become strong and develop harmoniously when the child does gymnastics. With the child is more senior than three years it is recommended to give special classes. The kid can already explain for what it is necessary to do exercises. And how with children to be younger? Some of our recommendations of how it is possible to give classes with the child of two - three-year age, you will find in the article “House Gymnastics“.

Dear parents! Make efforts for that the bearing of our children did not spoil, and the backbone remained healthy. If you had questions, or you will need fuller information, contact us, and we will try to answer you. Good luck are also happy!