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It is necessary to feed, loving

during my pregnancy we very much waited for appearance of our tiny little man on light. I constantly talked to the baby, sang songs, ironed the round tummy, tried to do all that it is necessary to give to the child, it in a womb so far. Madly it was pleasant to me when the kid was kicked, pushed in me. At that time I considered that there is nothing more pleasantly on light, than to feel its stir. The sea of feelings and pleasure overflowed me at this moment.

when I gave rise to

A (very easily and quickly), understood that even not less fine feeling exists - to nurse the little princess. To a breast the daughter to me was put almost right after childbirth. She with pleasure took my breast, and greedy sucked, without coming off.“ Got hungry“, - smiling, I thought. I look at the daughter and I admire her - a nose a button, cheeks chubby, eyes sleepy, skin gentle. And there is a wish to embrace, kiss, but it is terrible: suddenly what I will make not so?

the Doctor delivering at me looked in chamber all the time to learn, she still sucks a breast or not if she is not present, then to take away the baby. And my girl sucked and sucked, and I enjoyed this feeling, blissful for me.

I fed with

After an extract from maternity hospital the little girl as soon as she wants. To what to do a three-hour interval between feedings why to deprive of the child of such pleasure? There was a lot of milk, and I believed that I will long feed, I will make everything that the milk was not gone, and my princess had enough it.

When feeding I feel indissoluble communication between the child and me, I equate it to contact between the pregnant woman and the child in a womb. Minutes of feeding I think only of all fine, kind - with a milk also mother`s feelings, both good, and bad indulge in the child. I wish to the daughter something, I tell tender and warm words, I iron her head. If she does not sleep, we look with her each other in the face and we understand without words as we strongly love - I it, and it me. it is pleasant to p to Nurse

not only, but also it is useful and it is very convenient. If teeth are cut, and there is no appetite or nezdorovitsya, then at this moment the mother`s breast comes to the rescue. For me this ideal means to feed, calm, encourage.

Now to the daughter two years, and I still nurse, strangely enough. It is pleasant to me when she asks a breast. At this moment she is consoled, calms down, and I do not see in it nothing bad, on the contrary, let enjoys these for minutes of happiness. And by fall it will be already time to disaccustom it to this pleasure, in the fall or in the spring pediatricians recommend to interrupt feeding with a breast. When I begin to think of it, to me it becomes very sad, I feel devastated. And if nevertheless to try not to think about sad, I am glad that could give to the child necessary, important, valuable that the loving mother in the first years of life of the kid can give.