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Up the river or towards to a morning dawn of

there are still romantics in this world! Singers of freedom and boundless plains were not translated! Summer, ah, summer … Someone dreams to carry out it at the sea, someone is going to live in the country, but is also such who wishes to spend by all means week - another from darling in tent on the river bank or in a dense forest. It is possible that this last category of men seeks to prove to the second half that with darling love in a cottage. And it is possible, romantic campaigns along the river with tents, songs to the guitar and a fire are dictated by absence of money for a trip to Turkey.

We long thought how to arrange to children rest - to bring to the village, to gather for a camp site in a wooden lodge or … Generally, on “or“ there were not enough savings and here also friends invited to go hiking with them, to be engaged so-called “in ecological conducted - tourism“. The idea was simple: we go everything far out of town with tents and bicycles. While female individuals have a rest at the river, men by the sports bicycles pass several kilometers to mountains and there “are energetically fed“, and is closer to a lunch they come back.

Ya bought romantic tricks and could not keep soberness of mind in this concerning situation. Last time in the wood I was long before childbirth, and spent the night in tent in general in far youth. Therefore when we distributed among themselves who that will take who what products will buy, I absolutely became puzzled and neglected everything. Generally, instead of me all things were packed by others - something the husband, something friends. The parking lot, naturally, too was chosen not by me, and the head of a campaign.

One of children volunteered to deliver to

to the place by the car the heaviest things and children. It carried tents, gas torches (on them it was supposed to cook food if there is a rain), grain and us. All others went by bicycles. We went not really long, but I managed to notice that we left in awful backwoods - any grocery store, any camp site or the village on the way did not meet. But kids saw enough in a window of combines and boundless fields of our homeland much … Beauty is just indescribable!

A when all of us saw the river, at all gasped - wide, with clear water and several natural beaches where the marvelous green grass grew. It not that our bog in city line where the tubercular stick and dead fish floats, and the sand on the beach is densely covered with paper and packings from different food. Generally, everything promised just paradise rest …

the Car unloaded

us and left - it was necessary to the owner for work, and we began to establish tents. Decided to make it closer to the wood that there was a shadow and firewood for a fire. Chose a clearing … and here understood that tents too strongly heat up in the afternoon on the sun, and in them it is just insufferably stuffy therefore it was necessary to sit somewhere on hemp all the time and to try to put children to bed on a day dream under a bush.

Children, however, almost did not state to

protests, but demanded to eat. And the food should also be prepared! When I addressed children with the offer something to weld, it turned out that all of them are vegetarians and supporters of a net energy and therefore the food is trusted to be cooked to only especially advanced ladies. And the advanced ladies declared that according to the schedule at us arrangement of a glade, and here they will begin to cook food in two hours.

Here - that I also understood

, than our privacy - any shop in a radius of twenty kilometers, lack of transport (on which I could reach there) and an arbitrariness of crowd of tourists over our poor small family is fraught:-). It was necessary to feed children with oatmeal cookies and to give to drink juice.

But that the most interesting, the ready food at us appeared much later the promised time since the fire burned badly, water on it did not want to begin to boil, and little girls, promuchivshis hour one and a half, decided to prepare on the torches which are beforehand acquired in tourist shop. Torches in the use were more convenient than a fire, but for want of habit our city dwellers everything could not master and be accustomed in any way them so the food kept up just by the evening.

of the Child rejoiced to free bread, rushed naked, ran to look at fields and beekeepers. Naturally, would be blasphemy to put on the kid in such conditions pampers therefore Lyalka who is not accustomed to a pot (because of strange panic fear of it) decided to celebrate the needs where it is necessary. There was a surprise for our neighbors in the morning when, getting out of tent, the father of family came across result of children`s activity! But Lyalka, probably, as the lady having sense of humour on it did not stop and gave such surprises in turn to all our tent town. So be careful, the stood gaping tourist, having woken up, and getting out of tent:-)!

One more surprise for us: it was very cold to sleep on the earth, though were laid in tents special rugs and sleeping bags were rather warm. It was cold, probably, also because that it was impossible to be wrapped up properly since the sleeping bag had to be shared with the child.


Other surprise was given by mosquitoes - them, probably, nobody warned that they have to be afraid our antikomarinny smelly spiralek and some liquid from a bottle. All living creatures climbed to us in tents, without looking at anything. Only at one cunning type with itself was “Autan“ - it we and rescued children, and here it was not enough for the others any more.

of Day through two our parking I already fought against mixed feelings: I will give half-kingdoms for banal city life (a bathroom, shops with tasty food, a decent toilet, the washing machine). And the second feeling - ah what here the exciting air what remarkable river, fields and … combines, I will remain here and anything I will not do.

the Third day nearly forced me to turn gray prematurely - synulya on the beach about something cut a leg (probably, about a stone), the krovishcha flows, and here it becomes clear that we at anybody have even no simplest medicines. It was necessary to remember what there the grandmother taught me to: dug a plantain, chewed it in gruel and stuck all this on a wound, and the bandage had to be made of an undershirt.

But horrors on it did not end: it was found out that at Lyalka strongly burned a face (cream - that we did not take too), and the thunder-storm began in the evening … Here such here romanticism in extreme conditions! Children squeal, I shiver under a tree, and men in the rain sing songs, and neighbour`s dithat echoes them, burring: “And to us all g - g - the aries, and to us all g - g - the aries!“

For the fourth day I packed things and declared that I am ready to go on foot home. And as we could not call the mobile phone “did not catch“, and the friend with car. Generally, got home on passing combines, but children were happy madly.


Well, I sum up the results: I am the city dweller who finally moved away by nature and absolutely helpless in the face of it. If sometime still I gather in eko - a campaign (we were going to Baikal), then I will take with myself the helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations full of provisions and medicines, and also to “Autan“, inflatable rafts, lightning rods, laying and the figurative washing machine. Though … it is possible and to go to a camp site.