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Kislovodsk. Traveling notes of

(August, 2006)

We Zhekaya left Moscow very much early as we flew from Domodedovo, and there it is necessary to be with a considerable stock of time. We and arrived, waited a little, then went for examination and passed it without adventures. The only thing that concerned me - it is suitcase weight. I could lift it hardly and if not castors, I do not know, as if we with it moved. But its weight did not gather additionally the put 20 kg. This figure inspired me a little, and on arrival I already with ease drew it from place to place.

In the bus we somehow fast got acquainted with the woman who with the son flew to Kislovodsk too, and I invited her to go by our car which I ordered in hotel. This gesture allowed to save on a half of cost of a transfer. On an arrival long waited for a suitcase, and was very hot. When we departed from the capital, there was a rain, and was cool, and in Mineralnye Vody temperature was selected to +25 °. We were dressed, of course, warmly. Then we went to look for the driver. There was he quickly and met us on the brand new fancy machine with the conditioner. Reached to Kislovodsk quickly and conveniently.

In “Plaz“ (sanatorium) us was met well, and we even managed to have dinner.

When Zheka came into number and looked round, the first that asked - when we will go back to Moscow.

In the first day at the beginning of the seventh evening us was sent to the pediatrician. While I talked to it, the child put the head on a table and fell asleep. It was difficult to wake, and the vrachikha could not understand in any way why he fell asleep. Well, there was he at six in the morning, the whole day, also the road not close did not fall down, and she so monotonously said that I also was ready to fall asleep.

went to watch the conjurer in the Evening - it was not pleasant. Besides the Russian children were very impudent: Zhenka sat down on the first row and as soon as rose from the place to check where I, right there flopped on its chair some krysolitsy maiden of years of ten. No explanations and admonitions on it worked moreover and her grandma came. On the grandma the Russian perfect abuse worked. The place to the child was returned, but the mood was not any more.

to the People in “Plaz“ it was p very much, I think, it is much more, than in other sanatoria. Just some ant hill. On structure: percent are 40 residents of Rostov and residents of Krasnodar. 40% - natives from the Caucasus, very big families. About 10% - Muscovites. The others - representatives of the former federal republics.

Weather in the first days pleased with

- was warm and the breeze blew. Then weather began to spoil, it became hotter and is hotter: reached 37 degrees in a shadow and 46 on the sun. Speak, the earth got warm to 60 °.

From a heat escaped the pool and the conditioner. Walked in park much. Did not sunbathe - it is impossible.

the Only problem which I had - to feed the child. And it did not concern the range - food was pile and for every taste. But it was difficult to find the place behind a free little table, it was very noisy and hot. Until you bring food for two, already and nothing getting hungry. Zhenka only drank water. It was necessary to take food after a dinner and to feed it in number.

went to bed at half past eleven p.m. - in the yard every evening there were concerts, and they took place so loudly that it was heard also in other sanatoria. Got up early - on procedures, for breakfast.

Treatment in “Plaz“ leaves much to be desired by

. But if there would be more procedures, probably, we chucked in a half. It turned out, I go with Zhenka, he is with me. The only procedure which was pleasant to the child is bathtubs.


Appointed to it a speleoterapiya. We came with it, and, naturally, there did not let me. He came, laid down on a couch and fell asleep. Procedure lasts 45 minutes (lie and breathe). During this time he only managed to oversleep. Then he was woken, and he was frightened - darkly, people others, are not present me. The roar was on all corridor.

Went to consultation to the ENT SPECIALIST. It turned out that the man studied in Tomsk honey, and did practical training in Barnaul, there were even mutual friends. He to Zhenka appointed a lot of everything, even a nose X-ray. For the sake of this action to me it was necessary to lift in one of days the child at seven in the morning, gallop to rush in some hospital where after almost hour sitting in turn we were told that the X-ray to it will not be done because at the four-year-old child of a bosom of a nose are not created yet and there are nothing to look there, but time we paid and very much we want, can make. I became angry and we left. To the ENT SPECIALIST we did not go any more.

Two times to me were succeeded to get to the manual therapist. When I tried to register to it once again, in registry told that some young man came and redeemed all the time for all the numerous family.

was gone Every day to the pool. In principle, water was warm, but as Zhenka swam, and I watched him, to me was cool. We floundered about for two hours there a day, and I was afraid all the time that he will catch a cold. But everything managed. The pool bothered me to horror.

In the pool was struck by the attitude of parents towards children. Everyone in itself, even those children who are not able to swim. One case was remembered for a long time. There was one couple there - the young woman and her husband (is about 15 years more senior than it), and they had a daughter - about 1. 5 years. Little cheerful girl. In game I paid attention that the child has no sense of danger at all. Both parents swam in the pool, and the girl ran on “coast“ - the tile covered with a thin sheet of water. Ran so, ran, danced to music, all rejoiced and laughed. And then the child decided to move to parents.

Descent to the pool for children are the steps which are also covered with a tile. As the girl continued to hop, on approach to steps she few times plopped down, the benefit there were numerous rubber slippers. At parents nothing trembled to approach and take the child. In total - the girl began to go down and having jumped up on the third step, she elementary fell in water. Fell on a back. Only by miracle it was not knocked by a nape about a step. Fortunately it from fright stretched legs and hands and did not drown, and emerged. The mummy began to squeal a little here and tried to break to the child. Podgrebla also pulled the girl a leg why that left under water. In five minutes the lovely couple discussed floodability of the daughter with laughter, only other visitors of the pool endured an event.

the Playground is a separate history. On the basement platform which was it is intended it is unknown for what, and it was once laid out by paving slabs, put a game complex, previously having removed a half of a tile. The platform was slightly powdered with a sand, having forgotten to clean stones. Concrete dust was much when ten teenagers and dozen more of kids began to rush on this piece of space. Approximately few times in day somebody fell there and broke.

nobody watched children, even parents therefore I left the child on the platform with a big reluctance and that in case there was someone from familiar teenagers or adults. Children thought out entertainments to themselves therefore they could be thrown and fight also each other stones and to throw off the kid from a roundabout.

Should note

that the southern children are raised far better than Russians. It imparted care of kids while the Russian teenager can not only offend but also push, strike.

Adults used a playground quite traditionally - as a smoking area.

In the game room. In the morning we did not go there because the morning teacher could only look at children and to forbid everything to them. Day and evening teachers were more sociable and even sometimes thought out, than to occupy children that they were not provided to themselves.

we spent A lot of time in park. The first days as inexperienced vacationers, we began the way right at the beginning - in the “lower“ park. Day through three acquaintances explained that in the “lower“ park to walk it is useless from - for the fact that it is in the city, and there are a lot of people. They showed secret tracks on which it is possible to get to the middle of park and to its top part in ten minutes. In park was a lot of interesting. Squirrels impudent, are not afraid of people when you feed them with sunflower seeds, hold pads by a hand that did not take away a hand with production.

to Zhenka very much liked to go on steps. Once we found a ladder up. Through several meters I had a question when it ends. The child told:“ Mother, you go, and I will lead you by the hand“. It was necessary to obey because behind there were already many steps. At passing by I at some moment took an interest when this ladder comes to an end on what I was told that there 400 steps. Well when we reached the top step, I was already ready to fall and any more never to move. Then we two walked an hour more, but down I did not go any more under any pretext. In the next days before each ladder up I consulted the map - how many there steps.

the Card of park is a masterpiece. To understand on it as where, difficult. There can be drawn and expensive, both tracks, and bushes, and just shops. We used the map seldom, went as it will turn out i.e. where the track will remove. It was pleasant to go to us: florets beautiful will get, some insects unfamiliar, birdies, little squirrels.

Rode the funicular. For some reason to me it was frightening. I cannot understand how the iron box in which 26 people are pressed to each other can move on a cable and not fall. We rose by the mountain, but did not risk to go down from it on foot, all road was on the sun, and was very hot.

When we left Kislovodsk, was absolutely hot, and it was difficult to understand, whether my temperature, whether air so got warm.

the Child did not want to leave, so it was pleasant to it. Its only condition was that rooms in number was more:“ Us two, so rooms has to be two“.

Called a taxi. This time the car got small, without conditioner, became deaf through each five kilometers. Before departure I decided to come around on Honey falls. To go to them half an hour on very dusty road. But it was not the most unpleasant. Unpleasant was a descent to falls.

So far the steps which are cut down in the rock went - it was half-troubles. And here when short flights of stairs became man-made - the certain iron thin levels given a high polish by thousands of legs of tourists, and they were not round, but square - an edge up, i.e. the leg rises not on the plane, and on a thin corner... The risk to fall is very high. If I was one, I would go down, but to go down with the child is unreal. We returned back in spite of the fact that Zheke very much wanted down, to water. There was nobody to help. To risk life and health I did not become. And in general - it is very beautiful. It is a pity that it was not succeeded to reach the end.

Arrived to the airport slightly earlier. Taking into account that the car periodically became deaf, I was glad that reached. The plane was incomplete, flew well, arrived to Moscow from +40 ° in +15 °.