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Aftertaste of free cheese

I Will make a reservation at once, my story - not about street automatic machines - “armless bandits“.

in the childhood I learned

about what is a prize. The sudden gift, money which fell down “from nowhere“, expectation of the surprise which is concealed in a small leaflet of paper, a lottery... Such bright pictures, a convenient form, a stamping a foil, an opportunity most to erase the thin film separating you from a prize or loss... Directly opposite to our school there was a lottery stall near which constantly somebody stood, having stooped over a very narrow prilavochok and scrubbing away a coin the next rag.

the Desire of a gift and for “just like that“ overflows

with the head from nowhere. This desire settles in us in the childhood - when we listen to tales of magic pikes - frogs - the tsarevnas giving to poor people a cart of gold plus a half-kingdom... Thirst free was and will be. About the people who lost self-checking in run behind a prize is written much. I want to talk about prize consequences.

showed to

transfer Once from Ania Lorac who told about how she won the large sum in a casino. And in several days it nearly drowned during a yacht trip. She explained it with the fact that it is necessary to give part won on church, to orphans, disabled people etc., otherwise the prize will ruin the lucky person.

here imagine

I, in our group one girl (we will call it Ania) won a fur coat. Expensive women`s magazine carried out draw among subscribers. Having made laying and a make-up, together with mother Ania went to Kiev, was photographed in this fur coat for the magazine and came tearing along home. Having reddened with happiness, ran from one girlish flock to another, bragging of the luck.

Having remembered history of the singer, I several times advised to get rid of a fur coat and though to give small part of the gained money for charity. Having listened to me, Ania, laughed:“ You represent, parents already planned! The father speaks “It is the car“. Mother: “It is the apartment“. Sat down to eat in the evening, and the brother something does not eat mushrooms. I ask supposedly what you do not eat? And he is kidding:“ You eat mushrooms - eat, and I will sell then a fur coat and I will buy the motorcycle““. There are such jokes...

generally, Ania insisted on the - a pier, I won, I also solve. Very much she wanted expensive to resemble in a fur coat. A week more the stream (90% of little girls) only also spoke about “such prukha“, discussed a fur coat - according to Ania (the fall dragged on, the fur coat hung in a case) - “a short-haired mink + a chinchilla“.

In a weekend Ania who walked in the evening in others area was met by crowd of little girls - young children, it was scratched the face and removed from it all gold.

the winter Came. On eyes of a stream Ania in a fur coat - short black, with the sleeves edged by a chinchilla was. Thin, blond and white-skinned (perfectly shaded by dark fur) it just shone, being turned on audience. Having amicably felt “a short-haired mink“, the stream estimated “class“.

After a while Ania was beaten and raped by some moron near her house. Swelled up, in bruises, she was not recognized by teachers when she with the father came to dean`s office to ask for leave - to rest in bed at home. Having stayed two weeks at home, Ania came for study in the turned yellow bruises and... in a fur coat.

Still I think: why for it it was necessary is so rested to wear this fur coat? Perhaps such prize at it took shape of the mascot bringing good luck, and she stubborn did not want to notice that with the advent of a misfortune fur coat just fell down on her head? As though together with a fur coat she won still something - the black clot of the evil which buried in mink hair...


It is sure, each of us knows similar stories. And everyone has acquaintances who do not play lotteries not because money is not wanted but because they do not want envy which will come with money. Whether prizes which we pursue are so necessary, cutting out coupons, sending receipts, filling in questionnaires, in hope that will carry, and to us the posylochka with something very beautiful, necessary and expensive home will come? I admit, I personally sent more than once kuponchik - more expensively won nothing a chocolate. And now, the word of honor, in dreams “here to win money and to buy the apartment... not to wander on demountable...“ I remember Ania and her fur coat. But whether I will receive in addition to a prize of such Trojan Horse after which and the apartment will not be necessary to me...

Ania died in two years after the termination of university.