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``The nurse hurries to the aid`` - helps really

With Kabakov` family five children: Sleepyhead, 12 years; Masha, 5; Ilya, 4; six-months twins Ivan and Iosif. To the father - the graphic designer - 50 years, to mother are 38 years, she is engaged in the house and children.

In the program this family addressed from - for the eldest son - after the birth of twins Ilya ceased to obey parents, ignores any their requests and requirements, misbehaves, is capricious at the slightest pretext.

Conclusion of psychologists

Ilya`s Disobedience: the boy is really uncontrollable to parents. Actually just mother and the father almost do not pay it attention. They spend almost all the time for babies. Ilya reacts to all requests of mother refusal, shouts and when parents do not see, scoffs at younger brothers.

Lack of a daily routine: in Kabakov` family with a day regimen just trouble. Mother even forgets to make to children a lunch, they gather for walk about an hour because all children`s things are scattered on the apartment, in a sink eternally dirty ware, evening bathing stretches on an hour and a half. All in a family are exhausted by continuous household chores. unexpectedly it becomes clear

For the fifth day of stay of the nurse in a family by p that Leonid beats children, calling itself “the apologist of corporal punishments“. Ilya, following an example of the father, beats the sister.


Besides, household chores between parents are not distributed.

the nurse only observed

In the first day

At Kabakov all life is catastrophically not organized. The day regimen is absent. The nurse was shocked when found out that parents cannot distinguish one boy - the twin from another though to them for 6 months, and mother spends all the time with them. Before a lunch Lena remembers that she prepared nothing for children, and admits that she does not like to cook in general. When children refuse sandwiches, mother decided not to feed them.

the Nurse noted Lena`s irresponsibility - it left kids with Ilya and Masha, without explaining to them as it is necessary to treat babies. When the family begins to gather for walk, the nurse nearly goes crazy - all actions of mother are chaotic, inconsistent. The family came for walk almost in hour

the Picture of chaos added evening bathing. Mother Lena an hour and a half staid in a bathroom and from there asked the husband to bring that, it, to change pampers, to make a small bottle to children … Leonid quietly flew into a rage, but carried out everything. Ilya and Masha wandered about the apartment up and down.

From - for the fact that bathing dragged on children were deprived by

the fairy tale for the night …

Conversation with parents the Nurse confirms to


fears of parents - Ilya really problem boy, but all because that the chaos reigns in the house and there is no mode. The nurse accuses Elena of the organization of this chaos. Lena expected absolutely other words from the nurse, they looked for supports. But if to direct it on an incorrect way and to be too soft, the nurse will not be able to help this family. The father, on the contrary, is happy - it is that he wanted to tell, but was silent, being afraid to offend the wife. Parents agree to cooperate with the nurse.

the Nurse was in a family only seven days. During this time she established in this family of the rule:

- the Daily routine - the law for all

- At everyone in a family is the rights and duties

- In the house there has to be an order

- Finish each business

At first all family with rules agreed, but in the first put mother of the beginning actively to resist. The father was very happy with all events. At the end of the day the nurse had to ask Leonid to show man`s hardness - to insist on a daily routine and distribution of duties.

all noted

of Change for the third day when the nurse organized clear-out. Unexpectedly for mother disobedient children actively help it to clean up. Later they put on on walk in only 20 minutes. Leonid was sincerely struck when returned from work.

For the fourth day the conflict of the nurse with the father

happened Parents were glad to changes in the house. Lena for the first time for long time could sleep. The nurse rejoiced, but understood that Ilya could not only from - for lack of a day regimen to behave badly, and especially to beat the sister just like that. Her fears came true. The nurse learned that the father beats children. Leonid did not understand why it is impossible to punish children. He called the nurse`s methods anti-pedagogic - to give a clip much more effectively, than to talk to the son. The nurse insisted, adducing telling arguments, and the father gave up.

He asked forgiveness for the son and promised more never it to beat. An hour later Ilya reconciled with the sister.

For the sixth day the nurse noted that Elena began to smile what earlier from - behind a constant the fatigue was not. She even cooked to all family tasty mushroom soup.

Why some cannot cope with children?
of Interview with Leonid Kabakov

What you usually do when the child does not obey?

- the good question. I try to influence at first verbally, then I punish.

- Who in your family the best tutor?

- my wife Lena.

If you read councils of the nurse, for example, in the book, you could apply them?

- it is not sure. I do not love pedagogical literature, besides there is no time to read it, I consider that the pedagogics is a practical science. whether


was Helped by the nurse? Whether you take its advices? Whether the situation in a family changed?

- Yes, strangely enough, helped. The situation changed, the chaos was ordered, there was more mutual understanding.

On a ten-ball scale of change on four points up. Rules still hang on a wall.

can help

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