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The sea, the sun, palm trees and white sand

the Sea, the sun, palm trees and white sand - here simple my dream of summer holiday was such. Places such on the globe as much as necessary, only choose! But when I began to choose, found out that not everything is as simple as it seems...

In - the first, us three - the husband, the son Vasya of seven years and I. That is entertainments for a semiletka have to be obligatory. In - the second, the husband categorically did not want to participate in a big congestion of the people in the territory of hotel. He wished a separate lodge and an opportunity to eat where it is pleasant to it and when it is pleasant to it, and not at restaurant at hotel. The crowd to the people which is amicably crowding at a buffet, and then also amicably gathering for evening show terribly irritated him and adjusted on a spiteful harmony.

B - the third, there was a wish for the violent nature, greens and flowers. And when quite limited budget was imposed on all our wishes, I sadly thought that except giving this year nothing shines us... Everything that it is not enough - malsk approached under our requirements, was or is expensive, or is so poor that there was no wish to go for required money absolutely there.

I here I who already absolutely grew weak from jumping on travel sites with special offers incidentally came across the website of independent travelers. In principle, at me thoughts most already flashed to remove a cottage on the seashore where - nibud in Spain, Greece or Italy, but it seemed to me scary difficult business. It was for this purpose necessary to find these lodges on the Internet, then long to receive the visa and to buy terribly expensive tickets. And on this website people imparted experience of independent trips to the different countries as if they went to the Crimea. Also spent for it at all not those sums, astronomical for our family, which sound in travel agencies for similar rounds.

of Prosherstiv this forum, and also favourite website 7ya. ru, and having inspired with an extensive experience of people, I chose the island Samui in Thailand as the place of our family rest. It was suitable in all respects - the budget, entertainments for the child, the beach, palm trees, white sand, separate bungalows, an opportunity quickly and just to reserve hotel and internal flight. In June in Thailand not a season, but it did not frighten us - rains can happen in any country.

Tickets struck

with the price, and the visa speed of receiving. I thought earlier that to Thailand to fly hours 15, and the ticket has to cost under one thousand dollars. In reality there were 9 hours and 550 dollars direct nonstop flight by Aeroflot. The visa can be put at the airport on an arrival, and it is possible in Moscow in 3 days. I made the visa in Moscow not to waste precious time at the airport as right after an arrival to Bangkok we were waited by internal flight to Samui reserved on the Internet.


Night passed in the plane quite tolerably. In salon there were empty seats therefore we quite comfortably slept sluggishly and immoderately all road, everyone on three seats. Having fast stamped our passports at frontier guards, we left to the city of Bangkok a cool of the conditioned airport. Here I understood that it “is damp“ by which all road we were frightened, having learned that we go to Thailand in the summer during a rainy season. On us viscous, stuffy, hot weight right there pulled hard, and we fast retired back to the airport building.

About an hour having waited our small Boeing on the island, we enjoyed free drinks, rolls, fruit and the Internet. And also gathered any district maps, brochures with information on islands, excursions and hotels which are much spread out on all airport. On the plane we were fed once again and presented the son with a children`s naborchik for a sandbox.



B from numerous prospectuses I read that the airport on the island Samui - one of most “luxurious“ in the world. I do not know what was meant by authors of the brochure, but, having arrived on the island, we long laughed, considering the building of the local airport. Actually, even the building there any was not. Just small wooden canopy with a straw roof, a front desk and an amusing tape of the conveyor which represents three moving paths of linoleum the cascade located a letter P in which basis there are Thais and is thrown by suitcases.

Having taken

a taxi, we went to the hotel reserved in advance on the beach Lamay. On the road the husband was terrified to the local left-side and absolutely chaotic, at first sight, movement. Around the heap of scooters on which the most different representatives of society in the most various quantities - Thais, tayka, foreigners, old women, with children, with dogs, one by one, together, three together and even four together sit goes.

Having shown to

in hotel listing from the booking website, we moved into in the lodge, found it a little darkish, were upset and flocked on the beach a little. Here it, beach of my dream! Palm trees with cocoes, a white sand and warm - the warm ocean of azure color. And at all humidity is not felt, wind from water pleasantly refreshes, there is no such closeness and a zharishcha, as in the city. By the way, practically all beaches which we saw in Thailand approached under my dream :).

of Nakupavshis in plenty in tender waves, we went to look for the place where it would be possible to have a bite. By this moment already darkened, and on the beach numerous sparks to which light we also went were lit. There was it restaurant: directly on sand at water Thais put wattled tables and chairs, spread out in the boat of different sea reptiles and fish in ice - choose the pleasant reptile, and for you right there it will be prepared! We with the husband chose some local Thai dishes with seafood, and to the child ordered just a chicken with rice.

Then we did not know yet that to eat everything ordered, it is necessary to tell the waiter the magic word “notes a spice“. As a result the child ate normally, and we with Lesha were similar to two fire-spitting drakonchik which “in alcoholism were not noticed, but in the mornings greedy drank cold water“ :).


the Second day we devoted

to acquaintance with vicinities, to moving to number is lighter, to bathing, windsurfing, the Thai massage and development of further plans for active recreation. For implementation of these plans we needed a vehicle. For the 200th Thai baht a day (1 dollar approximately the 37th baht) it was possible to hire a motor-bike Honda, and for the 800th baht a small open dzhipchik of Suzuki with a manual box, for 1200 - with automatic machine. Our Zhabka us slightly extinguished therefore the husband decided to try to saddle a motor-bike for the sake of economy of the family budget. Earlier it never sat down on this iron pony.

Having taken

this small agregatik, Lesh began to cut circles on the yard of hotel and in five minutes, having felt quite surely, went to the main street of our beach. In five minutes he returned and told that he quite accustomed on the road, there is nothing terrible at all there, and it is possible to go.

Having got up on our motor-bike three together, we started at way. Roads on the island very good, speed at all 30 - 40 km/h, constantly each other passing. Therefore nothing terrible is valid.

For a start we chose by

of the Trip visit of a crocodile farm and Big Buddha`s statue. Having a little strayed, having stopped on the road to bathe, we found crocodiles and were upset that did not get in hours of crocodile show. Just resembled on pass - to a zoo, took a picture of the crocodiles who went nuts from a heat who with the opened mouths rolled in open-air cages. The impudent monkey nearly broke an orange cap from Vasya`s head, and the poor cobra hurt all nose against glass, rushing and being spat on us while we considered it.

Big Buddha was absolutely near crocodiles and impressed with the sizes, beauty, greatness and the monotonous Buddhist melody sounding from loudspeakers. There was a real wish to meditate under it :). All of us examined, wrote our names on bricks of which the Buddhist temple is under construction, and went further.

Further we stopped by in one more temple nearby which stands on water, and in water big fishes teem. They should throw a special forage, and they begin to lap so that water is not visible - only continuous fish bodies.

I just do not undertake to Express in words beauty of temples - it is necessary to see it... Peaked roofs - pagodas, the gilding sparkling on the sun, multi-colored lists, silence and a cool inside, a gentle music, aromatic sticks, flowers around... I will repeat - it should be seen and felt.

Next day we went to falls. On the road got in Meydzhik Garden who reminded the abandoned ancient city in the jungle from the Soviet animated film about Mowgli. Besides the husband mastered kanop - travel on tops of trees. He was tied to a cable, and it went on it between trees like a monkey :).

could not approach the falls on a motor-baize - only on foot or on elephants. We, naturally, chose an elephant. Us asked to get on a special airfield, and to it adjusted a nice elephant with rare black volosika and a triple seat on a back. On the head of an elephant the cheerful cross-eyed fellow - the driver sat. He held something in hand, similar to a chopper with the sharp end. When we plunged on the places, the fellow slightly vlomit to an elephant on a forehead a chopper, and we started.

Hour on an elephant is, of course, much. Kind half an hour it just slowly trudged, constantly stopping and chewing vegetation. Then the driver stopped it, took a picture of us and, having taken to falls, unloaded, in every possible way extorting himself tip. On falls we got into the jungle where there is nobody and arranged ourselves family a jacuzzi. On a heat it was very pleasant to be refreshed in the cool raging water.

Where we only did not go in 10 days of stay to Samui! In monkey theater where the macaque played with Vasya in basketball and sbirat cocoes from palm trees. In an aquarium where we fed huge sea turtles, saw sharks and the real manta. On show of birds and tigers where the husband played with a parrot “in thimbles“, and at Vasya from a cap the eagle on the fly grabbed a toy. On a snake farm where the snakes hunter was amused in private with four cobras, filled to itself on the person and in trousers of tens of scorpions and carried by on ranks of any snakes, suggesting to put on them a neck. To the national sea reserve, with tremendous beaches and the untouched lake, the wild most beautiful nature and desert islands. To the temple where the monk who died during meditation and mummified sits. To legendary “to a stone - mother and to a stone - the father“ with which each tourist respecting himself to Samui is simply obliged to be photographed :). To falls.

Couple of days we just devoted

to travel on the island with arrival to all temples. To tell that they impress - it means nothing to tell.

A little domestic squabbles

For the fifth day we replaced hotel because found a nice bungalow on the coast. Besides it was twice cheaper than our first hotel. The truth somewhere in a straw roof frogs croaked, in a bathtub a harmonous path ants marched and sometimes tropical cockroaches size from a half-finger ran :). But there were a conditioner, the TV, the refrigerator with pass - bar, hot water and absolute “sea view“.

were eaten by us everywhere, without choosing any certain restaurant. And in fancy expensive institutions, and in small modest cafes, and in shops on wheels. Everywhere to us it was tasty, and we got poisoned the unique time, having had supper in local McDonald`s. The prices pleasantly surprised. Our most expensive account was the 940th baht - it is for three with alcohol, seafood and freshly squeezed juice. And for the 200th baht it is possible to have a bite three together in a small mobile shop, and quality of food did not depend on the price - trained her at us, and process did not differ from that at expensive restaurant at all. Only surroundings another.

Once arranged to

tasting of unfamiliar fruit - bought in the market of durians, papayas, lichiya, rambutan, mangostin, a guava and other fruits whose name I did not learn. I there only learned bananas (grow at a circle on trees), cocoes (too grow everywhere), water-melons, mango, a melon and a pomela.

the Last 4 days we carried out

on the diving island To Tao. There we thoroughly nanyryalis with a mask and a tube, visited deserted beaches by the boat and once again were surprised how everything is cheap in Thailand. For example, on this island it was possible to remove a small bungalow on the bank of everything for the 200th baht, however, with the fan, without conditioner and hot water (by the way, cold water is not lower than 25 degrees there). We, however, lived in quite expensive hotel in ethnostyle, but very cool!

In comparison with Samui on the island To Tao have less than people, there is almost no place to go. Night life any - only foreigners - divers sit in cafe, drink beer and tell what coral they saw today and what fish floated by. But there astounding deserted beaches, really there are a lot of fishes and corals, transparent water.

Night life

what began to happen on streets Samui after a sunset we took great pain to hide from eyes of own child. Prostitutes (on a slang from the website of independent travelers - carrot), transvestites there everywhere. Invite to bars and massage salons. Foreigners go embracing tayka. You should not forget that Thailand - the world center sex - tourism.

Of course when we went all family, carrots just cheerfully greet, offer massage, try to stroke the child, be touched what it at us remarkable what mother beautiful. But all the same hours at ten in the evening we stacked the child and went to study local customs.

Nobody sticks, solicits when see a married couple. We sat down at a bar rack, prattled, looked at zazyvny dances tayek at a pole. Got acquainted with carrots and foreigners who have a good time there. However, the husband told that when he left without me, carrots right there began to show nemeryanny activity. One once (or one - there figs you will sort them) even saw to number, offering on the road various sex - services.

the Way home

Having decided to gather as much as possible impressions of the country, back to Bangkok wanted to go land transport. Bought tickets in which price was included a catamaran from To Tao to pier on the continent Chumpkhon, a taxi from pier to the station, the train from the station to Bangkok. A catamaran very big and comfortable, with the conditioner, all (2 hours) showed the way the movie “Ronin“. On the bank of us directed to a taxi, representing the truck with a roof over a body. There besides us the lot of tourists - Chinese with ton of backpacks jammed.

At the station we put things in a left-luggage office and took a walk a little in the city. Having had supper in cafe where showed a match Ukraine - Italy, having a little been ill for Ukraine which received 2 own goals at once, we moved on the train. We went the first class, with the conditioner, a wash basin to a compartment and wide regiments. The husband got acquainted in the car with drunk Dutches and already decided that he will drink and fraternize with it all night long as they rovnekhonko dumped at 00:00 to sleep, having told what tomorrow to get up very early. Foreigners, in a word :). It was necessary to lay down and sleep to us too.

Bangkok we, unfortunately, did not see

... From the station took a taxi to the airport and fast aboard the plane in Moscow. Only orchids managed to buy on pleasure to mother and girlfriends... But there is an occasion to return! Besides one sat down at memory at me brasletik with a cockleshell at which I looked before departure of a catamaran. All thought, to buy or not? My reflections were interrupted by the husband with cries that landing already comes to an end. Did not buy... So precisely it is necessary to come back :).

Maria Belopolskaya