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My first labor

In anticipation of the forthcoming childbirth I in increasing frequency begin to remember the first labor. As one my acquaintance jokes, the first time it is terrible to give birth because you do not know, and the second - it is terrible, just because you KNOW.

Is not present

, I have no especially negative memoirs because the pleasure from the fact that your kid is born, is capable to block everything. All bad is forgotten in the first seconds as soon as you see this Miracle. I remember, still sewing up gaps on a patrimonial table, the doctor asked me: “Well, the second still you want?“, what I absolutely sincerely answered: “Yes though now!“

Well, I will begin one after another. In maternity hospital, I got to office of pathology on 38 - oh to week of pregnancy. The local gynecologist just decided to get rid of me thus, having made the diagnosis “late gestoz“. For all pregnancy I never had also a hint on hypostases, weight I gained precisely according to the plan, and analyses of urine were just the most ideal. But declared in the period of students vegeto - the vascular dystonia which is shown as slight increase of pressure in the period of an emotional pressure gave to the doctor excellent rise. The relations with the midwife at us developed not in the best way therefore also I with big pleasure, having received the direction in maternity hospital, finished this compelled communication.

In the appointed day with a big bag of things I crossed a threshold of an accident ward. I was defined in four-seater chamber. Moved into, got acquainted with little girls. One of them, nineteen-year Lena, walked up and down fights. At two other girls, planned childbirth was appointed to tomorrow.

Soon for me the nurse came and called on survey. Little girls knowingly began to smile: “Well now - that and you should be learned what is it“. I do not know whether it is accepted in all maternity hospitals, or it was only so lucky us, but medical examinations very reminded medieval tortures. Doctors set as the purpose to hasten an unripe neck and made for this purpose incredible physical efforts. Chair hand-rail in viewing were loosened by the hands sticking into them from pain, and the atmosphere of an office as if absorbed in itself low moans of women in labor. Well, I do not want to frighten anybody. There are enough horror stories in roddomovsky folklore.

Having lain weeks two, I already with laughter perceived all stories, but at first... Every evening, as in a summer camp, someone from newcomers came to chamber and began: “And here at one girl...“, “And one more girl...“ . Fortunately, soon on all terrifying stories resistant immunity appears.

during survey the gynecologist established that to give birth to me not soon, and appointed for the fastest maturing of a neck sinestrol. Girls from my chamber safely gave rise, and I remained in chamber one. The first days it was dullish, but I got acquainted with girls from other chambers and soon estimated, it is how good to spend the night one. Nearly two weeks lodged nobody in my chamber though other chambers were jammed.

New girls came and left to give birth, and I patiently waited for the maturing. Us, such “dolgosozrevayushchy“, was in all office three, and we in three weeks managed to make friends well. We, one may say, had traditions, every evening we suited a dinner with shish kebabs which were carefully bought by husbands, did salads, sometimes invited to ourselves the midwifes who are whiling away change and even managed to celebrate my birthday.

On the third week of stay the gynecologist after survey offered me stimulation with hormonal candles.

- you have a child, judging by ultrasonography, it is already more than four kilograms. You as it that are going to give birth-?

- Yes we and not small in whom to it - that to be small? (my height of 170 cm, the husband has 182 cm)

the Gynecologist only grinned and suggested to sign a piece of paper in which it appeared approximately following:“ I, such - that, agree to stimulation of childbirth with possible complications“. Further the list of complications among which was premature izlity amniotic waters was attached. I who got used to trust competent persons after short thoughts agreed.


Next day, after a breakfast me delivered a hormonal candle. Later a couple of hours I began fights, and judging by KTG, quite strong. But by the evening everything safely ended. The gynecologist, having established that opening of a neck of a uterus did not happen, palmed off on me one more same piece of paper, and in a day procedure repeated. Equally well.

at Night suddenly to me it became somehow unpleasantly wet and sticky. “Probably, waters departed“, - I thought. Rose, descended in a toilet.“ Well, it seems, nothing drips“, - I calmed down and again went to bed.

there Came the days off which are smoothly flowing on May holidays. In office there were only midwifes therefore to me nobody especially became attached. The doctor on duty formally made round, and I left home. In the afternoon I disturbed nothing, but at night to me still somehow it was too damp, perhaps... I did not attach it special significance, believing that if it were waters, then they or would rush a stream, or, as a last resort, would leak also in the afternoon. The fact that it can be a crack in an amniotic bubble from which under a certain pressure (when I lie on a bed) liquid can filter did not come to my mind.

After holidays I got up on roddomovsky scales, and found out that I lost about a kilogram in weight. Told about it to the gynecologist and shared the suspicions. The uterus neck during holidays managed to ripen and even to be slightly opened a little. It was decided to send me for planned childbirth by means of stimulation on the following morning. About what I signed already the third piece of paper.


By the evening at me began serious fights, in office there was only a doctor on duty. Only she began to watch me on a chair as the remained waters flowed out. Other exit was not how to transfer me to ORB.

to me were given the dressing gown which is boiled down by the autoclave and the short, transparent through shirt. Shaving procedure (though there was nothing to shave there already) and an enema was coming. The nurse of a reception armed with the old stupid machine and hung over my body spread on a couch. Feelings, it is necessary to tell, unpleasant: on the one hand awful feeling of awkwardness, with another - some children`s vulnerability. It is remembered, I told something type:“ To shave with such machine moreover and nasukhy - the awful irritation of skin will be“. The nurse looked at me, as on sick with extreme degree of idiocy.

After a while I appeared

in prenatal. Opposite to me the Gipsy gave birth, using foul language on tsygansko - the Russian adverb. The young doctor persuaded her not to close a crotch hands. Having contrived, the doctor could - reach her neck.

“You to me fingers will break

!“ - she suddenly screamed is a Gipsy strong grasped the doctor by hands and squeezed legs. - “Not I hurt you, it at you fight!

Having released

, the doctor hasty retired from prenatal.

Well, I think, at me and the company... Soon the Gipsy in broken Russian began to be interested how many at me children. I told that I give birth for the first time. Then she asked how many to me years? At that time to me there were 25. “And nobody in marriage took such beauty...“ - she drew, at last, the conclusions.

me was devilishly lucky

this evening on Gipsies. Half an hour later brought one more into prenatal. By sight - years 15, dirty, as a homeless cat during a rain. At it on the twentieth week fights began. To it something hasty stuck and laid under KTG.

the Young Gipsy suddenly loudly started howling.

- What you cry, the sun? - the midwife Tanya asked it. Midwifes, by the way, were just gold little girls. They rushed with us, as with the family, without doing even any ethnic distinctions.

- I want to Smoke - at - at, - the Gipsy

admitted to

- And you want the child? It is necessary to suffer...

Time went, and my fights amplified - premature dribble of waters affected. Began to stimulate with oxytocin.

Pain amplified, and me began to bang a large shiver and to freeze. Midwifes covered me with additional blankets, and I everything continued to freeze and shiver so that it was impossible even to measure pressure. I began to ask an epiduralka.

the anesthesiologist, the man (the man somehow language does not turn to call) of years 40, moustached, with soldafonsky humour Came.

- to Epiduralk, you speak? And at you though money - that is, than to pay me?

Ya lay on one side, having doubled up with pain with a naked bottom and, I apologize for details, the hospital rag which is sticking out between legs - laying.

- to Kiss - that still you will be? - he began to neigh

Ya was ready to kill him, but could not move. It at last - inserted to me into a back a catheter, and pleasant heat extended on all lower part of a trunk.

Ya fell asleep. I do not know how many I slept, but having woken up from a man`s voice, I saw what on the street already darkened, and in prenatal light burns. The doctor who took up in a night shift was an owner of a baritone. He put in me a hand and told midwifes that added to oxytocin. I asked to drink. Tanya brought me waters. In a minute me pulled out just drunk. Then she forbade me to drink and began to bring periodically a glass that I could moisten a mouth.

Ya fell asleep again. Woke up because that tried to take me blood from a finger. It appears, at me temperature jumped up to 39 degrees, and doctors began to be afraid of a maternity fever.

- Integrity of a bubble was broken - waters leaked. The infection got... - I heard over the head.

Brought to

blood test, it, fortunately, was good. The doctor checked opening - there were seven fingers. Within minutes ten a hand the doctor opened a neck.

- In patrimonial, - he suddenly ordered, and fragile handles of midwifes picked up me and led on a maternity table.

A further everything occurred very quickly. I listened to each word of the midwife, made an effort on fights which I almost did not feel. The doctor very intelligibly explained to me as it is necessary to make an effort correctly: “Locks at you happen? And so, present that it is necessary to you in a toilet on - big“.

was Come up by a head. Then coat hanger. And I understood that everything ended. Almost. The placenta, seams - is not counted. The main thing, my sonny was born! It is powerful in 3 840 g, 52 cm in height. The powerful charge of endorphins made dizzy me. Feeling of comprehensive happiness - here that it was. Not for the world I would not want from it to refuse.

Therefore when me is asked: Whether “It is terrible to give birth?“, I answer: “Terribly. Scary pleasantly“.