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The gold standard of diagnostics

“The gold standard of diagnostics“ - quite so is called modern complex medical examination which allows to reveal the violations which are available in an organism and to appoint to the patient the individual scheme of treatment.

As “The gold standard of diagnostics“ appeared? In what its advantage before other methods of inspection? These and other questions are answered by the manager of therapeutic office of clinic of the Moscow institute of cybernetic medicine Vladimir Markovsky.

- Vladimir Borisovich how you came to creation of the new standard of inspection of patients?

- Creation of “Gold Standard of Diagnostics“ (GSD) was prompted by life. The scheme of inspection of the patient existing today looks approximately so. The person comes to the doctor with the complaints. The doctor attentively listens, performs inspection, and then appoints certain researches and analyses. Further the patient is directed to additional consultations of narrow experts. All this is extremely inconvenient for the patient, demands from him a large number of time and forces. As a result the obtained data are separated, get to different experts, most often, with a considerable time interval and to present a full clinical picture of a disease very not easy. Meanwhile the illness can progress, pass into a chronic form. But the fact that the diagnosis made, finally, in many cases will be doubtful, and the appointed treatment - insufficient is even worse. And it not mere allegation, but my long-term supervision and supervision of my colleagues. Actually, creation history of “The gold standard of diagnostics“ also began with them.

- Tell about it in more detail

- In clinic the man of 45 years handled coronary heart disease. Treated him well: according to the approved standards, the acquired schemes. But we look, something is impossible, something lacks in treatment. Then we make the decision - to make to it additional researches, in particular blood test on hepatitises. Also we reveal that the patient had hepatitis A recently. If we knew about it initially , then considerably would strengthen that part of treatment which consists in restoration of function of a liver and in the general clarification of an organism.

K to us the woman, handled headaches of not clear origin. Once in youth it worked at nuclear power plant. The last 17 years she stayed at home, raised two children. After carrying out the spectral analysis of her hair on minerals, it revealed tenfold excess in an organism of content of heavy metals which “lived“ in it all this time. And everything that needed to be made, - to connect sorbents, i.e. preparations which extend them from an organism, these heavy metals connect. But it was necessary to know about it!

Or, let us assume, the person complains of high arterial pressure - 200 on 110. Treatment went successfully, pressure decreased and became stable, hypostases disappeared, the health - and suddenly a sharp aggravation improved. Why? The person is treated, does not work, houses everything is safe. The decision to take blood test on an infection was made. As a result revealed chlamydial pneumonia, an infection very artful, demanding specific treatment.

then to us the simple thought came to

I to mind: why we have to find out backdating all this if we in forces to obtain all information necessary to us in advance... for this purpose by us also developed “The gold standard of diagnostics“.

- In what the main difference of ZSD from other types of diagnostics?

- the Main difference that “The gold standard of diagnostics“ is appointed to the patient regardless of complaints or the available medical diagnoses. It is some kind of diagnostic optimum which allows to receive basic data on a condition of all bodies and systems of an organism - the main etiology and the violations accompanying it.

Making “The gold standard of diagnostics“

  1. Medical examination
  2. of ultrasonography of internals
  3. Diagnostics of a cellular metabolism
  4. the Classical electrocardiography, a kardiovizor
  5. the General analysis of urine
  6. the General blood test
  7. Detailed biochemical blood test
  8. Blood test on hormones
  9. Blood test on hepatitises
  10. Blood test on identification of infectious agents (bacteria and viruses)
  11. the Analysis of dab on identification of infectious agents (bacteria and viruses)
  12. the Spectral analysis of hair or nails on minerals
  13. I most important:
    Final conversation with the patient after the system analysis the doctor of the obtained recommendations made with delivery in writing.

- After carrying out ZSD additional analyses can be required by the patient?

- Yes, in some cases we appoint them. ZSD - inspection universal, obligatory at all types of diseases. Depending on concrete illnesses it can be added with the researches considering specific features of each pathology.

Now on the basis of ZSD we created eight diagnostic and medical programs:“ Life without hypertension “, “ life without neurosises “, “ life without diabetes “, “ life without joint pain “, “ life without asthma “, “ life without psoriasis “, “ life without allergy “, “ heart and vessels“. So, for example, according to the Heart and Vessels program the echocardiography (visualization of heart) and doppler sonography (modern ultrasonic research of vessels of a neck or the lower extremities) are in addition carried out.

- carrying out ZSD What is the time borrows?

- We save time of people who address us. Inspection takes 3 - 3,5 hours then the patient is free. And if weekdays are taken you, it is possible to arrive to us during the week-end. And in 5 - 7 days when results of analyses are ready and the doctor will process all information, the patient is invited in time, convenient for it, for consultation and detailed conversation. All results are given in writing, including medical recommendations for out-patient treatment. At identification enough serious problems offer the patient treatment in a day hospital of clinic. To us there are those who want not just to be healthy, but to learn more about a condition of the health, and also those to whom could not make the exact diagnosis anywhere.

- And treatment at you differs in something too?

- At us more opportunities are simple. In clinic conditions under which any our doctor can choose from a set of good preparations the best and the most suitable in each case are created. Here unique domestic and foreign techniques which proved the efficiency are collected.

- our Many compatriots prefer to be treated in Europe and the USA. And I was pleasantly surprised, having seen foreigners in your clinic. What attracts them?

- First of all, we achieve real results in treatment and as it seems to me, we managed to create unusual clinic - such system technique of inspection and the subsequent individual complex therapy and rehabilitation, perhaps, is not present anywhere in the world.

- Vladimir Borisovich that you wanted to wish to our readers?

- Try to be healthy, and we will help you with it.

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