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To Artur and all who are able to read

“Because from a great grief and melancholy warm I wrote to you with bitter tears not in order that sad you became, but that learned love which at me it is a lot of for you“

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You know

, is written to Bibles:“ Mysterious are the ways of the Lord“. It means that everything that does not become - to the best. But when you are hurt by eyes from nevyplakanny tears, not really - that is trusted in it. Bitterness which is always with you every day, every minute, pain from injustice and IMPOSSIBILITY give rise to deep despair.

Is “always“ present

nothing worse, than dead. You say to yourself that everything will be good that it is necessary to be stronger and cleverer, strongest! So often you repeat that you are convinced of justice of the phrase “repetition - mother of stutter“. The tunnel is extended and there is no light. No! At all!

Meanwhile life goes, time runs through fingers, and feelings, apparently, forever escape. In soul both hatred, and rage, and offense appear. It is necessary to find the guilty person! To find by all means! And who looks for, that will always find... When you revenge, the feeling of loss, punishment and triumph fills soul. But only for one moment. You smile, but weepingly. It becomes is madly a pity... and time spent on rage, and the missed sun out of tunnel vision.

Grudges for

that future which we did not create, and could... also wanted! About as strongly we wanted!!! You rejoice that met that enormous lack, filled up a chasm with sand and clay, evened the score. Won! With pleasure and painfully at the same time. And it is still madly terrible. It is necessary to turn the page now, to make over itself effort (To the superman and did not dream!) and again to breathe thanking or contrary to... You cry that soul where there was once a chasm, now there sand. And it could be filled up also in the flowers. But war is ended, and a victory compare to defeat...

Therefore I prefer to look for lilies and fresh wind. I know that for each person his trouble - the biggest in the world. Look around - everyone feels the same. Darling threw, grew without parents, lost the child, I live in poverty, I suffer lie and misunderstanding, I try to SURVIVE. Both I survive, and I live and I smile. To you and the one who will smile in reply.

the Suffering not so much clears soul how many measures its depth. Everyone who suffered of deprivations is capable to love. There are no guilty persons where the hope reigns. To weave a smile from pain and to present to the neighbor - art! All of us are alchemists, and a philosophers` stone - in us. And we will be strongest! For the sake of you, for the sake of, for the sake of relatives, for the sake of the whole world and for the sake of light of the heart. Patience find soul!

You told

: it is possible to get out of a labyrinth, only keeping to the right. The wisest words! Let everyone repeat them at a difficult moment and then the world a droplet will become happier! And the avalanche, as it is known begins with one snowflake. Believe in justice and love to all heart! And all Universe will help you!

“I sometimes myself despise

... not because whether I despise also others?. I became incapable of generous impulses, I am afraid to seem ridiculous to myself...“ (Lermontov “Hero of our time“). Here what is done with people by life, turning romantics into cynics, optimists in sceptics, sincere in the mockers loving in sufferers. But I will tell you another: to wrap up the cynic in the romantic, the skeptic in the optimist, the atheist to teach pray each of us can. And it not the miracle, is points over “³“, answers to questions, light at the end of a tunnel. Having recognized you, I understood that God exists. Thanks to you that you such are!

“Are blissful

grieved because they will be consoled. Are blissful pure in heart because they will see God“

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