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The marriage of convenience of

to Quarrel with the husband concerning the current toilet bowl or the crane, “which I uselessly ask to repair the second week“, is not obligatory for the modern woman at all. As well as to tear off MISINFORMATION phone. The solution of minor household problems can be entrusted the special companies. What services they are ready to render and how many it costs, the correspondent of “SP“ Elena Malik

found out

Experience of family life created representation at many women that in life the husband as a suitcase without handle: it is a pity to throw out, and inconveniently and heavy to bear. Comes from work late, eats much and when the speech comes replacing the proceeding crane, to hang up a new chandelier or to clean a siphon under a sink, feeds with “breakfasts“.

Service under the playful name “the husband for an hour“ appeared a few years ago in calculation on such wives of not too economic men.

to you needs to repair the socket or to hang up eaves, but your spouse knows not well how it is correct to hold the screw-driver? Not a problem: it is enough to address to one of the companies helping with small repair.


Today in Moscow tens of such offices work. To find them, it is enough to type the phrase “the husband for an hour“ in a search engine of the Internet.

By the way, despite the name, services of these companies are demanded not only the weaker sex. In 30% of cases, according to representatives of firms, men who do not want act as customers or cannot independently solve the current household problems. They have other occasions to be proud of themselves.

Field of activity

the List of works which offer the companies on small household repair, standard: installation and replacement of sockets, switches, fixture of chandeliers, lamps, sconce, laying of wires, antenna and telephone cables. From sanitary works of the master are ready to replace mixers, to repair the leaked sink or a faulty drain tank of a toilet bowl, to adjust operation of the washing machine. They will also collect furniture, will hang eaves and regiments, will cut locks, will tinker plinths etc.

In other words, the companies are ready to offer the clients all that they can make skillful male hands in the house. In principle it is possible to ask for the help in the MISINFORMATION. But this thought frightens off many. From Soviet period at the master of ZhEK bad reputation: it is unshaven, drunk, slovenly, but also is whimsical - it is it does not want to do, it cannot do, and it should not. But also will leave tracks on all apartment. But it is cheap: on services of workers the MISINFORMATION there are official quotations. For example, replacement of the door lock is estimated at 145 rub. Your task - to convince the master to work for this money. And the part of works of the MISINFORMATION is not performed at all: to install additional telephone sockets or to carry out one more cable of the television antenna to the apartment, it is necessary to look for the expert where - nibud on the party.

In private firms, on assurances of their representatives, only people with “clever fingers“ are

on the staff. As explained to us in The Husband for a Hour company, not everyone can become “the husband on a call“ in their firm. Demand documentary confirmation of experience from the candidate, and professional skills and ability to communicate kindly with people check in business. Before becoming “husband“ - the master, the applicant surely has to stay “groom“ for an hour. Before the beginner receives an independent task, he goes week to orders with the skilled master. Passed test and training - you come to work one.

As a rule, in the companies the broad specialists understanding both in bathroom equipment, and in the electrician or owning joiner`s and metalwork work. Though relative specialization everything is is. One, for example, very well copes with elektriky, another - the great master of a drill and the hammer.

However, in certain cases the companies on small household repair the MISINFORMATION not competitors. There is a list of works which masters do not carry out from the companies under no circumstances - for example if for this purpose it is required to block water in a strut. Or rather, they will execute it if you find who will block to all entrance water supply.

As a rule, such companies do not change an eyeliner to the gas stove that specialists of “Mosgorgaz“ if something happens answered. Also firms do not undertake to install water counters - procedure is assigned to the special companies and the same the MISINFORMATION.

Still should note

that, as well as everywhere, even in private repair business deficiency of “husbands“ is observed. These companies - the enterprises small, on average in them work on six - eight masters, and they do not sit without work. Therefore it is not excluded that the order for fight against the begun to flow toilet bowl or the fallen-off complete kitchen at you will be accepted not next day as promise the websites, and every other day - two. But if the free expert is, he is ready to be hired for work even during the week-end.

the price

the Cost of services of “husband“ begins from 300 rub an hour provided that the client orders not less than two business hours (that is the minimum order of 600 rub) . Such tariff works in the majority of the companies interrogated by us. However, firms where hour of work costs 500 and 850 rub meet, and the minimum order makes 2000 rub

there are in the companies also scales of charges which determine the cost of different types of works. It is the fixed price, it does not depend on time spent by the master. As a rule, firm rates work where work and a task can be formulated accurately. For example, on the most popular types of service: to hang up a chandelier, eaves, regiments, to connect the washing machine, to change the socket, to repair the lock, to hang up a mirror, to install the new mixer.

In the www companies. gvozdzabey. ru and www. vantus. ru for dismantle of the old mixer from us asked 250 - 300 rub, and estimated installation of new at 450 - 600 rub. To hang eaves, it is necessary to lay out 450 - 500 rub, to hang up the lamp - 150 - 250 rub, and to cut the lock in a wooden door - 650 rub.

the same services in the www company. homeservices. ru pay off on time spent for work - 300 rub in hour

As explained SP in the Clever fingers company, “not always man`s work can be detailed, shortchanged and included in the price list therefore we prefer hourly payment“. In the majority of the companies each next hour is rated with an interval 30 minutes. That is if the master finishes work after one hour 31 minute, then it will take money, as in two hours.

By estimates of firms, the average account for services of the exit expert makes 1500 - 2000 rub. Usually the clients calling the master prepare several tasks for his arrival. For example, to hang up a chandelier, to strengthen the shelf and to collect furniture from IKEA. On the course of work also still something is remembered, demanding repair and improvement.


the Contractual relations

Unfortunately, on the websites of the companies it is not often possible to meet a full price - a leaf, and it is necessary to agree about the cost of this or that service separately.

Anyway as managers of firms explain, by phone they stipulate only the approximate price. The total cost of works can differ from the preliminary estimate considerably. For example, if to dismantle the old mixer from - for the stuck pipes it was much more difficult, than it was supposed, the price for service can double and jump up from 300 to 600 rub

If in the course of work shortage of any details is found, masters will not tell that they will come tomorrow, and will suggest to pay the trip on the nearest economic market.

As a rule, the cost of such trips is estimated on an hour tariff. If the master spends for visit of shop two hours, to the account it is necessary to add at least 600 more rub. Though usually fine details - laying, small screws, bolts - at masters are in a working arsenal.

to avoid misunderstanding, some companies offer such algorithm. At first the representative of firm comes out to the place and in the apartment makes the estimate of future works. But you should pay for the appraiser`s call. For example, in the www company. gvozdzabey. ru such departure will cost 340 rub, and in the www company. vantus. ru - 650 rub

But the sum of the check will not change any more. It makes sense to do it in case you badly imagine what can be necessary for the master and what difficulties it should face. For example, you need to replace the mixer, and the gate on a strut rusted so that first of all it is necessary to change it.

A for this purpose will need to agree with DEZOM. Besides, the appraiser will prompt to you what details and materials need to be prepared for arrival of the master.

the Marriage contract

“The husband for an hour“ has to have

not only clever fingers, but also tidy appearance, replaceable footwear and a smile upon the face. It is demanded by the management of the companies. Private masters considerably win in manner in comparison with zhekovsky.


But however there was a master, do not forget to take from it the final receipt on the performed work. She will help you to make a complaint if subsequently (the companies give a guarantee from two weeks to one month) marriage which “husbands for an hour“ as one promise not to allow comes to light.