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My April peanut I will begin

Ya with conception. We long expected a baby, I was treated for infertility. It was impossible, there were tears, a depression. I could not look at pregnant women, came home and cried. But when I saw two treasured strips... There are no words to transfer this state.

precisely knew

Ya when it occurred. Itself I do not know how, but knew! For the 17th day of a cycle allocations began, the hysterics began, but, having quickly got it together and having told itself:“ I should not lose it“, I came to the doctor, and she appointed “Ultrazhestan“. Told to make ultrasonography on 1 - 2 - day of a delay, but I did not keep and made for the 26th day of a cycle. Hurrah, I am pregnant! It was on August 10, 2005, 15 - go - control ultrasonography.

Ya came to the chief and told that she is pregnant and that me can put in hospital. To me was all the same that will be with work, with career, for me the main thing was that in me the child, we so long waited for this moment. The husband was in business trip, I thought, I will arrive to work and I will send him a stork on ICQ, but did not keep and called. I cried with happiness several days.

16 - go August, on 4 - 5 week me for the first time put, and in 7 weeks I opened bleeding, there was an otsloyka of fetal egg (according to doctors it was the second fruit), but I would not take out two. There was a preservation in the Center of planning of a family and reproduction at the manager. offices. The magnificent place where to each pregnant woman treat as the most expensive and favourite.

of All for pregnancy I had 9 hospitalization. I did not work day as all the time there were threats. Doctors thought that I do not inform also till 28 weeks, but we were born full-term! Were both drugs, and stresses and state. examination at institute on the term of 37 weeks. But we with the kid sustained everything.

I got ready For childbirth at school for pregnant women of “Stikhial“, there were a water aerobics, respiratory training and lectures. I most of all liked occupations which were conducted by Liouba and Lilith. Completed a full course.

Maternity hospital to me were advised by friends. The choice of the doctor - only the man. There was a choice between two doctors: Nenashkin Vitaly Aleksandrovich and Kirman Oleg Nikolaevich.

We with the husband decided to give birth with Nenashkin V. A. Priyekhali in maternity hospital in 34 weeks of pregnancy - to get acquainted. It was pleasant to us at once, we talked. I had a trauma in 1983, and me did not want to take in maternity hospital, it was necessary to run about on neuropathologists.

In 35 weeks our kid decided to leave, I took the direction in the nine and went to O. N. Kirman to preservation. We lay together with the girlfriend who at it gave birth then. Vitaly Aleksandrovich came to me, examined, controlled appointments, generally, kept a situation under control.

Me was written out at the beginning of the 37th week (with the opened and shortened neck), and I went to hand over state. examination - thought, after that I will give rise, but carried by. There passes time - 37, 38 weeks, and I wait for everything when mine the baby decides to get out :). Arrived to survey in 38 - 39 weeks, the neck is open and shortened, and nothing.

On Monday fights began April 3

, it was sick, went to a shower, called the doctor and began to wait, at 3 o`clock in the morning everything stopped - it was offensive. In 39 weeks (on Tuesday April 11) I went to maternity hospital to survey, Vitaly Aleksandrovich examined and told that we will give birth today. Told not to wait for waters as the bubble flat and will not burst, to accept nothing, and the stopper all departed and departed. Sent home to have a rest. We with Masha and her husband went to cafe and gorged on everything that is impossible, drank coffee, ate ice cream, generally, came off :).

began to wait for

Ya, called the husband and told that, probably, today we will go to give birth. Till six in the evening - anything. I thought, there now, again... The stopper continued to depart. In six easy fights of times 30 minutes, at nine in the evening already time 15 minutes began. The husband was in a sauna (I sent him there, let will have a rest). I packed things, was washed, shaved. It is separate history: in a bathtub, sitting in front of the mirror on the washing machine, I had a shave - as I will remember, so the smile upon the face itself grows.

Andrey (my husband) arrived in 23 - 00, I fed him, decided to eat itself - it did not give (as then it became clear, and correctly made). Called the doctor, fights were not strongly painful and approximately each 12 minutes. We went to maternity hospital. We had 4 packages.

Arrived in 0 - 30. Vitaly Aleksandrovich met us in an accident ward, I went for survey. A chair, pleasant male hands and fight - unforgettable feelings :). Having looked at me, he told:“ We give birth“, called the midwife and told to accept me, and went to Andrey. The child during survey climbed under edges :).

Me was issued minutes for 10. I changed clothes and went to a corridor, after survey of fight became more painful, but remained at the level of 10 - 12 minutes, Andrey changed clothes and we were led in delivery room. The enema was not done. Separately about office: maternity boxing on one woman in labor, is everything for a perezhidaniye of fights, childbirth and processing of the kid there: a ball, a special chair for a perezhidaniye of fights (on it Andrey :)), a bed and other sat. The shower was in the neighboring room - 2 pieces with European-quality repair and a nozzle massage near boxing, for the husband a toilet separate (with a latch).

To the maternity box us was lifted about an hour. In 5 minutes after we were lifted, Vitaly Aleksandrovich came and put the monitor, with it I lay about an hour (the doctor came four times). Fights became more painful, probably, because I lay, and each 10 minutes repeated.

After two Vitaly Aleksandrovich came and removed the monitor, we with the husband went to a shower. Around three Vitaly Aleksandrovich came, laid me on a couch for survey, examined, opened a bubble, sat with me, counted fights, estimated our condition and left. Fights were seconds on 40, and it was very sick though it is tolerant. Andrey forced to breathe, talk to the kid. But during fights so in a disgusting way that there is a wish to do nothing. But when it passes though play basketball. :)

Vitaly Aleksandrovich looked constantly, told not to lie, to move constantly - so the kid falls better. I wanted to sleep (it is reaction to pain) - did not give. From fights began to have diarrhea me, I went to a toilet three times, and any enema it is not necessary.

Around four I wanted

in a toilet, I approached on a post and asked to call the doctor. Vitaly Aleksandrovich came, laid on a couch, examined me and told that we begin to make an effort, but as the child highly, he enclosed me under a bottom a pillow and we began to make an effort. It was impossible to me, Vitaly Aleksandrovich quietly showed how it is necessary to breathe that should be done.

I do not remember

, what is the time it proceeded, but is I felt sick very strong (well that did not eat) and between fights I was disconnected - told, it is good, so the organism has a rest. Vitaly Aleksandrovich examined, and told that it is time on a table - oh, what words are! It followed the midwife, all the pain just vanished - before the following fight. We were told not to make an effort and breathe an engine, hooted and breathed with Andrey on all office. The midwife came, laid a table and told to get.

Further I remember

vaguely. I was ready to fly up for a chair, but did not give, told, the head passed bones, and I can injure it - accurately we climb, we lay down. Andrey asked me whether he is necessary to me? I told: “Yes!“ .

Began to make an effort, Vitaly Aleksandrovich was near, constantly listened to the kid, watched me and controlled everything. I constantly asked whether the head appeared. There was a problem - the kid was tightened back, Vitaly Aleksandrovich did not allow it to rise by means of my shirt, he told midwifes that he is not pleasant to it how the kid moves. After these words I got it together and began to make an effort normally, it was terrible to me to make, something not so, to do much harm, we so waited for our boy... It appears, the kid went with the handle. Me rassekl, and it is sick!

I here it appeared, at first the head, I was told to suffer, then to be extinguished a little, and here the small lump at me on a stomach and shouts, this finest that can exist. However, forces were not any more. I thought, I will sob with happiness, but on me such happiness, such pacification that there was a wish for nothing, just to feel the kid went down nearby.

the Umbilical cord otpulsirovat

, it was cut and the kid was taken away on a table (near mine), the husband all the time nearby, it the first took Yaroslav on hands. Then to me few times pressed a stomach - there was an afterbirth, and Vitaly Aleksandrovich put to me on a stomach ice. I was given an anesthesia and began to sew up, it is good that under anesthetic as to whom did not do an anesthesia, said what is sick.

Ya regained consciousness. Andrey brought me the kid, and the midwife applied him to a breast. At seven o`clock I was transported in chamber - single. Changed clothes of me. Andrey went home, and we went to bed.

Vitaly Aleksandrovich Around ten came, examined me and drove in a shower. Told, it is time to make toilet, showed exercises, told that it is possible to sit. Examined me every day.


to me made ultrasonography for the 4th days. We were written out for the 5th day.

Separate thanks to everything honey to personnel, a warm attitude to each woman in labor. Without husband I do not know that I would do. It very much helped and morally and physically.

Nenashkin Vitaly Aleksandrovich is a doctor from capital letter, huge to it thanks for our kid, for his relation and humanity. For the little sister we surely will arrive to it. And still, to give birth - it is not deadly, it is healthy.