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About the Girl of

the Girl existed the best - she knew it long ago. About it it was always spoken by mother and the grandmother. The girl was already almost adult, she was 17 years old, and she studied at university.

Most of all Girl liked to play a computer game - it was scary interesting. And to study at university it was absolutely uninteresting. Perhaps, it was even boring: everything was awfully boring and sad there.

Every day the Girl lifted a cover of the silvery laptop “Toshiba Satellite“ presented on birthday and so far there was a loading, the Girl turned into the computer Hero - the being is boundless powerful. The hero was the sixth level, had 50 lives, carried a chain armor, absolutely impenetrable for any weapon, and owned a fortune in 100 million liam. The girl already won with the Hero almost everything that it was possible to win, and won almost against all against whom it was possible to win.

Just at this time the loved brother Devochki suggested it to play the same game, but networks - with a great number of other players. Also the new concerning life began. In a network there was a huge number to the people, young and cheerful, days and nights sitting in front of the computers. Appearance of the girl in game did not remain unnoticed - asked it different questions, wanted to know who is she and from where and whether it is impossible to make friends with it …

the Girl established to

on “Toshibu“ ICQ and conducted evenings long conversations along with different players: sometimes them was two, three, and sometimes more. Hera Devochki was not really lucky - he was often killed, plundered even more often, and it was not possible to make him solid in any way and successful as happened in those days when the Girl played one.

From time to time noble strangers made to the Hero generous gifts - the weapon or sacks with money because strangers liked the Girl. But other strangers, not such noble came almost at once. They complained how difficult it is necessary them, asked to help, and sometimes just took away generous gifts of noble from the Hero. The girl was always upset, but evening chatter on ICQ steadily improved mood. Sometimes asked a phone number from Devochki to chat, or asked to put the microphone with the same purpose, but the Girl never agreed.

However one stranger nevertheless persuaded the Girl to deliver to

the microphone because he wanted to help it and to explain which - that about game, and on the microphone it is easier to make it, than after the expert - so he explained. Now in the evenings the Girl stirred on the microphone with the one whom she could not see.

It was brought well up by

, it had a voice always quiet, soft, and with it it was so pleasant and good that there was no wish to say goodbye. He lived in St. Petersburg and he was 20 years old. All this was so interesting, so new. He said that in the summer they together with the Girl will go to Spain, to have a rest at the sea. Still he said that the Girl - the miracle is simple, and he such did not meet. But once at the beginning of May he did not contact, and did not appear the whole three days. The girl waited, very patiently, but it was for some reason a little sad. For the fourth day he appeared, but chatted very little. Told that it is necessary to prepare for examinations. To the girl it became more sad, than was. Everything became gray and flat around.


was not week - such infinitely long week! There was no wish for anything at all - only to lie on a sofa, having curled up. Having appeared, it told that it is necessary to prepare for examinations even more diligent and therefore he will not be able long to speak. When it left a network, the Girl long sat and with concentration looked in the blue beautiful monitor of “Toshiby“, without seeing anything before herself.

in the Morning the Girl asked the beloved brother to remove with

from her laptop game together with the Hero and ICQ together in all inhabitants, and then went to the boring university. And when returned, laid down on a sofa, and infinitely long looked at a ceiling. On a sofa to the Girl her clever mother sat down. She took the girl for the handle the warm and kind hands, and told the Girl that those who have to leave and what to cling to those who leave leave us, trying to stop them, does not follow. And just it is necessary to live, enjoying the life. And still she told that those who leave make room for others.