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Ten years. What changed?

my children considerably changed This summer. To the girl - 10, to the boy - 11,5 years. The attitude towards parents - with ease leave parents from a breakfast till a lunch, from a lunch till a dinner. It concerns output pastime if there are no entertainments of type of movie theater. Everything that it is necessary for them - friends.

the Moments of tenderness and a zalezaniye on knees still are, but in the evening and when nobody sees. In the same time I am told what dreams can dream and what the child is afraid of.

of Emotion - the angry notes appeared. My son, for example, can be angry very much if he is hungry. Can be angry, can it is unceasing to laugh loudly. The long foot walk somehow normalizes it.

ironic remarks towards parents Still appeared - if to ignore, they amplify. I try to answer by the principle of soccer - a pass to you, grazed to me. I try to explain that a family - where support, but do not criticize.

Appearance - a dlinnonogost, a dlinnorukost, two - three nose spots. The girl coquets a little, smears lips with gloss, essentially does not wear a skirt, in my opinion, aspires to advertizing ideals. The boy will not put on for anything blue things, excitedly pumps up muscles dumbbells. At the same time love to sweet at peak.

the Computer - eh... tightens more and more deeply. Games, disks. We disconnected the Internet after on request for codes to games saw banners with beauties from the known websites. However, children try to drip on a brain that needs to be included. So far I get off with excuses because I cannot stay at home in working hours, and the grandmother is not aware of a computer absolutely.

the Help with the house - results of grandmother`s education, I am proud very much. The girl cleans two rooms at once, approximately every two weeks. When the grandmother was ill, did sandwiches and tea. The boy carries water at the dacha, puts firewood. Both quickly are able to bring order to disks and on tables.

of What I am not able - hardly I penetrate into fast emotional stories, especially on a computer. Did not learn to encourage without tendernesses and kisses. I study :). It is interesting how at others there takes place transition from elementary school to average?