Rus Articles Journal

The list of references, the 7th class

  1. Childhood is what each adult had.
    • A. Herzen. Past and thoughts (hl. I - V it is selective).
    • M. Panyol. Childhood of Marseille.
    • N. Sarrot. Childhood.
    • Anast. Tsvetaeva. Memoirs (head).
    • S. Bobrov. Boy (heads).
    • Ch. Dickens. Dombey and Son or David Kopperfild (heads).
    • A. Bitov. Pharmaceutical island. Such long childhood.
    • Anna Mass. Arbat lanes (story).
    • N. Dolinina. The story about the father.
    • B. Pasternak. Childhood Cringle (fragment).
  2. Ya and another.
    • Ch. Dickens. Oliver Twist.
    • A. Green. Scarlet sails.
    • Anne Frank. Diary.
    • V. Korolenko. Blind musician.
    • I. Turgenev. Unsociable person.
    • M. Sholokhov. Don stories.
    • O. Henry. Last leaf.
    • V. Tendryakov. Bread for a dog.
    • N. Teleshov. Mother.
    • A. Pushkin. Queen of spades. Poltava.
  3. Ya and world: feeling of participation.
    • A. Chekhov. Student.
    • K. Paustovsky. Meshchersky party.
    • V. Bykov. Kruglyansky Bridge.
    • B. Vasilyev. Tomorrow there was a war.
    • M. Sholokhov. Destiny of the person.
    • G. Bel. Where you were, Adam? (chapters) or Stories.
    • Ch. Aitmatov. Jamil or Pervy is a teacher.
    • N. Dumbadze. I see the sun.
  4. Eternal and coming.
    • I. Turgenev. First love.
    • A. Green. Voice and eye. Pillory.
    • V. Mayakovsky. I love.
    • S. Dovlatov. Ours (chapter 9).
    • Anna Mass. The happiest.
    • Yu. Cossacks. Blue and green.
    • E. Kazakevich. By the light of day.
    • V. Rasputin. Rudolfio.
    • V. Shukshin. Cranks. Cut off. Unscrupulous.
    • A. Vampilov. Farewell in June.
    • K. Paustovsky. Floods of the rivers.
    • A. Chekhov. The house with an attic.
  5. the
  6. Absurdity - it is ridiculous or sad?
    • F. Kafka. Transformation.
    • V. Mayakovsky. Bug.
    • V. Voynovich. Life and extraordinary adventures of the soldier Ivan Chonkin.
    • F. Iskander. Boas and rabbits.
  7. the
  8. Verses are thoughts in images.
    • M. Lomonosov, A. Pushkin, Century. Zhukovsky, M. Lermontov, F. Tyutchev, A. Fet, N. Nekrasov, Ya. Polonsky, A. Maykov, A. Blok, I. Annensky, A. Akhmatova, N. Gumilev, V. Khodasevich, O. Mandelstam, B. Pasternak, M. Svetlov, I. Brodsky.