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Summer walks of


the Summer promised to be unsuccessful. The efforts connected with moving fell on good weather, but as soon as life began to be adjusted, loaded rains. Heavenly rainfall never hindered to walks, but this time the multi-day drizzle from the gray bessolnechny sky caused in me melancholy. Splashed out the collected fatigue from adult problems and crucial decisions, disappointment on the broken trip to the country. The son was content with hour walk in a sandbox, considering that all exit to the street zamyslen for its visit - from last year`s travel, campaigns, trips at the sea there passed nearly a half of his life. But I knew that how more interesting and filled with impressions could be our existence.

Some sense of guilt, and even more - all-maternal desire of the best fate to the child was led to the fact that once I suggested the son to go to travel. Having divided stocks of provisions and spare clothes between our backpacks, we left an entrance. The direction was chosen simply - not on the left (to the subway), not to the right (to a playground), and directly. Unfortunately, did not come to my mind to keep the diary of the surprising finds and unexpected adventures which were permanently waiting us on the way to this the first and the subsequent, become regular, walks. In spite of the fact that routes of walks began to repeat over time, each of them gave something new. Invariable were only daily 3 - 4 hours on air passed on foot kilometers of roads and footpaths and the diverse trophies which the son by all means brought home.

Then forces and for cultural campaigns were: dolphinarium, zoo, oceanarium, amusement park.

in the middle of the summer, having calmed down and having reconciled to impossibility of visit of distant and near resorts, went to relatives to Moscow area. There we were met by the wood: real, with berries and mushrooms, abundance of trees and herbs, frogs and lizards, hills of ant hills, lakes and streamlets. For the city child of walk on such wood - the fairy tale where pictures from favourite books come to life, sound, smell. The son was admired by both edibility and variety of forest gifts: raspberry, bilberry, wild strawberry, stone bramble, mespilus, hare cabbage, pine smolka. We spent on peschano much time - clay coast of lakes though to get the son from oozy water and it became more difficult to attach to overland life each time.

I here, the summer came to an end. Touching memoirs, I found out what for a long time I did not have such long, eventful and surprises of vacation. As it is banal sounds - I began to look at the world other eyes. No, not eyes of the son, but also fixedly, attentively, waiting. If there are no miracles, I create them. And my pleasure - for pleasure of my child.


Often I use the Internet for search of new ideas and, frankly speaking, I am tired to get useful information among a set of unnecessary words. Therefore (invented and borrowed) decided to relieve the list of occupations on walk of excess descriptions and lyrical digressions. For brevity wanted to exclude all the known entertainments, but too difficult was a question “Known? Whether all?“ . So I provide the list full (everything that was remembered) and in advance I apologize for banalities and evidence.

That`s all our summer entertainments. In conclusion thought that It is necessary to tell a little and about the general approach to long walks. We gave a carriage when the son was one and a half years old. When to the son it was executed two - told him that I will not carry it any more on hands as he grew up. If now the child complains of fatigue - I suggest it to make a halt. If very much asks on handles - I take, but I stand still (I say that to go so hard) and the son quickly enough gets down from hands and runs further.

we with ourselves take

of Things much. Usually the son in the backpack bears molds for sand, cookies, a package (for purchases or use as a laying). In my backpack waterproof windbreakers on a rain case, additional clothes on a cold case (I dress the son easily), the spare panties and socks, water, fruit (cut by pieces I feed with them, holding a piece through cellophane), paper kerchiefs, hydrogen peroxide, a plaster. However, provident I am such not always though I understand that the considered collecting does us independent of weather and other conditions.

we Put on conveniently in such clothes in which it is possible to climb, dig everywhere in sand and the earth, to roll down from hills of any degree of rustiness, to lap in a pool. Actually, except for one festive suit, the son has all such clothes. Backpack too important detail of clothes (here and education of independence and responsibility and more difficult mechanisms of self-affirmation and self-esteem). A backpack at the son easy, capacious, with a fastener on a breast (as at the real tourist backpack).

If I was tired, badly I feel, is tortured by household chores or at sleepless night at the computer - without any sense of guilt I can refuse daily walk or creep out only in the next sandbox. Therefore all our travel are filled with the general pleasure, enthusiasm, mutual understanding and the solidarity saving from mine irritations, impatience and filial whims. And if something sometimes also goes not as it would be desirable - the saved-up positive experience of travel protects from negative generalizations. And every time I with a light heart and an anticipation of the unknown cross a threshold of the house and mentally I wish us: “Happy journey!“.