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As sweetie pie was born of

For a start I want to tell many thanks to the one who writes stories about childbirth. I re-read them much during pregnancy, and my reader`s experience helped me with some degree. I want to share also the!

Pregnancy at me the first, impressions a heap. Now they at me in the head in the form of a floret with nine lepestochka and the sun in the middle. The sun regretted me: toxicosis was only the first 2 months, and then the Sun only ironed and kicked me with rays, without causing big problems. However, in 17 weeks I was hospitalized with renal colic and learned that I have an urolithic illness which more about itself does not let know, fie - fie.

that the Sun was the daughter I learned

only in 32 weeks, and before she sat in a tummy, having crossed legs, showing nothing, hesitated, probably. And we with the husband for some reason wanted the sonny, but, having learned that there will be a daughter, were delighted and began to think out her a name.

the Planned date of childbirth at me was on February 9, I for some reason decided that I have to give rise earlier - on January 25, very much this number was pleasant to me. But neither on January 25, nor on February 9 I did not give rise. Came to inclusion in ZhK on February 13, the doctor looked at me, asked whether she pulls a stomach? No, I speak, there are no symptoms.

She decided that I urgently should lay down in maternity hospital supposedly terms draw in, in any day can give rise. And I in general in hospital did not want, thought, it is better to answer houses foolish calls, type:“ Did not give rise?. And when?. Give quicker“, etc., than in a ceiling to look on an inconvenient bed and to listen to shouts giving birth at night. But the husband of doctors at me always listens, and we went to a rodilka, having taken with ourselves two very heavy bags collected by me (as then it appeared, more than a half was not useful at all).

To my great happiness me was not accepted! If, speak, nothing hurts, pressure is normal, go home, time still is. Then I learned that one of maternity hospitals in the city was closed on a sink, and they just had no places. I, of course, was surprised, did not begin to insist though the direction from the doctor was, but my unwillingness to get to them got the best ahead of time.

I waited for

I till February 24. In two days we descended on ultrasonography, and all got that inquiries, all frightened that in 42 weeks already meconium at children comes out, and waters begin to spoil, and it is a lot more terrifying stories. I did not sustain and thought that if 23 I do not give rise, I will go itself “to be given“. But the doctor on ultrasonography calmed me, told that term was delivered to me incorrectly, and at that moment the fruit corresponded to 40 weeks.

And so, I woke up 24 - go at 5 in the morning, descended in a toilet, laid down and I feel, pulls strongly a stomach, and so never was. HURRAH!. Began! I consider time, it seems as in half an hour grabs. So waited to 7, saw off the husband for work and I consider everything. Such concern captured me, it seems and joyful that I will see the daughter soon, and in too time fear, fear, nervousness. Though there was such presentiment that something very light and good waits for me ahead.

When the interval between fights became 20 minutes, I called the sister, we decided to wait still. I wait … Oh! So painfully! Everything, I think, I cannot wait already any more. I call the husband, everything, I speak, precisely! Well we also decide to go to give birth.

I Come. Ulybochka at me on a face, everything does not abandon me uneasily - cheerful nervous trembling. Allow to fill some paper which, as always happens, sign without reading (not before reading). Gave a clothes set of a shirt up to a navel and a dressing gown without buttons, all colors of coffee with milk.

Enema! I thought, I will burst so far I will reach a toilet bowl, generally, I sit, I go bananas, at the same time my knees were at the level of ears since very low toilet bowl, and from people I was fenced off by the blind closing for some reason top, but not a bottom. In process, on a toilet bowl, I still managed to answer any questions about we wash health, the residence etc. as if other time was not.

Then all left, having left me in soul. And fights at me in general stopped, probably, for fear. When it was washed, ordered to go to viewing. Time already was 11 hours old, well, think, not for long, probably, remained to me (silly). The doctor, very young such, with a soft voice came. Her name is, as me, Anna Yurevna, I decided that it is a good sign. Began survey - I vzvyvat from pain on what the midwife speaks supposedly to give birth arrived, whether still will be. Doctor: “One finger“. What? I thought, at me there, at least 2 or 3, time passed much, but say to me that first labor and what to wait to me for also to wait.

Doctor: “The bubble is good, go on chamber, mass nipples“. I am surprised. And the midwife also speaks:“ Such not laziness was to collect bags (it them dragged it to prenatal) so and here be not lazy and listen to everything that is told“.

should tell

Now that I had an arrangement with the midwife from this maternity hospital that it will arrive to my childbirth. Only it turned out that it will not be able to arrive, and will call and will tell that ““. And only I limped to prenatal, I again in viewing am called, aha, probably, called!

Precisely, the doctor by lovelier voice says that I - that did not tell at once that the acquaintance, and gets the long spoke. Will pierce! Here, it turns out what my protection consists in!!! Waters were light and transparent, but them was a little, told that they will gradually leak and fights will amplify.

KTG Began to do

, and at me it is impossible to lie on one side in any way at all, and more painfully during fights, and feels sick. I - that did not eat in the morning anything, but the day before was on February 23, I at the holiday table also came off. On one of fights me threw up a yesterday`s holiday (then I was told most to clean up!) and the device was faulty and to me once again made, contrary to my complaints.

Reached so with fights in 5 minutes till 14 o`clock. The second survey - again one finger, is not present the end to my tortures! And again KTG, me again safely threw up, already bile, again the device stuffed, always in our country everything breaks! And as I it seems ““, I in service prenatal was defined. Or perhaps because so far I gave birth, in office more was nobody, and all attention was to me. And so in this chamber there was an audio system, it was possible to listen to classical music, even disks were, but I for some reason did not want to listen to anything. On a window sill the piece of paper with a prayer for women in labor lay, I on fights tried to esteem her, but it was impossible, just stupidly looked at letters.

Ya groaned all the time that I cannot any more, and called doctors, the midwife came and gave to me the whole lecture about mission of the woman and ordered to suffer! And so I also suffered, standing in Z pose on a bed. Then asked for a shower, the benefit I was one there, let. Everything heated a waist warm water - helped.

the Doctor still to me on fights by fingers helped to open a neck, too pleasant it is not enough. When the interval between fights became shorter, than fight, me suggested to try to be extinguished on a bed. I remembered all gained knowledge during pregnancy and tried. At - uukh! No, so will not go, it is wrong - say to me. The midwife examines my eye and says that if I make an effort so, all eyes will burst.

15 was “waited“ Even minutes and went to give birth! Hurrah! Hardly crawled, directly barefoot. At once to the people from where - that ran in rodzat: doctor, children`s doctor, two midwifes and two more doctors, and all over me. Attempts in comparison with fights seemed to me not such painful, only the feeling was that washing the priest will burst in half. Prompted to me as it is correct to make an effort and … Oh, miracle! There was a head, I felt it, and the daughter together with the head put out the handle, the showing fig! From - for it slightly got stuck, I on the last attempts even for a moment fainted, forces were not any more.

Regained consciousness - the doctor pulled hard on a stomach, and all shout: “Give, tuzhsya, to the child you will badly make!“ I collect all forces … At - uukh! I feel, something slipped out warm! In total! The daughter at once cried, and she was carried away to wash. Then it was still extinguished, and the placenta was born. I watched all this time up at lamps and around saw nothing. And here I look - the daughter is carried, a hair mokrenky, cheeks hang down. Put to me on a stomach, she zabarakhtatsya, began a uvula to lick a breast, I held with her hand, rejoiced that everything already ended.

the Following stage - darning. Yes, darning, in a different way you will not call it. Between legs the head of the midwife with a string of the long and a needle in hands, and it dexterously so it is active. Despite anesthesia, I feel everything and I shout that quicker. On what the midwife told me that she is not the sewing machine, and the living person! Obediently I am silent, I look at these lamps and I cannot believe in any way that I have a daughter now.

Then took out me to a corridor for 2 hours with a hot-water bottle. I ask to bring me my bags, all laugh and surprised that I imposed there. Got phone, and all two hours called and I was called. The happiest moment was on this wheelchair in a corridor when all congratulated me, and I with pleasure reported the weight, growth, a hair color. I thumbed through the telephone directory and called even not the not closest people, and everyone, so I wanted to share the pleasure. With the husband could not speak, and endlessly sobbed with happiness, and he, too confused some, me calmed all.

I Gave birth to Yanochka at 18 hours 10 minutes, the weight of 3800 g, height of 55 cm, 9/9 across Apgar. Now it grows on pleasure to parents, and we do not represent our family without this angel now. In dreams two more. God grant, dreams will come true!