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Homeopathic treatment of flu

Is possible differently belongs to flu. You for certain heard that uncured flu proceeds week, but at treatment it passes in 7 days. Someone perceives flu as serious and rather dangerous disease, someone - as an occasion to make a pause and week to sit at home, to have a rest from work and excess contacts. To someone flu - intrigues of a harmful virus what should resist all possible means, it is obvious to someone that flu no more, than a way of a certain unloading of an organism, having passed which, the person becomes freshen and it is healthier. Generally, it would be most correct not to be treated for flu at its rather not heavy current. However, many rather hard transfer it, besides, quite often flu proceeds rather hard, and sometimes passes into long forms. And here all - it is necessary to apply treatment. And the homeopathy can help with it.

are given by

the description of symptomatology of the fixed homeopathic remedies which are traditionally applied at treatment of flu or ORZ Below. The description of preparations is made on a number of classical sources and is traditional in homeopathy though rather unusual for the ignorant person. You can independently try to choose suitable medicine though it demands a certain observation and the analysis. (Homeopaths long study it). At independent treatment it is more reliable to apply the chosen preparation in 3 or in 6 potentialities (gelzeminum in 30), previously having parted in a glass of water, up to 2 - 3 throats for 1 time several times during the day. At approach of distinct improvement reception should be stopped, in the absence of effect within a day (in a sharp stage of an illness) further reception is, as a rule, inexpedient. Preparations can be got in homeopathic drugstores usually without recipe.

Alternative this, classical, to approach is treatment by homeopathic complex medicines which are formed, as a rule, on the old approved compoundings. You will be able to get these preparations in drugstores, information on them also is on the website. However, with long and severe forms of flu it will be possible to cope with the help of complex preparations not always as they are picked not individually up.

Neither those nor other medical approaches replace at all medical examination and supervision as your own conclusions about character and disease severity can be false.

Began with

of Akonit diseases - after stay on a cold draft, in dry cold weather.
Is appointed in a sharp stage of an acute disease, then other medicine is selected.
Suddenly, sharply and violently developed fever, is more often in the evening.
Alternation of fever and a fever, is more burdensome a fever stage, is followed by thirst, the fever waves goes on a body, amplifies at a dehiscence and the slightest movement.
Strong thirst of cold water in the period of heat - drinks it in large numbers, everything, except water it is represented bitter.
Originally cold sweat - ice cold of the person and hands.
Motive and mental concern, alarm, fear at any display of an illness up to, to fear to die.
Narrow pupils is more often.
Feeling of dryness and heat in eyes as if are filled up with sand.
Extreme redness of the face, sometimes one cheek red, the second pale, the person immediately turns pale at a prisazhivaniye, dizziness at a rising.
the Heavy grown dull head with swelling of vessels.
Goose-pimples, feeling of goosebumps and sleep.
the Heavy head, feeling that the head is broken off.
the Rough dry whistling cough with deterioration at night and close by midnight, the child grabs a throat.
Cough with constraint in a breast only in the period of heat.
the Intense, speeded up, jumping pulse.
the Child grabs handles a sore point.
Deterioration from rustles, music, in the warm room, in the evening and at night.
Improvement after a propotevaniye, in the fresh air.

the Belladonna
the Beginning of inflammatory process - suddenly, after washing of the head, a hairstyle of hair, overcooling, stay on draft, anger.
the Sharpening of the general sensitivity, sensitivity to a touch, noise, light, the movement, a headache from these vozbuzhdeniye.
High fever with possible spasms, nonsense, hallucinations, excitement, with insignificant intoxication.
Strong heat, hot skin, a rush of blood to the head, the hot flaring person - an inflammatory flush of cheeks, or alternation of redness and pallor.
Ice cold of hands and legs with a hothead.
Dryness of skin with a possible perspiration pleated.
Expansion of pupils.
the Dry short irritating tickling cough, is stronger at night.
Feeling of compression of a throat with feeling of a scratching, desire to sglatyvat constantly.
the Bulked-up almonds, with difficulty of swallowing of liquids.
of Pain tearing and pulsing in an external and middle ear, is more often at night, the child cries.
Deterioration from a touch, concussion, noise, draft, at the time of awakening, in afternoon hours.
Improvement from sublime position of the head.

Ferrum fosforikum
Initial stage of fever and inflammation.
Is effective at the anemic, weakened, easily getting tired subjects.
Heat with face reddening, then the person turns pale and reddens serially.
Red spots on one cheek.
Dryness of skin, then the plentiful night sweats which are not giving simplification.
Thirst, but drink does not give relief.
Is weakened a voice - cannot speak.
Strong exhaustion, can hardly move, desire to lay down.
Heat with perspiration of brushes.
the Fever with desire to stretch, often at 13 o`clock.
the Reddened inflamed eyes with intolerance of light and dacryagogue, feeling of sand under centuries.
the Pulsing headaches with a red face.
the Short, painful, tickling, abrupt, painful spastic cough with the pricking pains and a possible involuntary otkhozhdeniye of urine.
of the Sore throat amplify at the empty glotatelny movement.
Rheumatic right shoulder pains.
Deterioration - at night, from the movement, noise, concussion, the sweating termination, in the open air.
Improvement - at the slow movement.

of Brioniya
the Disease develops gradually, after overcooling, but not in the first day, several days of unsatisfactory health.
Originally a fever with dry cough and the pricking breast pains.
Dryness of all mucous, the dry cracked lips.
Burning thirst with desire to gulp cold water.
Extreme irritability on trifles, desire to be to one.
Weakness, nausea and faintness at a rising from a bed.
Seeks to lie on the sick party.
the Breaking-off frontal headaches.
the Dry abrupt painful cough at night forcing to sit down in beds, cough amplifies upon transition from cold to heat, with the pricking pains in any part of a body - holds a thorax at cough with hands.
the Complicated breath with deep sighs.
Dryness and a pricking in a throat when swallowing, with a scratching and feeling of squeezing.
Sour sweat at an insignificant tension.
Rheumatic pains.
Deterioration - from any movement, at a touch, at a corporal tension, from heat, in hot weather, in time and after food.
Improvement - when lying on the sick party, with a pressure, at rest, from cold drinks, in 21 hours

Rus toksikodendron
Development after stay on crude cold, blotting.
the Long current with recurrence of fever.
Extreme concern, rushes about in a bed.
Alarm, grief, despondency amplifies at night.
the Fever with feeling as though poured over it cold water or cold water flows on veins, a fever in separate parts of a body, desire to be warmed.
Desire to stretch at a fever.
the Movement are complicated and painful.
Difficulty of a concentration.
Perspiration at the minimum tension.
the Dry, hoarse breaking-off cough from a shchekotaniye in the top part of a breast, with smack of blood, amplifies at a fever and at a dehiscence even of one part of a body (a vysovyvaniya of hands from - under blankets).
Hoarseness from a voice overstrain.
Herpetic rashes at fever, on a lower lip or in a mouth circle.
Difficulty when swallowing firm food.
Constraint of a neck with tension and pain at the movement.
the Red triangle on a language tip, a raid in language on diagonal or on the one hand.
Desire of cold drink, cold milk.
Deterioration - from dampness, cold, draft, at a dehiscence of part of a body, at a tension, a start of motion, after midnight.
Improvement - from a hot bathtub, the long movement, a warm ukutyvaniye, a priderzhivaniye of painful part of a body, a pulling of extremities, in dry warm weather.

of Baptiziya
the Sudden rough beginning with very high temperature and sharp weakness.
Fever begins a fever and rheumatic pains more often at 11 o`clock in the morning.
the Abdominal form of flu with diarrhea.
Sharp weakness and prostration.
Indifference, wants to do nothing, being not able to concentrate, dullness and confusion of consciousness.
Fills up when talk to it or in the middle of own answer.
Crazy ideas - feeling that broke up to several pieces.
the Fetid not facilitating sweats, an unpleasant smell from a mouth, a zlovonnost of all allocations.
Flaring, is dark - a red face with the stupid absent expression.
Muscular pains, an ache in the field of a sacrum.
All places adjoining to a bed hurt and become covered by bruises, constantly changes the place in a bed.
Rastreskanny language.
of the Almond is dark - red swelled up, is dark - red all mucous.

Development after overcooling, a long current, recurrence for 4 - 5 day, weakness and fatigue.
Stupid osolovely look, amazed look.
Catalepsy, prostration with drowsiness, dullness, apathy, indifference.
Desire of loneliness, demands that he was left alone, does not want to talk.
Weight in centuries, cannot hold eyes open.
Muscular weakness and trembling, especially legs, language, hands, all body, cannot stand firmly on feet, needs support, is afraid of falling.
Insufficient coherence of reduction of muscles.
Weakness and muscular pain, especially backs.
the Headache, passes after an urination.
Feeling that heart stops with requirement to move to set it in motion.
the Fever along a backbone fast waves from a sacrum to a nape.
of Pain in all body, in joints, muscles, in the head, at the movement of eyes.
Deterioration - from the concerning news, a fright, heat, a summer heat.
Improvement - in the fresh air, at a plentiful urination.

Evpatorium perfoliatum
Fever with a fever, feeling of weakness, is followed by rigid dull long aches in muscles, joints and bones.
the Fever begins with a waist.
Groans at an ache.
Bitterness in a mouth, nausea, pains in a liver.
Is characteristic frequency of emergence of symptoms - each 2 weeks, each 3 - 4 day the strong thirst preceding a fever and nausea.
Hoarseness and cough with morbidity in a thorax, holds it hands, deterioration at night, simplification, being on all fours.
Headaches with morbidity of eyeballs, feeling of a metal helmet on the head, cracks in mouth corners.
Deterioration - from clothes pressure, from 7 to 9 o`clock in the morning, from a smell or a type of food, in the damp district, from close clothes.
Improvement - having bent elbows and knees, at the distracting conversations.

Kadmium sulfurikum
the Depression after the postponed flu.
Full sincere apathy in combination with an extreme breakdown.
Tests horror before loneliness and work.
Weakness and an unconscious state at a rising.
Ice cold in a body even at fire at fever.
Passionate desire to sip cold water.
Asthma at falling asleep, the patient is afraid to fill up.
Feeling of a sleep and crawling of goosebumps.
Deterioration - when bears something, from the slightest movement, when walking.
Improvement - at rest, at food.

of Nuks of a vomik
the Cold in the chest at supersensitive people.
Supersensitivity to rustle, light, smells, strong irritability.
After abuse of various remedies.
Temperature increase in the mornings with prevalence of a fever.
the Fever as soon as will be not covered, and
does not allow to cover itself. the Fever in the evening when laying in a bed in a breast and a back, at concealment appears feeling of heat - the patient reveals again.
the Body burns and flares, especially the person, but cannot reveal without feeling of a fever.
Sleeplessness after 3 till the morning, then wakes up in burdensome mood.
Sweat on one side of a body.
Cyanosis of nails and legs in a sharp stage.
the Nose is bunged up, especially at night, at the same time there can be liquid cold, allocations on the one hand, cruel sneezing in the afternoon.
Hoarseness with a scratching in a throat.
the Itch in Eustachian tubes.
the Pricking ear pain when swallowing.
Cough causes headaches and pains in a stomach.
back and extremities Pain at fever.
Deterioration - in the morning, from excitants, from cold, in dry weather.
Improvement - from a short dream if do not awake, in warm damp weather, from a warm ukutyvaniye of the head.

of Dulkamar
the Disease from sudden change of air temperature, from crude cold, stay in a cellar, in a crude bed, sitting on the crude earth, from freezing after overheating, from cooling of feet, in hot days and cold nights in the summer.
the Fever begins in a back, does not decrease from heat, amplifies by the evening, is followed by a desire on a chair and an urination.
the Inflammation of eyes at any cold.
a nose Congestion in wet cold weather.
Lumbar area and a sacrum freeze.
Burning thirst with desire of cold drinks.
Cough with easily departing phlegm and feeling of a shchekotaniye in a throat.
of Cold, arising in the summer, are followed by a diarrhea.