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The higher education in French of

In spite of the fact that France was visited already by hundreds of thousands of our compatriots, only one mention of this country causes invariable interest. And what to tell about an opportunity to get the French education!

France - the country of classical university education with all its pluses and minuses. Its main line - academism that means isolation from life and powerful theoretical preparation. Unlike the German, who, having graduated from higher education institution, will know all subtleties only of that question on which he specialized in the years of study, or the American ready though next day after the termination of college to rush on production to work there according to standard schemes, the French graduate can quote Hugo, is excellent own two - three languages and to have the judgment on prospects of development optics - the fiber industry in South Korea. Such extensive knowledge are given in the terms squeezed in the western measures - four - six years. That is on a saturation the French higher education concedes unless to Soviet.

Now about system of training. It is divided into three cycles, each of which comes to an end with obtaining the corresponding diploma. The first cycle lasts two years after which the student takes examination for obtaining the diploma about general (DEUG) or scientifically - technical (DEUST) education. Such preparation corresponds to the level of our secondary professional education and most of French does not suit (though on graduates with the diploma of DEUST there is a steady demand). Therefore the main part of pupils to seek to get on the second cycle lasting till three years. Upon termination of the first year of training the diploma of Licence is issued. A training result in the second cycle - receiving degree of Maitrise (master). Those who would like to connect the life with science pass to the third step which wreath is an obtaining the diploma about profound education (DEA). With it it is possible to come to doctoral studies where training lasts till four years.

How to choose higher education institution

At most of Russians the French education is associated with Paris. In principle, it is right - in the capital and in Or - - Frans studies to a quarter of the French students. However, unlike Russia, the prestige of the diploma is not attached at all to the place where the university is located. And the love of students to Paris is explained more likely by the wonderful atmosphere of this city. The universities located in Alsace, Aquitaine, Brittany, Provence, the Southern Pyrenees and in French Riviera are in great demand among French. It is possible to find many warnings that to get to these educational institutions too difficult in the Internet and you should not try even. Actually chances to enter to these university are not so low - annually here begin study to one thousand our compatriots. However the most real prospects of entering higher education institutions of Overni, Lorraine, Limuzena, Fransh - Conte, Normandy or on Corsica. However, for the last few years the competition considerably grew. Not the last role was played here by powerful financial injections from Paris thanks to which student`s life, and also quality of teaching is considerably improved.

It is natural, to enter to the French university , it is necessary to know French well. You will be able to avoid procedure of check of your knowledge, having only gained the diploma of DALF (Diplom Approfondi de Lanque Francaise). It is possible to pass such examination at offices of the French cultural center in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Saratov and other Russian cities. In the same place it is possible to obtain exhaustive information practically on all French higher education institutions.
the Most prestigious education in France is given to

not at universities, and at the higher schools (Grandes ecoles). The most known of them - Highest normal (Ecole Normale superieure), Highest agronomical (Ecole Nationale superieure agronomique), Highest commercial (Ecole des hautes etudes commerciales), Polytechnical (Ecole Polytechnique) and Central engineering (Ecole centrale des arts et manufactures) of school. And for graduates of Mountain school and Royal school of the bridge - and the dorogostroyeniye based in the 18th century managers of the leading world companies conduct the real hunting. But here it is really difficult to come to any of the higher schools to the foreigner.

How to arrive

needs to Prepare for receipt in the French higher education institution somewhere for a year and a half. In the cultural center it is possible to receive the order form on receipt. Having filled it, apply notarized the translation of the birth certificate, certificate or an extract from the record book. In the application specify two higher education institutions in a priority order - the first can not accept you.

Can try to go some other way: to enter into a direct correspondence to educational institutions. Some wealthy students personally come to France to file documents. Sometimes it works.

It is considered p that the strongest departments of history, law and German - at university of Strasbourg. Natural sciences and medicine - a subject of special pride of university in Montpellier. Do not pay on it special attention - in the same Montpellier there is a fine department of law which, besides, with hunting accepts students from Russia.

the Most unpredictable moment at receipt is recognition of your diploma or school-leaving certificate. Here everything depends on a selection committee of university to which you filed documents. Diplomas and certificates most often recognize, however, if they refused to you, then to ask about indulgence there is no sense.

Well and if all - send you the document on transfer, immediately send to

confirmation on its receiving and intention to study and start registration of the visa. For this purpose you will need to receive the certificate of existence of housing in France, and also the certificate of readiness of your guarantor - the natural or legal entity in France - to cover expenses on your stay. The last paper with success will be replaced by data on the bank account on which money has to be enough for student`s life (to $8 thousand a year).

it is necessary for

About a roof over the head too will take care beforehand. For this purpose it is possible to contact on the Internet hostels or hotels of that city where you plan to live and to explain them a situation.

How many the student spends in the first month of stay?
Rent of housing - to of 300 euros
Pledge for housing (depot de garantie) - of 600 euros (lump sum)
the Insurance of housing (assurance du logement) - of 60 euros (lump sum)
the Tax on housing (taxe de habitation) - of 30 euros
the Minimum charge for receipt in educational institution (frai dinscription) - of 134 euros (lump sum)
the Contribution for registration of social insurance (Affilation a la Securite sociale) - of 171 euros (lump sum)
the Health insurance (adhesion an une mutuelle sante) - near of 150 euros
Phone (local number), pledge for use - of 25 euros and near of 230 euros
Gas, electricity - of 31 euros
Food - of 170 euros
Transport - of 30 euros
Rest in the province - about of 50 euros to of 150 euros in the capital
Washing in a laundry - of 15 euros
Total: near of 1800 euros

Everyday life of the student

Having got to the French higher education institution, you should get used to difficult system of the modules obligatory (Unites de valeur) and facultative (Modules optionnels) coefficients. But the most important - to learn to register in time in examinations which unlike ours are carried out right after the termination of a course of lectures (even if it lasted six - ten class periods). By the way, examinations in France generally written are also estimated on a twenty-mark scale. Not to get confused, find “the orientation center“ of your university - it is specially created for the aid to foreign students.

Educational process in France is directed to

to education of assiduity and persistence. Not without reason at the French universities studying of the German or Russian languages with their cases and numerous grammatical rules is propagandized. Examinations in any subject are constructed so that for successful delivery it is necessary to attend all lectures, to learn that material which was given on occupations. Moreover, sitting at lectures, you for certain pay attention to a habit of the French students to beautifully make out abstracts, highlighting nearly each line with a separate ink color or markers. You want or not, but also you should get used to it.

Housing, work, money...

is not present

With student`s housing in France of problems. Traditional hostels will cost you 120 - 150 euros a month. The condition truth here Spartan - the room in 9 sq.m in which there is a case, a bed, a little table and a chair. Kitchen, shower and toilets, rooms for rest and occupations are on the floor. Therefore many prefer apartments of the hotel T1 and T1bis type which represent small apartments - 19 - 35 m of kV, with the combined bathroom and the minimum furniture. The truth and cost are much higher than them - from 240 to 320 euros a month.

Can remove also social housing: the three-room apartment where there can live the student`s married couple or two same-gender students. The cost of such housing reaches 750 euros.

Anyway, you remember - to you certain compensation of your expenses is put. The secretariat of higher education institution or the orientation center will supply you with all necessary information in this respect. Compensation (grant) can reach 600 euros. On average students of provincial universities spend up to 800 euros, capital - to 1500 euros (there is a sense to think and whether it is necessary to study you in Paris or in French riviera) that more grants are obvious. They compensate surplus by a salary. However, the foreign student can find to himself the place, having only disaccustomed in France over a year and after that he has the right only for 17,5 working hours a week. Of course, it is possible to work and not officially, but for it can turn out from the country. On average the foreign student can earn up to 600 euros that together with a grant will be enough not only for a daily bread. The most popular student`s professions - the waiter, the bartender, the night porter.

On materials of forums
Natalya K. (Moscow): Before arrival to Grenoble I successfully handed over DALF. However having got on occupations, I not just did not manage to write down, but also did not understand at all what the teacher speaks about. One was often heard, and the speech, actually, went about another. Fortunately, children - classmates gave the abstracts for couple of days.
Kirill P. (Novorossiysk): It was very difficult to get used that study in France is calculated on independent preparation. In the hostel there were many temptations and therefore abstracts and books were long not reached by hands. Began to be engaged only when understood that I will fail session.
Chris E. (the German student studying in France): At examinations the teacher carps at each word, demands to explain everything that it seems to it not clear. Examination can last till two o`clock. During a week there can be about three examinations. The highest ball which I received - 13.