Rus Articles Journal

List of references, 6th class

  1. World full of adventures. They - nearby!
    • Ballad Robin Hood.
    • the
    • R. - E. Rasp. Adventures of the baron Myunkhauzen.
    • V. Scott. Ivanhoe.
    • A. Dumas. Three musketeers.
    • L. Carroll. Alice in Wonderland.
    • M. Twain. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
    • R. Stephenson. Treasure island.
    • A. Green. 14 feet.
    • V. Katayev. The sail lonely grows white.
    • A. Gaidar. On count ruins.
    • A. Lindgren. Famous detective Kalle Blyumkvist.
    • A. Rybakov. Dirk.
    • D. Aldridge. Last inch.
    • L. Boussenard. The captain Sorvi - the head.
    • Zh. Vern. Children of the captain Grant.
  2. Not life, but fantasy! Whether it is possible to imagine it?
    • N. Zabolotsky. Adventures for children.
    • F. Rabelais. Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel.
    • J. London. Iron heel.
    • B. Zhitkov. Mechanic of “Salerno“.
    • M. Bulgakov. Fatal eggs.
    • A. Platonov. Descendants of the sun.
    • B. Nemtsov. Secret of two oceans.
    • R. Bradbury. Martian chronicles. Stories.
    • Pierre Boole. Planet of monkeys.
  3. the
  4. Crossword puzzle … from events. You will solve?
    • E. On. Murders in the Rue Morgue. The stolen letter.
    • U. Collins. Moonstone. (head)
    • the
    • A. Conan - Doyle. From notes about Sherlock Holmes. Land of the Lost.
    • A. Cristi. Poirot investigates.
    • D.Zh. H. Chase. Stories.
  5. What we in a book mirror?
    • J. Grinvud. Small oborvysh.
    • A. Kuprin. White poodle.
    • A. Chekhov. Children. Kashtanka
    • V. Korolenko. In bad society.
    • E. Kestner. Double Lotkhen.
    • A. Panteleev. Republic of ShKID.
    • Yu. Yakovlev. Stories.
    • V. Zheleznikov. Life and odd fellow`s adventures.
    • V. Rasputin. Mother left somewhere. We from Dimkaya (stories)
    • the
    • I. Vasilenko. Artemka in circus.
    • A. Lindgren. We from Byullerbyu.
  6. Be attentive, the person: nearby - an animal! Protect, help!
    • F. Zalten. Bemb.
    • D. Darrell. Way kenguryonka. Bafut`s hounds.
    • A. Tammsaare. Our young fox. (The translation from Estonian)
  1. Miracles is what happens or only dreams?
    • H. Gogol. Myrgorod. Evenings on the farm near Dykanka.
    • E. On. Falling of the house Asherov.
    • V. Korolenko. Shadows. Imagination.
    • V. Veresayev. Star.
    • A. Tolstoy. Ghoul.
    • F. Sologub. To the earth terrestrial. Light and shadows. Dream on stones. (Stories)
    • M. Maeterlinck. Bluebird of happiness.
    • Yu. Tynyanov. Second lieutenant Kizhi.
    • A. Chekhov. Terrible night.
  2. the
  3. World around - what it? Who will tell?
    • A. Pushkin. Belkin`s stories. Captain`s daughter. Dubrovsky.
    • the
    • G. Beecher - Stou. Uncle Tom`s hut.
    • M. Gorky. Ded Arkhip and Lenka.
    • M. Prishvin. Storeroom of the sun.
  4. , Why to people of the fairy tale.
    • T. Hoffman. Nutcracker.
    • V. Odoevsky. Fairy tales of the grandfather Irenaios.
    • O. Uald. The boy - a star.
    • J. Barry. Peter Penn.
    • P. Trevers. Mary Poppins.
    • M. Aime. Fairy tales of a cat of Murlyki.
    • Ya. Korchak. King Matiush.
    • A. Marshall. Whisper on wind.
    • A. Tolstoy. Little Mermaid.
    • F. Sologub. The country where the animal set in.
  5. the
  6. Person peers at himself.
    • V. Zheleznyakov. Effigy.
    • A. Platonov. Return. Multi-colored butterfly. Nikita.
    • A. Gaidar. Destiny of the drummer.
    • A. Pristavkin. The cloudlet gold spent the night.
    • L. Kassil. Early rising.
    • V. Oseeva. Vasek Trubachev and his companions.
  7. When the person smiles through tears and
    • Ya. Gashek cries through laughter … . Adventures of the gallant soldier Shveyk.
    • A. Chekhov. Death of the official. Thick and thin. Surgery. Horse surname.
    • Malefactors. Unter Prishibeyev. Failure. Contrabass and flute. And other stories.