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Cheaper only costing

As you consider whether it is possible to make a trip along a route Berlin - London - Rome - Paris, having spent slightly more than 80 euros for air tickets? You do not hurry to say that it is unreal. As it is correct to use services of the European budgetary carriers and to buy a plane ticket at the price of bus, the correspondent of “SP“ Ksenia Tatarnikova found out.

Budget airlines (or low cost) thought up

about 30 years ago for those who want to travel cheap but good. Their heads decided on experiment courageous for those times: they seriously reduced the range of the services and bonuses which are traditionally provided to passengers, having reduced thereby cost of flight and consequently, and ticket price.

Experiment turned out

unexpectedly successful. Beginners in the market of air transportation very quickly could win quite serious piece of passenger pie from grandees. Today in the European countries there are tens of low cost - airlines to which share about 40% of all passenger traffic fall.

And if to estimate a role of state employees only in tourist transportations, then their positions will be stronger: to 80% of travelers prefer to move across Europe, using cheap flights. As a result the interesting situation turns out. There, where low cost do not reach - the companies (for example, to Malta), tourism gradually decays. Travelers prefer to drive in the winter for the weekend for 25 - 30 euros from alpine skiing Salzburg to Barcelona, and from Innsbruck - to Amsterdam. It is simpler to reach, for example, from Warsaw to Rhodes, from Bratislava to Venice, from Leipzig to Athens in the summer, from Riga to Dublin, Manchester, Paris etc.

Looking at wide popularity of state employees, national carriers begin to follow an example of them and reduce ticket prices. And even bring to themselves budgetary “daughters“ - so Lufthansa had Germanwings, and at the Scandinavian SAS - Bluel.

In Russia with low cost - transportations today the situation is is not so iridescent as in the West. Officially two carriers which position themselves as low cost - the companies work for us. Both of them - German. Germania Express was the first in the summer of 2003, Germanwings came for it in 2005. They offer flights only from Moscow to the German cities: Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Munich. Soon in Russia there has to be one more low cost - a carrier - the Italian company WindJet which since the beginning of spring will perform flights from Vnukovo to Bologna. What is interesting, the prices of these airlines not budgetary: for the one way ticket it is necessary to give about $100.

Deficiency of cheap aviaoffers is explained by

simply. For successful work of low cost - a carrier it is necessary to have the directions with steadily high passenger traffic. Only if planes constantly work, carrying out in day on four - five flights, low prices can be “beaten off“. In Russia there are no so far such loaded routes.

“The matter is that in Russia of opportunities to save much less therefore they also do not hurry to us at discounters, - Oleg Panteleev, the leading expert of scientific research institute of economy of the aviation industry explains. - Traditionally foreign carriers pay for service at the airport more, than national. But in Europe a wide choice of the airports, remote from the cities, with low tariffs. In Moscow of the airports only three, and the prices for discounters approximately identical. It is impossible to forget also about distances.

In Europe budget airlines are able to afford one - two-hour flights for 20 - 30 euros. To fly from Moscow to Germany 3,5 - 4 hours for this money - means, to be ruined instantly“.


Costs of production


It is clear that “at the dinner price at restaurant“ all - should be paid for a freedom of movement unprecedented before. Discounters charge a fee first of all comfort. Having bought the ticket, the passenger automatically loses habitual pleasant ritual: on the plane nobody will offer a free breakfast, a lunch or a dinner to it (or will offer for additional money). Passengers, without wishing to remain hungry, take aboard food from airport fast - feet. As a result each new passenger has a risk to soil trousers about the remains of a breakfast of the previous guest: the salon on parking, to put it mildly, is not cleaned to gloss.

In general to take place with convenience it will not turn out: avikompaniya - state employees fly by the most economic planes, as a rule, it is Airbus A319 - 320 or Boeing 737 - 800. From traditional models they are distinguished by a number of features. In - the first, it concerns chairs: distances between them are minimum, but also, at them it is impossible to regulate a tilt angle of a back or it is convenient to arrange the head on a head restraint (it mostly in general is absent). In addition, - airlines you will not find in many low cost even blinds on windows: they are not put for economy reasons. For this reason to people of large build and high growth, and also that who badly transfers flights does not recommend to travel discounters, otherwise the road will turn for them into torture.

For the same economy budget airlines use not the central, but remote airports - there tariffs for service of planes less. Thus, the passenger still should reach most the city. One of striking examples - Ryanair. On the one hand, this company has most of all flights from all state employees and the lowest prices of tickets. With another, - having bought the ticket for flight to Frankfurt, you actually will appear at the airport the Khan in two hours` journey from the city. From the London Stensted (where the most part of state employees flies) to London, perhaps, it is necessary to pay for the bus approximately as much how many cost the air ticket (about 15 euros).

Approximately to imagine

how the airport to which you will be carried, and service by plane by which it is necessary to go looks, it is possible by means of the Internet. On the websites www. airlinequality. com and www. sleepinginaeroports. net the passengers who visited there to you exchange impressions and councils.

the Flights low cost - airlines are, as a rule, appointed to the most inconvenient time: early in the morning or late at night (in these hours there are significantly less expenses on airport service).


For economy introduce also restrictions on baggage. You will not be able to take with yourself in a trip more than 15 - 20 kilograms. At the same time often limit also quantity of articles of luggage: on one person - no more than two positions plus one place of hand luggage. It is necessary to pay for surplus: the sums for kilogram of overweight or an occasional seat of baggage will be comparable with ticket cost.

the Excess ticket

to the Traveler with low cost - airline to the person should remembering

that it will have no traditional classical receipt. The vast majority of the budgetary carriers use electronic tickets instead of paper. Statistically, e - ticket allows the company to reduce cost of transportation of each passenger approximately for 6 euros. By the way, for Russia the electronic ticket was a serious stumbling block. So far (according to the Tax code of the Russian Federation) the paper ticket is necessary as the written proof of the contract between the passenger and a carrier. Promise to make amendments to the law in March.

can Receive the electronic ticket in the majority of the companies only in one way: having used the Internet. Some carriers allow to reserve tickets in the special service centers or for phone, however it is worth remembering that services of operators should be paid separately: tariffs for the tickets issued “alive“ are on average 30 euros higher in comparison with the Internet - booking - so unostentatiously hint passengers that it is time to cease to buy tickets in the old manner. Especially as there is nothing difficult in procedure of the order and payment of the ticket through the Network. The convenient websites work for all budgetary air carriers: you gather the page address, you enter the place and dates of an arrival / departure and in several seconds you receive the list of the next flights. You choose from them suitable, you undergo booking procedure, you get payment confirmation and a number of registration (confirmation number). Having unpacked or having written down this number (sometimes it is called a code) on a separate leaf, before landing you declare it on a front desk of airline, and you show the international passport. The employee checks your data on the computer, and on their basis you receive a boarding pass.


that all budget airlines sell tickets on the tariff One Way (that is only one way). It is impossible to return them, it is possible to rebook in most cases, but for an additional penal fee in several tens euros.

Before beginning booking procedure, it is worth getting acquainted with all conditions stated on the website attentively. Whether it will be possible to change the ticket as a last resort? If yes, that in what terms and at what price? Whether your credit card is suitable for use? The majority of the companies accepts only Visa Classic and Eurocard/MasterCard Standard, and here Visa Electron or Master Maestro will not accept. Attentively you enter the data: nobody for you will recheck, and spelling errors of a surname can lead to refusal in transportation (irrevocably money).

The earlier you will begin with

search of suitable options, the more will save. In a month - another prior to flight the airline opens booking at the lowest rates, then the prices raise gradually and often are practically compared to the prices of traditional carriers, and in the end (before the flying away) if there are empty seats, fall again.

Before reserving tickets, it is worth analysing all suitable options. Perhaps, it will be possible to save if to fly to Berlin or London not directly on a national carrier, and with change, say, in Tallinn, Riga or Budapest. To find out what airlines fly along the planned route to the EU and the nearby countries and optimum it is possible to calculate low - cost - a trip on the websites www. flybudget. com and www. whichbudget. com. Successful flight!