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Tramps of the South. Part III

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the Rain

generally, palmed off any surprises on us and it is expensive, and the nature. It was necessary only to try that it to live in tents during a rain. And he did not keep itself waiting long.

To the middle of the second day in Cheerful the sky dragged on the low gray curling clouds, and began... The rain was proved seriously and for a long time. He calmed down, began to drum on tents again and again. At first we removed and again hung out the towels and bathing suits drying on the street, and then understood all uselessness of this invention and left them to be rinsed in the rain.

the Children sat down to play children`s and adult cards, and we undertook books. The impossibility to cook food became the biggest problem: you will not kindle a fire, you will not hide a gas oven from a rain.

By the evening when children already devoured a paper bag of cookies and was watched hungry eyes, men pulled on themselves raincoats and went to get food. They got it quickly, in cafe. Not to drag there children on a rain and dirt, brought them pilaf in a saucepan and chebureks directly in tent. The got hungry little girls right there attacked on pilaf, getting it spoons directly from a pan as if nothing in life is more tasty than a fir-tree. Having left them behind this fascinating occupation, adults, having pulled on itself everything that was warm (and there was it a little - on the South everything is went!) went to have supper to cafe...

the Rain went three days. But, it is necessary to tell that very quickly you get used also to a rain. For the second day all it does not seem such hopeless as in the first day and life returns to the habitual normal. It can seem strange, but life in tents during a rain has the indisputable delights.

So would sit where - nibud in the house, paid considerable money for housing and abused bad weather: you will not go to the beach, to go where - nibud to an incessant rain too not enough pleasure. And so you sit by the sea, you enjoy a cool, good wine and noise of waves, the whole day you bathe, even you walk on the neighboring mountains and a rain to all this not a hindrance at all. Beauty!

A what matchless and various landscapes is presented to you by the sky, the sea, mountains in cloudy weather! Unless in bright day you will take such wonderful pictures? There, here the site of the sky suddenly will brighten up and from - for clouds begins to look through the sun, and then on it the new cloud suddenly will run and everything will darken around, the sea will become rough, and again will begin to patter on tents and a canopy of a drop of a rain. The curved bear back will seem through a haze and a veil to Ai - Dag on the horizon, and again will disappear as if it is not there at all. And unless the painted rainbow over Guard - Both does not cost three rainy days?

one of nights the storm began

B. Whether from - for a side wind, whether from - for special the wave does not lap a relief of the tutoshny coast on it at the same time in all points. She begins the movement somewhere at the left, at Guard - Both and runs on the coast, taking all new and new pieces, and behind her another catches up, the third...

Having woken up at night, I thought in what business not at once. It seemed that on the coast there go from left to right one by one cars. The stereoeffect and strong a sound was so powerful. Storm and wind all amplified, and the proximity to the sea is a little scarecrow. And suddenly as water and will reach tents? But, having a little stood out and having pleased children with noisy waves, the sea gradually ceased.

the Most surprising, but from all numerous inhabitants of a camping, these cloudy days only we bathed and our children though water was not cold and air rather warm...

Children`s entertainments

Are not present

, it was impossible to call our rest boring. Especially children liked it. For them it was not even necessary to start any entertainments, they thought out them.

Malyshnya at once got acquainted with neighbour`s children, and at them was organized small “bandit point“. They built some structure from stones, is proud called by the house, and if did not bathe, saw off there almost all the time.

to All children both small, and big the competition on the best mosaic from stones was to the taste to

. And the usual water color paints and brushes brought from the house turned sea pebble into the real works of art.

A as our beach when malyshnya with concentration posopev the whole hour, painted with motley abracadabra and other rock painting a huge stone by the sea quickened! It is a pity only that the rain which expected to fall at night spoiled all drawings. And they remained only in photos and that not all.

also body colors Had by the way. The children ornamented each other ridiculous mugs. Here only at first they nearly fought from - for the one who whom will be...

But three days of a rain - difficult test for mobile and active children. And all games already bothered, and Sku does not want to read books. - at - at - chno, we want new game! All right, there will be to you a game.

I Took

a double writing-book leaf, designated start and the finish, and between them drew 60 circles with figures, having made a path. In the center of the game field - one more circle is, less, with 12 circles. In a circle - unforgettable bugs - earth-boring dung beetles. Further, along main game “way“, I drew simple, almost schematic, but recognizable drawings of our adventures.

Here start, two cars. Here a halt, the painted-over circle, we pass the course. Got stuck in a bay of Laspi further - we come back to two courses. Here Masha rides a dolphin - forward on 3 circles. And here Katya gets away from a jellyfish - forward even on 5 courses.

Yes, unfortunately, such case took place to be on Tarkhankuta. Having come up from water, Katya flew the person directly on feelers of a huge jellyfish - a kornerot. Skin reddened, lips swelled. But all these troubles quickly passed.

Is drawn further. Here Masha thrust dirty fingers into a mouth and ran on a strelochka on an internal circle, to bugs - earth-boring dung beetles. Now the player who got here will move a counter only on this circle, will not stop on other arrow returning it in game yet. And slightly further Polina picked up from the earth and ate a roll. If became on figure near this picture - too you go to a small internal circle. To be fair, it is necessary to tell that it was a pure invention. In all 17 days of “wild“ life none of us were ill anything.

When game was ready

, business became behind a cube. Of course, it was possible to take bones from a backgammon. But it would be a pity if children lost them. Then I stuck together a cube from a crumb of black bread and made a tochechka match on sides. Multi-colored stones acted as counters. Malyshnya was delighted. For several days this game - “hodilka“ was in favourites.

still we wanted suit to

A day of the Neptune and somehow it did not develop. But next time, I think, already nothing will prevent us...

Guard - Both

Probably, at each person are the place on the earth where he feels especially easily and comfortably. Such place for me was and there is a New World with all its fancy mountains, bays, grottoes, capes. And, probably, the proximity to the New World does the Kutlaksky bay such pleasant and attractive. Or perhaps it and in itself possesses powerful positive power.

Anyway, but this place was pleasant to me. And, certainly, the most remarkable here - Guard - Both, the mountain unique and mysterious. Here it is possible to go again and again, many times, and all the same you will not cease to admire this surprising natural creation... Here each step, each turn gives a new surprise: tremendous sea landscapes, the curved pines which settled down on rocky ledges, fancy gorges and stone ladders with huge steps. And the most remarkable ladder is a ladder from roots of trees on which you clamber on almost vertical wall...

the Valley of Hell and Paradise, the Ladder of Tauris, the Adam`s bed, a chair of Golitsyno - as excite imagination all these names. But the reality is even better, than imaginations. Already again I pass across these places, but precisely I know that I will come back again and again. As though by magic force pulls me that stone here that I picked up here six years ago, during the first walk on Guard - Both...

This mountain live, I know precisely. In the Crimea there is one more live mountain - Demerdzhi. But Guard - Both is something special...

we Climb the twirled stone ladder of Tauris, the cool envelops the excited bodies. Such greatness and rest blows from these ancient stone walls. Steps come to an end, but it is necessary to clamber further, up. It seems madness, but we precisely know that it is expensive exactly here. Therefore - that and is difficult to find the most beautiful places without conductor.

is higher than

- the narrow stone gorge twined an ivy. Adam`s bed. The name well-aimed, quite so, probably, also looks Paradise. From there is no wish to leave, but wait for even more fascinating types further.

we Rise above, and the next observation deck opens a panorama of all New World, such close and favourite. The long neck of a dragon - Kapchika crashes into blue of the sea, the Imperial beach with tiny figures of vacationers and toy katerka is clearly visible, the mountain Coba - Kaya from above too seems absolutely small, the handsome - the Falcon acts as the steep rock forward, and in the distance, through a haze illuminates the cape of Meganumber.

Greatness and rest - here what is it. There is no wish to leave from here, but the sun was already gone for mountains, and the way back in Cheerful still is necessary to us...

Good-bye, Guard - Both, “the sentry mountain“. Protect for us beauty and rest of this amazing place! And we here still by all means will return.

Ai - Foka

Life in tents has, perhaps, only one essential shortcoming: you will not leave tent unguarded. Therefore, it is difficult to descend or go all together somewhere. However, our neighbors quite often left for half a day, having sunk us “to look behind tents“. So, probably, and this problem not a problem.

But for the first time all of us - were rather afraid to leave to

our camp for a long time ownerless, and walked on vicinities of a bay in turn in different structures: we with the husband, friends, adults without children, a special campaign for adult little girls, and an individual route for a malyshna. Went both to mountains, and to wild beaches, and to stones to dive with a mask.

On Ai - Foka rose three times, this not tiresome and beautiful road among tiny fir-trees, junipers and a ring of cicadas so was pleasant. You climb up above and above, you go on a footpath along steep rocks, you admire hundreds of seagulls and cormorants in unapproachable bays and on stones in the sea. From here Guard - Both looks absolutely differently. Its outlines become similar to the head of a huge rhinoceros or dinosaur - the tritseratops who decided to get drunk salty sea water and and stiffened here forever...

A the footpath runs even above, and already from - for Guard - Both the top of the Falcon looks out, and it seems that to it absolutely no distance. The falcon rises above and above, but, actually we continue to climb up up. And at last behind the next rise the fascinating panorama suddenly opens: below, at legs lies Sea with its spacious kilometer beaches, and on the horizon, one by one mountains, the mountain, the mountain... And somewhere from - for clouds the sun looks out, and slanting strips of a rain somewhere are visible.

Tam is farther than

, behind the cape - Privetnoye, and further away, probably, the Fisherwoman, and those huge mountains - of course Alushta also finishes a panorama kind and cozy to Ai - Dag. Hi, old acquaintance! Long you stand, you enjoy a picture, you try to remember it, and even the most perfect camera or a chamber are not capable to give your feelings and emotions.

the Epilogue

In the last evening by the sea all long could not settle to sleep. You will fall asleep - and everything, there will be no these wonderful evenings more, there will be no these stars, the moon with its gold path, this warm sit-round gathering with friends, these evening bathings, this silent splash of waves... Or rather, of course, will be, but in a year.

In our camping it was usually very silent, the people went to bed early. Yes our neighbors will forgive us, but we just could not behave quietly that evening. We said goodbye to the sea, and those new feelings which were presented to us by “wild“ life, now forever will remain with us. That evening we behaved as children, and children laughed loudly and danced by the sea together with parents.

Then when fun abated, I sat at the line of a surf for a long time, listened to the sea and as the accumulator incorporated last straws of this surprising energy.

... And here we houses. Emotions burst forth, and it is incredibly difficult to enter a habitual mad rhythm of life. But photos are printed, the video movie is mounted, and, so it is possible to endure pleasant memories, to share them with friends, to analyze mistakes and defects and to dream, of course, of new travel. Still the best, even more saturated.

A Masha everything draws the sea. Draws pencils, paints and just ball pen: tent and their inhabitants, the car, shop where it was so fine run behind ice cream, cafe where in the evenings it was possible to spot very quietly incendiary oriental dances, the dancer in bracelets, the father on a mattress, a prickly sea ruff who made indelible impression, a tea and cormorants, hot Tatar flat cakes and of course, the sea, the sky, the sun... All smile, so all are happy...