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Tatyana Polyakova: ``To catch up and overtake Leonardo da Vinci!``

at the end of July the famous writer and the big skilled worker of adventurous detectives Tatyana Polyakova invited journalists on a visit - to the ancient city of Suzdal, a pearl of the Golden Ring.

“I live in Vladimir, I am patriot Vladimira... Respectively, I am a patriot of Suzdal, and too I consider it the city“ - is told by Tatyana with a smile .

Together with the writer we made a fascinating trip according to legendary Spaso - to Evfimiyev to the monastery where there is an action of her new book “Law of Seven“. And after long excursion all gathered in refectory Church of the Assumption of the monastery where in a cozy situation, behind a mead and a primordial Russian delicacy - pancakes, talked about the new book of Tatyana.

We specially made

so that you at first looked at everything, and then already talked that all of you were impressed with our beauty! - straight off there begins conversation madam Polyakova. She in excellent mood, jokes and with pleasure answers questions of journalists.

Tatyana, tell a little about how all - this plan was born - to write the similar book? You took some historical realities as a basis?

I belong to

Ya to category of authors who do not love ready stories. So it turned out also in this concrete case though Spaso - Evfimiyev the monastery provides a huge number of different stories - if not purely detective, then close to them. And for me all was important - to think up the plot. Therefore everything, as for some historical moments, - all this is my own imagination. I do not know whether you where will find daggers, especially seven... And the version which expresses in the book, probably, will seem improbable to historians. My task was thus to present events that purely theoretically they could be. From here both a certain brotherhood, and certain daggers, and other - other...


With a dagger, by the way, connected very curious history. About two years ago I was in Crete, came there into one antiquarian shop and saw a dagger - very interesting, with a crucifixion on the handle. The owner of this shop, probably, having seen that he we Russians, approached, the dagger from a show-window took out, shows me and speaks: “The Russian dagger“.

In Russian it did not tell

at all, and as I understood, he just wanted us to interest thus. And the weapon never impressed me. Having a little turned a dagger, I with gratitude returned it. Therefore when I very much wanted to place the detective story in these walls (I will remind, conversation happened in a monastery refectory - the correspondent) - it is natural, it was necessary to find some fascinating history. So this dagger came to my mind.

At first I planned that they will be four, by the number of evangelists, but then my library angel (smiles) brought me to one book. I esteemed and understood that the new detective will be not about a historical riddle, and all - about this law of seven which is taken out on a cover. That is - about search of people. About search of a certain promised land if you want which can be treated somehow.

In Sufism such concept is... When the person moves on the trajectory, in some points the deviation from it is possible: at best the person can return to sources, by the beginning of a way, at worst will bring him, God knows where. In search of God it is very easy to come to his contrast - to a devil. Actually about it the book - that the people seeking to save Russia slide before banal murder the person trying to find a solution of daggers, solves a real crime, and that which chases murderers - finds love. There is such peculiar history.

Tatyana and how you designate a genre of the new book? It is the historical detective story?

Is not present

, at all. It is the detective story at which there is a diary where it is about the events which were taking place literally several years prior to revolution. Also there is a certain sending at the time of Ivan the Terrible - these daggers. It is not the historical detective story. The main part of action occurs presently, and in spite of the fact that heroes try to solve a riddle of these daggers, actually they are busy with disclosure of real murder.

your relation to “Da Vinci Code“? You consider, it is the detective?

To the book at me very good attitude because I love riddles. But it is not the detective, of course. It is a historical riddle in which for a priming it was more interesting to read, there are certain murders. In principle, it was possible to do without them. Therefore for me all this is not the detective. And movie... I very much love Tom Hanks. But each person has take-off and falling... (laughs)

A what do you think of the fact that your “Law of seven“ is compared to Dan Brown`s book?

the person, Only very ignorant of literature, can find

similarity. I had a novel “Angel of New Generation“ with mystical background. And then came to nobody to mind to compare me to Dan Brown. Because by then its book did not appear at us yet! There is “a Three-copecks piece - Tolobas“ Boris Akunin, “the Rose Name“ of Humberto Eco and, sorry, even “Indiana Jones“ of Steven Spielberg. With the advent of the book “Da Vinci Code“ all fiction connected with religion and history begins to be compared inevitably to it. But personally I do not see any common ground. Besides I am capable to think out interesting plots and without “juggling“ by questions of Religion and Vera.

the diary of the great-great-grandfather of the heroine appears In the book. And you know the family tree?

Yes, somewhere just at the level of the great-great-grandfather, from the grandmother generally. It was from Popovskikh - these traditions at them somehow remained better and were more traced. As for mother, from her party it is harder and harder, her family belonged to the category of dispossessed. You understand, after 1929 all appeared in different places, and at first just it was not accepted to speak about that from where you not to acquire troubles. And then, naturally, it was simply forgotten. The grandmother had some memoirs, but to tell that I on this line know in some way a family, I, unfortunately, cannot...

my Grandfather died in the Great Patriotic War. Communication was interrupted, it had no relatives, and it is difficult to tell something, for example, about his grandfather. I think that it is very typical history - sharp break of communications and loss of roots of relatives after revolution. Here and in “The law of seven“ the nurse writes down Kostya Beloselsky under a surname Ivanov to hide his noble origin and to relieve it of troubles. That is, in principle, it is very banal history.


In the book describes rather difficult history - murder of the monk. It in principle could occur?

U me the friend - the elderly person is. He worked long time the pathologist, and the forensic scientist. We have adjacent interests - I write detective stories, and he is engaged in these detectives in real life. And he somehow told me absolutely remarkable phrase:“ What you would not invent what you a crime would not think up - give me five minutes, and I will remember and I will tell that it already was“.

History such thing. If not in this concrete monastery, then where - nibud something happened, probably. It is enough to notice that the same Philip who is mentioned also in my book by order of Ivan the Terrible was killed in the monastery.

simply I want to tell

Ya that murder in the book was committed not from personal revenge or some human motives. The purpose - that was good therefore also the relation at characters to it was perfect other. That is here few other accent. And as for Spassky monastery, it at me is a generalized character. Though of course, I meant this monastery - all this color, all this surroundings.

But not real events, here occurring.

the historian Is, and there is a writer. If I precisely followed any real facts, I would write historical work. And I write the detective story and I know - the fact that it is good in the book, for example, in the historical novel, does not suit for the detective at all. As if it did not sound, but the detective is almost always murder, investigation nobody crimes. Therefore if the person to any murder has a disgust quite clear to me, then it is not necessary to read detective stories. Because the detective just about it. I do not see other relation here.

Tatyana, you did not think of the screen version of the book? Perhaps, it would draw additional attention to your hometown?

When I wrote

the novel, I did not do a binding to any real places. At me in one novel the city of Vladimir is not called. Of course, it is possible to learn the places described by me and other, but purely theoretically it can occur in any provincial city. In “The law of seven“ I also did not pursue the purpose to specify that here - this monastery, here - these walls. And the city is not called. But if in some way after a publication of the book interest in Suzdal increases - it is very good. I will be glad if you arrive with the families and friends if you take a walk here and look how at us everything is healthy and remarkable.

What do you think of female novels?

, frankly speaking, female novels I do not read

Ya therefore I do not know how there. But, eventually, I am a woman too. Therefore, if I also wrote the female novel in some sort, then it, probably, is logical. Never arose a question: why there are a lot of men - detective writers in the world? But as soon as ladies detectives began to write, and a large number of ladies` names on covers appeared, there was a question: and why? And let`s understand at first why 250 years detectives wrote men. Perhaps art history was also created by them, but all great works were cast by women. Therefore I consider that our contribution to art absolutely unambiguous.

Tatyana, and you would like to picturize the new detective story and to write the scenario?

Ya, except for “A thin feature“, at all not delighted with what was removed according to my books.“ The thin feature“ quite suited me because did the comedy, and it turned out ridiculous. The comedy has to be ridiculous - it ridiculous, and questions are removed. Though there very far left from a plot and other... All the rest actively is not pleasant to me. I decided for myself that I will give very circumspectly the rights for the screen version from now on. If there is a good director who will make the worthy movie - I will be glad and happy.

As for a script writing... Actually I am not really carried away by this thought. In - the first, everything professionals, in this case - screenwriters have to do. And I all - not the screenwriter. And then I faced these things and I know that it is not single work - wrote, gave and remove. And depends personally on me not so much... And will depend on the director, on actors and, unfortunately, in very big degree from that how many money in the budget of the movie. Therefore it is better for me to go about the own business - to write books. What is the time to you it was required by

to p on collecting material for the book?

I cannot tell

Ya that collecting material happened in some concrete time frames. When the idea already appeared, everything saved up began to be summarized. I began to watch that it is required to me and that - no... Usually I write the novel 3 months. And this time. And in general, the most different thoughts wandered in my head long ago. For example, the same history with a certain brotherhood - of course, secret. You understand, all brotherhoods surely secret (smiles) .

Something was cast by my son and his children`s infinite questions. All children of the why-asker! The son is called Rodion that is generally connected with the fact that I am a great admirer of Fedor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky... But I somehow did not want that that the son correlated himself to Rodion Raskolnikov. When he asked me in honor of whom it was called, I always told him a story about Rodion which just is in the book “Law of Seven“. This story about the monk from Troitsk monastery who begins the Battle of Kulikovo with a duel with the best soldiers of a horde. And once my child made indelible impression on me. In church the father asks it:

- You as are called?

- Rodion.

- What name rare! In honor of whom called? You had a grandfather Rodion?

the Son also tells


- Is not present

! In honor of the Battle of Kulikovo!

after that I understood that the name of the son to much obliges me. We went to Monastery, saw the temple where Sergey of Radonezh blessed monks. As each child, Rodion began to set to me a huge number of questions. He spoke:

- Mother, and unless to monks it is possible to fight?

- It is impossible for

of course.

- And why then?.

here from these everyones “why“ my reflections and, perhaps, fabrications were born

I: “And what it there were these monks?“ Young healthy guys in the monastery? However to expose them against the best soldiers of a horde, professionals, - it is all the same what to expose against the football player of the national team who is well running and well playing, but the most ordinary guy. It is rather strange, agree. Means, all - there were professional soldiers and in the monastery. The monastery should be protected and if such time came - someone has to be engaged in it in a dashing time. Perhaps there was also no special brotherhood, but monks - soldiers existed - it is senseless to argue with it. Therefore it is possible to tell that the novel is written on a joint of reality, some possible events and my imagination...

Ya, you know, I will be as Leonardo da Vinci soon: that had a large number of notebooks with records too... I think that I already approach him. To catch up and overtake!

Tatyana, and the last question (laughs)

. Let`s say the events described in your novel really took place. You would like to be present at them as the witness or, say, the participant? You adventurer at heart?


interesting question... Purely theoretically - would like. But, I am afraid if I appeared there practically... that quickly would cease to want. You understand, one business - to dream of adventures, and another matter - a real adventure. I as the sane person, very well I realize what is the detective and that such real crime. In it the main reason for the fact that I never use real stories. Real murder is always someone`s grief, it is always someone`s tragedy... There is nothing of that kind that could promote pleasant reading, in the real murder. Therefore I had no real plots, no, and, I hope, will not be. Another matter - to play what is not present. It is healthy! I think, my adventurism will be such plan - an armchair, a tea with a limonchik and a good book.