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My happiness of

C of what our history began? Probably, from the fact that many years ago we expected a baby (very much waited), and then I was hospitalized, and he died. Perhaps, everyone in own way endures such things - I was in full horror... And all spoke: “You what, did not know what so happens?“ Yes, of course, knew, but never in the most dreadful dream could present what so happens to me! A tired vrachikha in hospital on all “why?!“ only waved a hand - that we know, we are only doctors.

Along with me my sister, my best friend, couple of girls at work waited for children... Generally, cheerful there was a company. Then at all at them children were born, and at us is not present... And I tried to be treated though any doctor did not find any problems neither at me, nor at the husband.

When my niece was born

, it was brought home (we lived all together), and all crowded around and sighed - gasped, and I thought - now I will die. Our child had to be born in a month, and it was not any more! And I do not even know, the boy it was or the girl. Nearly a month I could not approach Anechka, but then she became my dearest girl! I then often thought if we have the child, I, probably, will not be able to love him as to Ank! And in 4 years they went to the States, and one I sobbed as abnormal, at the station, and Anechka, my cat, perplexed smiling, wiped to me tears a mitten... We and now with it love very each other, but she is already very big girl.

At first after loss of the child we infinitely ran on doctors, but so nobody told anything certain, in Russia, later in America. Then bothered, and I solved: be that will be. Such I was an idiot, hoped, dreamed, persistently believed that everything will turn out, but undertook nothing. And years went...

When got to the States, doctors began again - all thought, here the medicine is better. And again - anything... And the husband spoke to me: “Stop to torment yourself, you want, let`s take small?“ And why I did not agree at once, against adoption I never had any prejudices... But once the next doctor told - throw all of you it, try in a different way (he, however, advised substitute mother), and it was a last straw.

It was in the summer of 2003. Then we waited for obtaining nationality - other ways to adopt from Russia at us was not. Estimated - left that we have to receive it in November, 2004, and counted on it. And suddenly the letter comes that our interview is appointed to the middle of May! Same for half a year earlier! “What to you difference earlier - later?“ - puzzly the husband of my sister in response to my enthusiastic cries shrugged shoulders. We at first told nothing to nobody about our plans.

On registration of all documents 6 months went to the USA. We thought at once that we will try to adopt from our city though we knew that independent adoptive parents do not favor there. But hoped that houses and walls help. A call to Russia - and us frankly “sent“ moreover hung up... When recovered, decided to begin all the same from there. And in November, 2004 my husband departed to Russia - the granny - told the watchwoman in guardianship what he from America, and to him is appointed - and him accepted!!! (Though there you will surprise nobody with Americans - it is the territory of one solid agency.)

our Documents took

, registered us, the husband came back home. And we began to wait and call to Russia. The answer was one - there are no suitable children! We had no special requirements - of 1 year to 3 - x, the boy - because knew that it is more boys, but would give the girl - would take the girl. (Our boy had a status since the beginning of 2003 - why it became suitable for us only in 4 months of our expectation in 2005 - me not to understand it.)

At last, at the end of February - the boy is! Two years, medicine, seemingly, standard...

We were told:

- Think if agree - come to look!

- And the photo?

- Any photos, it is not necessary!

We thought. Actually there was nothing to think there - to wait still there were no forces any more, everything it seems approaches. One was not pleasant to me - a name of the boy! By the way, answer to my question: “How call the child?“ - was:“ And what it matters? You what, you do not know that the name can be changed?“ But a name to me all - called... We consulted to a family and decided that we will change a name, and will call our son Ivan.

I Call

to Russia and I say that we agree to come to look it 2 - the hletny boy. And in reply suddenly: “And this boy is absent any more, he was taken away by his aunt!“ I just grew dumb - really again to wait and how many?! “But there is other boy, is more senior - 2. 5th years, very good, diagnoses same. You want?“ Actually I wanted is younger, 2 years - it was ideal as I thought, the option. But we already all the same - should go and take away rather who will be given! “We want!“

I again I got with the “unnecessary“ question: “And what is his name?“ Vanechka!!! Well how here not to believe that all this HAD TO happen to us, and all these years we waited for our boy.

I here we at 5 in the morning in our city - snowdrifts in my growth, and - 15 °. Through a couple of hours it became clear that all our documents which had to wait for us already ready are not signed by the translator and are not certified at the notary. And so were nervous, and here still such “pleasant“ surprise!

On Monday since morning rushed in guardianship. And there was what I most of all was afraid of! Showed us the photo, even not the photo, but a photocopy awful. The husband told at once: “Good boy!“ and the child was not PLEASANT to me! And I in general all life love all children, and here... And “missed a bit - did not miss a bit“, but it was not pleasant, and all. Then I found this photo on usinovite. ru, it there about half a year hung. I look at it now and I will not understand and what was not pleasant to me?

In 2 hours we were in one of the cities of area. All road I was killed - at last, here it and that is with me it is the kid was not pleasant! We were met by the confused teacher: “And there is no chief physician. That you want: to look at the child at first or to talk to the doctor?“ We became puzzled too... “Well, children have now dinner, go. But only mother“. Mother is I?!!

Before me open a door - there 2 round little tables, and masik, serious such sit at them, and eat with huge tablespoons. Their person 10 - 12 and only 2 or 3 girls. And the teacher speaks: “Here it, Vanechka...“ The kid sat to me half-turned and, having heard the name, at once stood, and having slightly inclined a head, shot at me dark glazishcha. At me at once tears welled up - it such tiny, touching - our sonny! And anything the general with that photo... The teacher began to bustle at once: “Go - go, now he will eat up, we will dress up him and we will bring“. And I look, Vanechka already quietly so removes a plateful.

Ya went to the hall, even I can tell the husband nothing, I sit and I think:“ Here now it will be given, and I will shed tears“, and I cannot keep in any way. After a while the woman (doctor) enters and leads Vanya by the hand. He saw us how he will begin to roar a bass and at a door. Here already I about the experiences forgot, it is rather to it cookies, a doggie - slezk at it dried at once. We played with it hour 4, he was afraid of the husband and our doctor, and began to trust me very quickly. At first approached and leaned a back against my knees, then went to me to hands, smiled, was only silent all the time. Several times went to a door, but we distracted it...

the Husband with the doctor left to smoke, and suddenly the kid as was changed - he began to run, jump, tell something quickly - quickly. In those photos that I made in these 10 minutes, a muzzle of that devilkin whom we have now, and on the others quiet such boy. Then Vanya collected toys and went to group carelessly. We ask the doctor: “What you will tell?“ And it:“ And it is necessary to tell something? In my opinion, everything is clear to you!“ Honestly, everything was clear!

Two days we ran

with registration of missing documents and got to Children`s home only on Thursday. I did not doubt that Vanya forgot us, well some 3 - 4 hours together and 2 days passed it... “Yes you that? He remembers everything, it as though other child!“ - the doctor met us. Honestly, Vanechka felt much more freely - smiled, stirred, even sat at the husband on a lap. And when in an hour the doctor came, to look how our affairs, Vankin jumped up and two handles pushed out her at a door!

When suited time to us to leave (we departed next day) as it was difficult - to leave and leave it there! And I do not know how it occurred, we yet even told nothing, only exchanged glances with the husband: “Time!“ and our boy already understood everything, seized me - eyes unfortunate!

Then were long 1,5 months of expectation of court which I spent in constant horror - very much was afraid that our boy will be seen and will taken away by the Russian citizens since have a priority before us - foreigners (though we and the Russian citizens too). And here, at last we fly again!!! To our arrival Vanya was brought from area and not for several days as we thought, and consider in 3 weeks. We very much worried how we it there, especially, when I called, me answered: “And what to it will become? Does not cry!“

Brought to us Vanechka, and it such blednenky, grown thin and silent - silent... It appeared at it - stomatitis. To us went - did not begin to cry and, to our surprise, was not afraid of the husband at all and clung to it more, than to me. In the evening all asked us: “Well as, he recognized you?“ That it was possible to answer?

stomatitis passed

A through couple of days, we were told:“ Children walk“. We approached an arbor, Vankin did not see us, and I called: “Vanyusha!“ It as will jump out of an arbor as will rush to us at full speed, the mug shines!!! Here - that we understood, as Vanya recognized us, and waited too!

Before court me terribly banged, but everything passed normally. Asked how we got to America?! Came to take away Vanya - and he, hurrying, pulled down from itself state clothes, and when we tried to measure an undershirt, sandalik before, did not want for anything... In the car fell asleep at me on hands, but in the house at relatives woke up and as though was there always! To ours to us 5 more days and 14 hour flight stayed at home...

In a year

there Passed year - very much and so a little... I still cannot believe completely that it is our son - such cool!!!, and on the other hand, apparently, what so was always, and Vankin always - always was with us, such he is our child - dearest, the most favourite!

When we received the American visa in Moscow, we had a lot of time between visit of the doctor and embassy, and we were brought to Poklonnaya Gora. The huge space made impression on me, and Vankin - he stretched handles and ran... Runs and laughs loudly, runs and laughs loudly, even chokes, and such happiness on an attractive face is written!!! As though the birdie from a cage was let out! Here also and with us - it seems to me, SO Vanechka wanted home, to mother with the father that he stretched handles and accepted us instantly.

As our boy for this year grew up! And so quickly it grows! Now it and the truth became - the boy (matik as he speaks), and was such bebik small... Volosiki were rigid - rigid and palms dry stuck out in different directions, the mouth was spontaneously bent aside. Everything exchanged - volosik silky, obedient, palms velvet, and all child of gladenkiya, rumyanenkiya, a skin silk, and there is a wish to kiss him infinitely... such tasty. I kiss it and I speak: “Am Vanyu!“ And it to me seriously so: “It is not necessary to Nan am, Nan should love!“


Ya that we take not a masik and passed much - the first teeth, the first steps, the first sounds. But when Vanechka we appeared, had so much the first - each new word which we from it heard, each gesture, each act - everything was the first! And yes proceeds - we make discoveries every day already more than a year!

of Game at us very malchikovy - cars, planes, the ships, cranes... He creates some inconceivable designs from everything listed above - connects all by strings, fastens with some sticks... Inventor!

A some animal gets out of soft toys still from time to time, appears that it is Nani (Vanin) the baby, is dragged with himself everywhere, put to bed, fed etc. Yesterday put to bed a macaque, covered with a blanket and speaks:“ I - Lyusya“ (Lyusya - the teacher in a garden). J

is Talked by Vankin now without a stop in Russian (a year ago told only separate words - “mother“, “father“, “house“, “give“... Development of the speech was for 1 year 6 months in 2 years 8 months). However, we do not utter many sounds and we distort words so far, but “R“ at us smartly sounds - “krrran“, “krrrab“, “krrrug“, and here “red“ - for some reason it is impossible - “kjyasny“.

Began to squeeze little by little the English words, it is absolutely unexpected for us, but always to the place. Recently got stuck in a stopper and suddenly the child who very much loves fast driving, began to cry out: “Go, father, go!“

the Father Vanechk very much loves

, they have man`s entertainments - battle blades as on swords, karate is arranged, in soccer drive... Adores the grandmother, and it is even more - the grandfather. With the grandfather rage so that you will begin to doubt to which of them 3 years. J But mother all the same out of competition always, and this morning the son embraced me and speaks: “I you very much Liouba!!!“

U me at work all, of course, knew that we brought Vanya from Russia, but many new people appeared now, and I do not explain to everyone as as. Therefore there is regularly such talk. One employee approaches and, looking on Vanina the photos hanging at me speaks: “The son so is similar to you“. ß: “Yes?“ She turns, considers me: “Well, maybe, eyes others - father`s, but the lower part of the person absolutely yours!“ Another approaches and too: “Oh, as to you it is similar!“ - “Yes? And many consider, on the father.“ She fixedly examines the husband`s photo:“ Yes, to both of you it is similar very much. And how it at you so turned out?“

Ha - ha and how it at us so turned out?!