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Mother by nature do not consider

for boasting, but it was fated to become mother to me by nature. My figure as if is stuck together from the Greek statues which have a small tummy that protected the kid and gave it warmly. Where the breast of the small size that to the kid it was cozy to be put to it, and a nipple exactly that form that the kid conveniently took it in a mouth.

my Sanka was born

At all these benefits in 8 months weighing 1950 g (doctors from something decided that I have a large fruit and put into a diet what my child could not take out because in advance it was accustomed to sweet - I ate it very much - much). While I dolezhivat in maternity hospital the put 5 days, Sasha was transferred to office for premature. And governed strict there: there is no milk - stay at home, but not with the child. Some mummies from fright begin “to give milk“, some extend from themselves on a drop. I can notice that children in these offices very cunning. They not only from a breast, from a bottle not always drink - give a catheter to them that all in a mouth itself flew.

my secret of successful feeding of the child was that (let doctors and mother did not recommend) I even before childbirth squeezed out colostrum, than stimulated the sharp pro-growth of milk, even at early, unplanned childbirth. I decanted the first milk in a bottle for the child (boringly, it is sometimes sick) that Sasha got acquainted with milk. But at the same time, when the child fell asleep during feeding, replaced a bottle with a breast. The benefit, doctors did not go to feedings and did not see these tricks:-).

I most important! I ate much - a lot of sweet. As a result my milk was VERY sweet, and it is the first priority taste for the child. Therefore Sasha with pleasure replaced a bottle with a breast. Also I can notice, the more you drink juice and eat sweet, the it is more than milk. I nekolko time experimented: you try to grow thin, you cease to eat sweet and nuts (too an effective way! but only from them children break wind much) - production of milk decreases at once.

still it is important for

A: encourage the child during feeding. It stimulates also a sosatelny reflex of the child, and promotes kind relationship of mother and child. Now Sasha is 4 months old, and she learned to smile after feeding to me, thereby speaking: “Thanks!“