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Money in a pipe

Russia had no relation To emergence of fireplaces. Our destiny - the Russian furnace. She both heated, and fed. And fireplaces per se for the first time appeared in crude and cold medieval castles of Western Europe where not only warmed high stone halls of kings, emperors and knights as it is considered to be, but also throughout centuries perfectly ventilated spacious rooms.

Well forgotten old

Now old times again in fashion. And now quite often in country houses arrange wood fireplaces, well, and in apartments where there is no opportunity to remove a chimney, establish gas or electric fireplaces. And, as well as in old times, this type of the center is not only a source of heat and ventilation, but also the esthetic center of a house interior. Nobody will object that supervision over a live flame of fire is an incomparable pleasure which originality magically bewitches, but also creates the atmosphere of the pacified mood.

However, the modern classics in a chimney attire has especially strict and laconic forms. Facing (portal) lost intricate lacy more filigree, and also a patten carving. And use of modern technologies and materials, such as glass - transparent, tinted or impressive - made border between classics and vanguard almost imperceptible.

Krom of a traditional arrangement of a fireplace the wall, had a weight and other options. Let`s say the transparent fireplaces dividing space. Such models are made by the Dutch firm Boley and the French company Arkiane. Or floor models in the form of the Egyptian pyramid, a pioneer fire which it is possible to arrange directly in the center of the room. Fireplaces as if the recovered pictures in a bagetny frame and even in the form of a street phone booth meet. In a word, for every taste.

to you to get warm or so, for appearance?

By the way, strictly heating function of such center faded into the background long ago. On the first place now - the solution of decorative and style forming tasks due to original technological developments. For example, there are models in which external lack of a vent pipe at first can nonplus. Only at more fixed studying it becomes clear that the vent pipe at a fireplace nevertheless is present. Just it is laid in a floor to a flue in a wall or behind it. Such designs give broad lands for creative work with space, allow to arrange floors with various height difference, a podium or steps.

of Advantage of wood fireplaces it is available: game of live fire, crackling of logs, romantic situation … What else is necessary for a cosiness? In general the wood fireplaces presented at the market are already ready designs from a fire chamber, a flue and facing (portal). However, the flue creates a certain problem. From - for it the wood fireplace cannot be established in city apartments (an exception only the top floors, and that not always can make). But in a country house such fireplace always by the way. Though, of course, with its acquisition and service everything is difficult.

First of all, the product price bites. Today the simplest models of wood fireplaces cost from thousands. If besides to pick up also original facing, the price can grow to 50 thousand. Other problem is connected with the fact that it is quite difficult to establish a wood fireplace in the room, without having spoiled already ready interior. Besides, it is necessary to consider a structure of ceiling overlappings and roofing rafters, the chimney flue has to be direct. Therefore it is desirable to select the space for the romantic center at a stage of construction of the house.

At last, the wood fireplace demands from the owner of a permanent care and care. It is necessary to delete ashes, to regularly clean a flue, to follow fire safety regulations, to prepare and to somewhere store firewood. And at the same time you should not expect thorough warming up of the room as when burning firewood in such fireplace in the room there are only 20% of heat, and other “good“ just goes broke. Perhaps therefore, according to specialists of the market of wood fireplaces, owners of houses use them not more often than 2 - 6 times a year.

the City option

Gas fireplaces is cheaper, safer, simpler than

in installation, and a thermolysis at them in comparison with the centers on firewood much more. The device supporting fire represents the usual atmospheric gas torch supplied with system of automatic control. The effect of live fire is reached by means of artificial firewood which is made of environmentally friendly nonflammable material which perfectly imitates the real firewood.

Such fireplaces are most convenient to

where there is a gas - in city apartments. The majority of models can even be connected to balloon gas. And, above all - such fireplaces do not demand special installation of a flue: it is enough to bring a pipe in the gas flue or directly to the street. Certainly, all works can be performed only with the permission of the organizations of gas economy. If everything is made correctly, then heating by means of a gas fireplace is convenient and safe. Statistically, owners of such fireplaces use them 100 - 150 times a year, that is all heating season.

Electric imitation

at the beginning of 80 - x years of last century inventors suggested the inhabitant “to heat“ a fireplace electricity. And from the very beginning the electric center externally almost did not differ from a historical prototype. Modern products have a temperature regulator which allows to maintain indoors the set temperature. Heart of such electrofireplace - a heating element. All the rest the delightful properties allowing (thanks to naturalistic scenery) to play performances in houses:“ Evening at a fireplace“.

Electric fireplaces have many pluses. All models provide advantages of the traditional heating device minus a smoke, ashes and sparks. For example, the effect of a live flame of fireplaces of Dimplex is so real that being a person unsophisticated, not at once will define that it no more than imitation. It is possible to establish an electrofireplace in any room. And without special design, the equipment of a flue and ventilation. And price quite available. In any case, electric models cost 4 - 5 times cheaper than wood fireplaces. And still they are simple in installation, are suitable for all types of rooms, have a good thermolysis, does not demand a stock of firewood and a kindling. One socket, however, with obligatory grounding suffices.

Councils of the stoker

is not recommended to open windows and doors during a kindling. Before ignition it is necessary to light a plait from paper and an open flame “to punch“ cold air on an entrance to a flue.

at the time of kindling of a fireplace dry chips the flame has to be open, 40 centimeters high. 15 minutes later begin to enclose small polenets of firewood in the form of “well“.

Approximately in one or one and a half hours after each fire chamber needs to rake up and throw out the cooled-down ashes and ashes. If not to do it, corrosion will eat metal, a stone and a brick.

Two times a year surely you clean a flue from soot, a soot and pitch which can become a cause of the fire.

it is better for p to Heat a fireplace a tree of deciduous breeds. Coniferous - shoot sparks. Use logs with a diameter less than 10 cm and do not fill a fire chamber more than on a quarter of volume.

I of course, do not leave for a long time the burning center unguarded.