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I very much wanted to nurse

Met New year. Any day expected appearance of our second daughter. And here, on January 5 this little man was born.


Ya well that more valuably than breast milk for the child nothing exists. Therefore when the baby the first time was brought on feeding, and she surely took a breast and began to suck actively, my pleasure was not a limit.

Relying on experience with the oldest daughter, I very much worried. The matter is that I have flat nipples, and in a case with the oldest daughter to me only on a maternity table when put her to a breast, told that it was necessary to do the corresponding gymnastics for nipples. I then was 18 years old, and I did not know about any prenatal preparation, and in consultation for some reason did not pay any attention to it.


of the Problem in maternity hospital Lera (oldest daughter) on feedings slept tight, and it was impossible to wake her, it was necessary to decant. When came back home, Lerochka stuck to a breast even for forty minutes, I by naivety rejoiced, it is the first every two weeks it took a breast. Here - that my tortures also began, nipples were all in cracks, it was impossible to feed, blood ran quicker, than milk, and each feeding was test.

Here that I wrote then in the diary:“ … Such impression that these wounds will never heal, one pass, others appear, and so, probably, indefinitely. It causes such pain that at the sight of her mouth at me the jimjams goes, and there is such fear that I hardly with it to a spravlyayusye. I need so much courage and time to put it a breast in a mouth that I do not know, probably, it would be easier for me if I was beaten …“

I here to us month. Lera was a lazy sosun, and we lost 500 g in weight. Were born 3200 g, and in a month weighed 2700. All children`s doctors gathered in an office, examined my breast and said that so it is impossible to feed, it is necessary to pass to mixes urgently. Then I, remember, long cried, but resolved that so far I have milk, I will feed decanted. Made super - small holes in nipples for small bottles and decanted about three months, healing the wounds in a breast and on a breast. And then I was closed in the room and that nobody knew (was afraid that will maleficiate) gave Lerochke a breast. And it took, and gradually we from a bottle completely passed to a breast. I fed Lera about 10 months while there was a milk.

Here before me the little man who a few hours ago was born lies at a breast and actively sucks what this happiness!!!

For the third day there were cracks, the doctor, the first time appeared on round for these days (New Year`s vacation, probably, was), flew by as a hurricane and muttered to me:“ Incorrectly you give a breast“. But I - that know the reason: nipples are flat, skin on nipples gentle, especially where they are hidden. And, freankly speaking, quite often I was lazy to do gymnastics for nipples, considering that time I brought up the first daughter, the second time of big problems will not be.

Having come home from maternity hospital, from one breast I decanted and fed from a small bottle, and gave another. In several days and on the second breast there were cracks, it was necessary to decant from both. In the house a large amount of wound healing creams and ointments appeared, I smeared one, other means, I wanted be healed all wounds quicker, and I managed it. But as soon as I gave a breast, was made a fresh start.

Ya began to lose courage, from the husband the help special was not (now I understand, too then it was hard for it, and he did not know how to behave, and did not understand, than it can help). And here still unclear consolidation in the right breast. I re-read a lot of information on this occasion, self-medicated. When understood that do not cope, saw a doctor.

the Gynecologist made to

the diagnosis “mastitis“, wrote out antibiotics and sent to the surgeon. The surgeon in policlinic, without looking at me, expressed as he was bothered by these gynecologists with the mastitis, and suggested to continue the begun treatment, will not work yet. In two days to me it became worse, and I went for ultrasonography of a mammary gland. From there straight on the operating table.

in the Evening I took away

home, the baby spent the whole day with the grandmother, the husband was in business trip. Awful days began, I also could not think that with the second child can be even worse, than with the first. Every day of bandaging the bandage was applied huge so a milk pump it was impossible to decant, it was necessary to do it by hands. The breast hurt extremely, I did not know where precisely there was a section and where it is possible to press to decant milk and where it is impossible.

the Baby was transferred to mix as to me pricked antibiotics. I could not is, to drink, grew thin directly in the eyes, was decanted only twice a day since it was very sick, the amount of milk considerably decreased. Thought that I will not nurse any more though very much wanted it. And all - pain passed, antibiotics ended, and milk still remained.

decided to try to begin

Ya all over again. Carefully, at first for several minutes not to damage pacifiers which already began to live by this time I put the daughter to a breast, and she did not refuse. But there was not enough milk, and it was necessary to finish feeding mix. The daughter quickly got to the core of it and each time took a breast not and not more willingly, waited for a small bottle, especially on night feeding.

forced itself to eat and drink

Ya as much as possible, Laktogon accepted and drank tea of Laktovit, and milk gradually began to arrive. We overcame a small bottle too, just I ceased to finish feeding the baby. The first three days it was especially heavy, appear, what so will be always, the child sucked through everyone half an hour, we literally grew together with each other. By the evening both of us fairly were tired of such mode, and I for the present continued to feed for the night the baby with mix.

Gradually time break increased and in 10 days we were fed in 2,5 - 3 hours, and evening feeding was replaced with a breast though it was very difficult. After bathing the daughter in any did not want to take a breast. But one night she, probably, was very tired, took a breast and fell asleep near it. Since then we without small bottles.

Now to my daughter 7 months, it has already two teeth, she with might and main creeps, sits, and today the first time got up itself on legs. I still nurse it, actually, it is its main diet, I give it fruit and only a week ago we began to try a squash.

Dear mummies, all in your hands! Do not lose hope and be patient. Happiness, health to you and your children.