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About a situation with adoption of

Once on TV discussed the answer of one woman: “Yes, children are flowers, but let blossom on others window sill“. The leader then stopped a heat of indignant and told that such person simply does not need to have children. And from healers heard the phrase:“ Children - a karmic duty not of each woman“.

If the child to parents is not necessary to

, is useless to appeal to conscience, to demand the alimony etc. On the contrary, it is better to give the chance it is not criminal to hand over children, whether after the birth, whether then at once. It is much better to give children, than to kill, not to feed, torment, allow the stepfather to force etc.

needs to adopt the law that BY DEFAULT the parents who left children in orphanage and did not give about themselves information which is not promising to take away children in the concrete terms which are not visiting them lost the parental rights. And that to them it was not told where the child was adopted if only the child not rather big to remember and wait for the parents. Now for parents run to be refused from the child and the right for adoption, and it is necessary on the contrary that the parents who left the child in orphanage worried whether the parental rights will remain at them.

I with adoption needs to simplify a situation when the child is wanted to be taken directly from maternity hospital. Well and let nedoobsledovanny! Even if to will return the sick child in 8 - 15 months, his development will be better if spends the first months of life of people in a family, but not in a hospital bed. And that was till 2 - 3 years, then is quickly forgotten.

As for adoption of sick children. It is difficult to wait from people whose life is heavy and it is not arranged, readiness to connect itself by obviously problem children. One business - the unemployed wife of the man of means in the West who wants to pour out on someone unspent heat of the soul. Another - the woman living for a salary, if without special material problems, then about need of daily fight for the existence. In this case even the paid bulletins and trips to free clinics often lead to work loss with all that it implies, to problems at work precisely. And after disorder of the Union the attitude towards mummies at work strongly worsened.

One my acquaintance told that she wanted to have the second child until the first grew to a kindergarten. And daily reveilles with tears overpersuaded to bring the second. About rudeness in policlinics, schools I do not speak any more. It is necessary that as in Germany, there were many kindergartens, it was possible to bring the child there not necessarily since early morning, and to have also other groups where the child can carry out part of day and, perhaps, not every day if mother works respectively.


Need the laws protecting mother with children, good and different. It is necessary that the birth of the child did not remove a family abroad of poverty that in the absence of the minimum living wage paid that minimum at least on the child as adopted, and own.

That grants for a rent were not according to Chubais, after the hungry period of life with references at the most inappropriate moment (before New year when the mouth, and accounts departments at work too not to references, and in the summer, in the middle of holidays is already full of cares). And automatically, according to information on a salary which have the centers charging a rent including for presentation of references about got paid for last period backdating. The centers of grants devouring 1/6 money (according to deputies) need to be closed and to transfer functions to those who charge a rent.

of the Problem of adoption and the number of children in families are inseparably linked with the general standard of living of the population. Moving in job searches, household disorder, uncertainty in tomorrow do not promote desire to have children.