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Risk island. The erosion of a neck of a uterus of

the woman can learn About existence of an erosion of a neck of a uterus both before pregnancy, and right after childbirth. Anyway, it is necessary to take care of treatment of this disease in due time, the erosion can become the reason of very serious problems.

At the healthy woman the vaginal part of a neck of a uterus is covered with a flat multilayered epithelium, and the tservikalny channel of a neck of a uterus is covered with a cylindrical epithelium. Normal transition of one epithelium to another is in a zone of an external opening of the channel of a neck of a uterus, and their border is not visible at gynecologic inspection.

the Term “erosion“ is widely used by

in practical life and literature for designation of pathological process on vaginal part of a neck of a uterus which is characterized by replacement of a multilayered flat epithelium with cylindrical. It expands from the tservikalny channel on vaginal part of a neck of a uterus.

the True erosion is the site of a neck of a uterus which is not covered with an epithelium at all. Such state lasts no more than 1 - 2 weeks and passes into the following stage of a disease - a pseudo-erosion which is observed at 10 - 15% of the women seeing a doctor.


of Psevdoeroziya it is formed owing to further development of pathological process on the basis of a true erosion. At the same time cylindrical cells of an erosion of a neck of a uterus become covered by a flat multilayered epithelium from nearby fabrics and turn into so-called nabotovy cysts (a zarashcheniye of an output channel of glands of a neck of a uterus).

Why after the delivery the erosion often develops?

to the Woman recommend to visit the doctor in 7 - 10 days after an extract from maternity hospital, in the presence of postnatal allocations each 2 hours to change hygienic laying and not to lead sex life within 6 - 8 weeks for an exception of inflammatory process as the placentary platform in a cavity of a uterus remains not zazhivlenny and can serve as “entrance gate“ for infections. The violation of the rules of hygiene can lead to inflammatory process not only in a uterus, but also on her neck.

the Reason of developing of an erosion of a neck of a uterus, first of all. In the presence of an inflammation of women allocations from a vagina disturb. Their character depends on the inflammation activator: they are purulent, dairy color, curdled character, foamy to a smell of “rotten fish“ and slizisto - bloody. Inflammatory process in a vagina changes acidity of the top third of a vagina with alkaline on sour, thereby promoting growth of a cylindrical multilayered epithelium from the tservikalny channel on vaginal part of a neck of a uterus.

After the complicated childbirth (childbirth with ruptures of a vagina or neck of a uterus, Cesarean section, etc.) decrease in local immunity joins the existing immunodeficiency (in a cavity of a uterus and a vagina). Such immunodeficiency promotes an aggravation of chronic inflammatory process of female genitals. At the same time there can be an activation not only pathological microflora of a vagina, but also conditionally pathogenic microflora (these are microorganisms which at a normal state of immunity do not show the pathological impact on the woman`s organism, but at an immunodeficiency cause inflammatory reaction) that raises a possibility of inflammatory processes.

Other reason. These changes also promote growth of a cylindrical epithelium and developing of an erosion of a neck of a uterus.

is the Following reason of pathology of a neck of a uterus ektropion (vyvorot a mucous membrane of the tservikalny channel). This disease arises from - for wrong an ushivaniye of ruptures of a neck of a uterus or the wrong comparison of edges of a neck of a uterus. The divergence of the seams imposed on a uterus neck also is the reason of an ektropion. Its treatment consists in surgical restoration of integrity of a neck of a uterus in 6 - 8 weeks after the delivery. whether

the erosion Can avoid
? Prevention of an erosion of a neck of a uterus should carry out
to pregnancy approach. It will consist in identification and treatment of infections, sexually transmitted (use of condoms at sex life, the early address to the doctor at emergence of plentiful allocations from a vagina), immunity maintenance (regular trainings physical culture and sport) and regular visit of the gynecologist (if the kolposkopiya is carried out, it is enough to visit the doctor once a year and if it is not carried out - 2 times a year).

Diagnosis of an erosion of a neck of a uterus

At survey in mirrors the doctor will see on a uterus neck brightly - a red erozirovanny surface of the wrong, slightly oval form which settles down around an external pharynx or on a back lip (is more rare - a forward lip) uterus necks. Therefore each woman has to pass regularly routine inspections at the gynecologist. At an erosion after gynecologic survey there can be bloody poor allocations from a vagina which independently take place.


At suspicion on an erosion surely carry out a kolposkopiya - simple and expanded.

the Simple kolposkopiya is a survey survey of a neck of a uterus kolposkopy (the special device). When carrying out this procedure the woman lies on a usual gynecologic chair, and the doctor enters into a vagina gynecologic mirrors, then kolposkop - some kind of microscope with increase by 20 - 40 times on a big mobile support. The doctor brings kolposkop to area of a vulva also watches in him that he allows to study a uterus neck structure. This procedure is absolutely painless.

the Expanded kolposkopiya is a survey of a neck of a uterus at first after processing by 3% solution of acetic acid which causes an angiospasm and strengthens a pathological picture. Then the neck of a uterus is processed Lugol solution. At an erosion and other diseases the neck of a uterus will not be painted in darkly - brown color, and will remain light.

the Woman at suspicion on an erosion should hand over to

dab from a vagina on degree of purity of a vagina (for the identification of degree of an inflammation and activators which caused an inflammation) and dab on an onkotsitologiya (for an exception of oncological diseases of a neck of a uterus). Also carry out bacteriological crops or the analysis separated for carrying out the polimerazny chain reaction (PCR) for detection of infections, sexually transmitted, and nonspecific infections (stafilokokk, streptococci etc.) with determination of their sensitivity to antibiotics. It is possible to start treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus in 2 months after the delivery as the woman`s organism is already relatively restored by this time.


Treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus

Treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus is carried out after treatment of inflammatory process of female genitals and after consultation and treatment of the spouse of the woman at the andrologist - for elimination at it of infections and for prevention of repeated infection of the woman. Otherwise treatment of an erosion can be ineffectual, with formation of cicatricial changes on a uterus neck. Treatment of inflammatory process is carried out depending on the activator and its sensitivity to antibiotics. In the absence of sensitivity appoint reserve antibiotics (more powerful antibiotics which are not used in usual practice) or an ozonoterapiya (treatment by the ozonized physiological solution which is entered intravenously kapelno, or tampons with the ozonized oil vaginalno). Also carry out immunocorrective therapy (for immunity restoration to the woman appoint VIFERON 2, VIFERON Z).

it is necessary for

After a course of treatment during three times after periods on 5 - 6 - y day to hand over control bacteriological crops on the allocated activators after the combined provocation (purpose of medicinal substances for an aggravation of inflammatory process, greasing of an urethra, uterus neck 3% solution of nitrate of silver, application of a gonovaktsina). Provocation is carried out in order that in case of existence even of a small amount of the activator it became more active that would allow to cure it and to achieve an absolute recovery.

the uterus neck biopsy is necessary for

After the inspection described above. So capture of a piece of fabric on border of pathological and healthy fabric for histologic research - studying of cells of fabrics at big increase, for an exception of malignant diseases is called. It is desirable to make this test after periods or in 7 - 10 days prior to its approach, for prevention of endometriosis of a neck of a uterus 1 . It is possible to hand over a biopsy during a laktatsionny amenorea (lack of periods during feeding). The result of histologic research is usually ready on 4 - 10 - y day. Only after this analysis the doctor can start treatment of an erosion or other disease of a neck of a uterus.
Endometriosis is a disease at which endometriya (an inside layer of a uterus) settles down in places, atypical for it (on a uterus neck, in a vagina, on genitalia, on a peritoneum and other bodies). If during periods on a neck there is a fresh wound, then on it can “lodge“ endometriya.

the Choice of a method of treatment of an erosion depends on result of a biopsy, presence of the corresponding skills at the doctor and equipment of clinic the equipment. Treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus it is better to spend on 5 - 7 - y day after the next periods.

by the Most effective and safe method of treatment of an erosion laser radiation is considered as it allows to regulate the power and depth of penetration, at the same time sending a beam strictly to border of healthy and sick fabric, leaving healthy fabric untouched. At this method there is an evaporation of pathological cages, and there is no hem left.

of Kriodestruktion of a neck of a uterus is a freezing by liquid nitrogen (at a temperature - 196 ° C) by means of the special cryoapplicator. At the same time there is a freezing of cells of a neck of a uterus to formation of a scab (the scab is similar to a white site of skin after frostbite) with partial capture of healthy fabric.

of Diatermokoagulyation of a neck of a uterus is a cauterization by high-frequency current. After a diatermokoagulyation on a neck of a uterus the postoperative hem is formed. It independently resolves in 10 - 14 days.

also apply To treatment of an erosion treatment by chemical preparations (SOLKOVAGIN, VAGOTIL). This cauterization of a neck of a uterus - the most sparing procedure as chemicals get into fabric superficially. It is used for treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus at not giving birth women, and also at uncomprehensive erosion.

All methods of treatment of an erosion are painless

as the neck of a uterus has no pain receptors. The unpleasant feelings connected with treatment often happen at emotionally labile patients. After consultation of the doctor before operation on desire of the woman carry out preparation by tranquilizers (FENAZEPAM, SEBAZON, RELANIUM, etc.) and not narcotic analgetics (ORTOFEN, KETANAL, etc.) .

After procedure the woman, as a rule, within 2 hours is under supervision of the doctor. It is necessary in due time to give help at emergence of complications - bleedings, lowering of arterial pressure, dizziness. On the place of treatment the scab which is independently torn away at each woman in 14 - 25 days is formed, at the same time from a genital tract sanious or not plentiful transparent allocations can appear. Its premature rejection can cause bleeding from a uterus neck. Therefore sex life after treatment is not recommended before there pass the next periods. At emergence after treatment of bloody allocations from a vagina it is necessary to address the gynecologist urgently. For improvement of regeneration (healing) of a neck of a uterus the doctor can appoint these or those vaginal candles on a mazevy basis: METILURATSILOVY CANDLES, SOLKOSIRILOVUYu OINTMENT, CANDLES WITH ALOE EXTRACT.

All above-mentioned techniques of treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus can be applied by

during breastfeeding.

in conclusion once again wants to pay attention of readers to importance of a problem as the erosion is a precancer state, that is on affected areas there can be a malignant regeneration of cages. Therefore timely treatment of an erosion and other diseases of a neck of a uterus has huge value.