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Doll economy of

of Posudk and furniture, tray and towels, hairbrushes and flakonchik of “spirits“, - all this just integral attributes of doll life. These are houses with all necessary devices, beginning from a toilet bowl and a sink and finishing with tableware. Whether really such variety is required to dolls or it is quite possible to do also without it?

Different dolls - different economy we Will begin


with the fact that games in dolls can be different. In psychology they are conditionally divided on director`s and syuzhetno - role. In what a difference? Game in which the child as the director builds this or that plot (household or fantastic) with several characters - toys is called director`s: dolls, animals, machines etc. It operates them - several at the same time, putting at the same time in them that story which wants to lose.

In a role-playing game the child undertakes a role, i.e. he for the period of game becomes mother, the seller, the pirate etc. The plan of a role-playing game should be coordinated constantly with other children - performers of other roles, otherwise - game will not turn out. In such game the child accepts rules - acts as it is necessary on a role and as agreed to play.


of the Doll in these games usually use different: for director`s games it is small dolls who it is convenient to take in a hand, for role-playing games dolls which it is necessary to take both hands, i.e. much more are required. Undertaking a role, the child “enters an image“: the mimicry, gestures, various intonations are used a pantomimik 1 . When the kid plays director`s game all this the small doll whom he holds in hand “does“.
of 1 Pantomimika - one of types of expressive movements of the person covering those changes in gait, a bearing, gestures which transfer his mental state, experiences, the relation to these or those phenomena.

Of course, and for small dolls, and the corresponding attributes are necessary for

for the dolls used in syuzhetno - role-playing games. These are, first of all, clothes and footwear, the house, furniture and kitchen utensils, transport and objects of a landscape; objects - deputies. However the different sizes of dolls and a problem of these games cause need of different doll economy. For example, such invariable attributes as a thermometer, a capacious pan, some cutlets, candies, cups etc. are peculiar to a role-playing game. For director`s automobiles, landscape objects, the house, etc. have special value, i.e. what will provide scale and dynamics of a game plot.

the Kid for the kid

the kid in a role-playing game does to


at the age of 1,5 - 3 with a doll what with it is done by the adult, this time of imitation therefore a variety of doll attributes is not required by the Main furniture for game in dolls the bed and a tray will serve in such age. The necessary kitchen utensils are a small bottle (for a baby doll), a cup, a plate and a spoon. For a bed the mattress, a pillow and a blanket, bed linen, and for bathing of a doll - a towel or a bed-sheet (instead of them it is possible to use various rags which in the course of game can carry out different functions) are necessary. With their help the child will be able to lose plots familiar to it - laying to sleep, feeding, bathing.

Now about doll clothes. Depending on age of the child the clothes of a doll have to be such that he could remove at least it, and later - to dress. Therefore it is good if the clothes have a simple fastener, for example, a flypaper or a big button, ties, lacings with big loops.

For game of the kid one set of easy clothes, and also warm - suffices

in case he will want to take a doll on walk in a cold season. At the same time it is impossible to forget also about footwear. If a favourite doll of your kid - rag (including, a teddy bear), then it is possible to sew or buy for it warm clothes and rag boots, and it is possible just to wrap up it in a warm scarf, going for walk.

the Clothes are necessary to

not only that the doll “did not freeze“, for example, but also from the point of view of development of movements (small motility works), and also intellectual and general mental development of the child. The matter is that clothing process - a doll undressing the child identifies with such procedure in own life that he promotes development of consciousness, perceptions; the kid at the level begins to understand need and human sense of this action.

Going with a doll for walk, happens the vehicle for it is just necessary: it is the machine, the cart or a carriage in the summer, and in the winter - the sledge intended especially for a doll. Kids feel special pleasure when as if adults roll behind (or ahead) themselves the favourite.

transport is also necessary for

In house conditions. It is possible “to visit“ or “travel“ around the apartment, for example. Thus, game will be more various.

Today in toy stores the various toy “houses“ intended for syuzhetno - role-playing games, i.e. such in which the child can quite be located are on sale. These houses can be as absolutely simple, for example, made of cloth and easily developing in a package, and difficult. The last usually represent quite bulky designs from heavy materials. In such houses happens on several rooms in which there is some furniture (for example, in kitchen - a sink, a plate, a case), and the garage and something like the homestead economy surrounded with a small fence adjoins to the house. In garage, by the way, the electric car quite is located. All this is unusually attractive also any child, having seen the similar house, will dream of it. The house - the important place for game of the child and almost in any games it is obligatory or is created, or designated. Tables, chairs, blankets, covers - everything are used from what it is possible to create a cozy nest and to call it the house. To organize comfortable space for game - important and desired action for the child, and the pleasure from it will not replace any purchased house.

the Doll matures together with the child

in process of a growing and development of the child the doll begins “to lead full-fledged social life“ therefore a variety of doll accessories has to increase. Let`s begin with clothes. In 3 - 6 its years still there should not be much, but as the favourite doll appears, the requirement to do everything together with it comes. It means that for the night it it is necessary to put to bed in a pizhamka or a nightgown; it is necessary to bake pies in an apron (it is possible to be soiled!) and to welcome guests in an elegant dress. Besides, that to it to braid hair and to do a hair, the hairbrush and hairpins are necessary.

need for additional furniture appears Here: where to a doll to store her clothes and footwear, to receive guests and from what them to treat?


in the daughter - mother, it is necessary to cook also a dinner (pans, frying pans, products), and in shop to descend, having put “daughter“ in a carriage. Just mass of important issues! The kitchen utensils have special value for a role-playing game. Buying a pan and a frying pan it must be kept in mind that the child, most likely, will be in it both to pour water, and various soups - porridges to prepare. Therefore they have to be capacious and hardy. Wooden kitchen utensils - it is very beautiful and pleasant, but, unfortunately, it does not possess the above-named qualities therefore it is better to buy metal or plastic. Both plates, and forks, and spoons, and also a teapot are necessary for the good hostess as well cups.

Besides, need for the stove, the iron, scales arises … However buying by the child these attributes of subject game it is necessary to remember: they are intended for game! Modern toys are finished to the point of absurdity - the child can buy all variety “game“ (quotes are not casual) technicians, for example, the mixer with the inscription “Mulinex“ or the Indezit washing machine which work! Actually it is not toys any more, they do not carry out the main toy function - replacement of real objects. Equally well the child can allow to play the real mixer. And if you want to work ability to handle such equipment at the child, give it the chance under your control to tinker with it. Game and development of skill - a thing very different and somewhere even opposite, therefore about any development of imagination, thinking, creativity at game with “game“ equipment you should not speak. Therefore, choosing toy household appliances, pay attention to its convention.

At this age stage great value for subject game is got by a carriage. The real mother always carries the kid in a carriage. An integral part of a sleeping carriage is the mattress and bedding - a bed-sheet, a blanket, a pillow;“ envelope“ for a baby doll. The thong is important for a stroller. Buying a carriage it is necessary to pay attention to its durability. The matter is that various plastic carriages often do not maintain street walks. Besides often children like to sit down in them. Therefore the metal framework and rubber wheels are better if at a carriage, and it is made of tarpaulin or other strong material. Of course, such carriages are more expensive, but they will not collapse on the first walk.

In addition, the stimulating attributes are necessary for

for development of subject game. For example, for game in the doctor - a bandage on a hand with a red cross and a doctor`s hat; for game in shop - scales, money and products. Playing pirates not to do without black bandage approximately and the weapon in any way, and the school demands existence of school supplies.

That is necessary for small dolls

At early age at the child is not present game per se yet, including role. Playing with big dolls, the child reproduces actions of the adult: feeds, dresses etc. It is yet not game but only game actions. The same can be told about director`s game: the child can only manipulate small dolls, for example, to go (it is not convenient to feed and dress them). It is not game yet, the child does not develop a plot and therefore the doll economy is not required yet.

Already from 3 summer age to kids have enough

for director`s games of simple small dolls (without accurately traced persons), the main thing that figures were rather steady. Of course, for them the house is necessary. Now in toy shops the huge number of doll houses with all imaginable and inconceivable accessories is on sale (what there is only one toilet paper or a roll of paper towels for kitchen). The house - is very important for full director`s game therefore it is necessary to take its choice seriously. The main thing for the house - its durability. An important role is played by color, and pink - not best of them (means, of course, it is poisonous - pink doll houses, in which the same color furniture). The choice has to be in favor of natural shades. It is better if the house is divided into several rooms (floors), for example, a bedroom (or several bedrooms), a drawing room, a kitchen-dining room and a bathroom.

Of course, dream of any girl to have the big, beautiful house for a doll. However it is not obligatory to buy it in shop at all. The house created by the hands usually causes a bigger emotional response in children, than bought. Doing by the hands together with the adult, the child creates: itself thinks out that it is necessary for it and what it is possible to do without and itself creates what thought up. It is interesting, the result can turn out not identical conceived. Besides, it is possible to change all situation in the course of game and a growing. Thanks to such design and the embodiment of conceived creative abilities of the child, thinking and imagination, small motility will develop.

are on sale with all necessary furniture Usually at home. Here it is important to remember that search of both furniture, and various utensils will only limit game, will reduce it to a set of actions for application of all objects, but not knowledge of meanings of the human relations The matter is that game of the child at the age of 3 - 6 years still is depending on game objects. Therefore if, for example, in the doll house there is all variety of tableware, then game will be reduced to manipulations with forks and spoons. Or other option (if game of the child is rather free from surrounding objects) all this excess will not be used. But then why it to buy?

Without what validly not to do? In - the first as the quantity of dolls can be big here (at least - a family), and beds has to be a little (including a cradle for the baby). Also the table, chairs, a sofa, a case, a tray and ware are important. All this has to suit by the size to the chosen dolls.


to Small dolls needs clothes, and winter including. The matter is that it is possible to play director`s game also on the street, building locks and fortresses. Besides, in director`s games the plots connected with different seasons are used. However, for director`s game at preschool age the variety of doll clothes does not represent an urgent need: in - the first dolls can not assume such accessory (for example, dolls, with the drawn clothes), in - the second, dolls can be in clothes which are not removed.

Special value for director`s games are got by transport and a landscape. Dolls can visit each other and travel to “strange lands“, on the way beholding beauty of the nature. For “travel“ it is necessary to select the machines suitable by the size and a plot: or it will be the machine for one doll, or for all family. And can buy the bus better? Or train? Or steamship? The called means of transport are not superfluous for director`s game at all, they set the direction and allow to diversify a plot and content of game.

the Landscape most can create

, using usual improvised material: fabric rags (lakes and meadows), branches with leaves or needles (trees), stones (rocks), sticks or ribbons (roads and footpaths). Landscapes can and be bought: they are on sale as separate sets of trees and bushes, the whole villages or cities. Often they and are called - “A set for director`s game“, and include not only houses, office buildings (hospital, school, library), trees, but even little men. Besides, they are on sale with sets of designers and other games. The board game can meet often interesting landscape absolutely in an unexpected toy, for example. Any toy trees, cards with the image of the district etc. - all this with success can be used for various director`s games. It will promote development of imagination and creative abilities of the child. Besides, it is a situation of planning of the district in game, we look at such landscape from above. And still, - and it is very important! - we can change the point of view by means of creation of a landscape: falling by the level of a doll, we can look at the opening view from the wood, standing at the river or on the mountain; as our look in process of advance of the car or the pedestrian changes. All this promotes development visually - figurative thinking, expands representations of the child, enriches his outlook.

Objects - deputies

Special value for game as the integral component of doll economy, have objects - deputies. The matter is that it is difficult to overestimate their value - they can carry out a huge variety of functions in any game. For example, as it was told, for creation of a game landscape. Or for game in shop - what can be better, than use of cones, chestnuts, leaves, details from the designer etc., etc. as products? And candy wrappers (pieces of paper, leaves, fragments of glass, cockleshells) - as money? Objects - deputies are also necessary for any subject game as toys. Only action “for fun“ “as though“ develops imagination that is very important for full mental development of the child at preschool age. Convention - a direct way to ability it is abstract, i.e. to think abstractedly. And at school, as we know, without this ability - anywhere.