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The school which is necessary for

As quickly flies time! It seems, quite recently I studied at school. I remember how every morning under horns of “A pioneer dawn“ I drank a cup of sweet tea and had a snack on a grandmother`s cheese cake. Hasty zipping on the run standard Bologna the jacket which remained with me as memory of participation in May Day demonstration at the Red Square pushed a sports form in a worldly-wise portfolio. Squeezing in a hand ruble “for lunch“, received from mother, rushed to the first lesson cheerfully to join a uniform and close-knit school family.

Then for most of parents a question to what school to give to study p the child, did not stand. For very - very rare exception (so rare that I also do not remember those!) we, boys and little girls, amicably splashed to the temple of knowledge, next to the house. Later some of us - moving to the new residence - changed school that occurred quietly and naturally. But that was other time, schools were others and itself life was another.

the Choice of school

A today new life sets new tasks for us, and for present parents one of them - a right choice of school for children. It is sick all of them different, these schools!


I here I, having presented itself approximate mummy, decided to find out to what, as well as how much learn at schools of Moscow today. Talked to other parents, read the corresponding magazines, a polazal on the Internet. Even was at an educational exhibition. Also made - the choice! Not to tire you with long narrations, I will share only the conclusions about why I chose this school for the daughter. And in general, what the school and as I chose it is.

I will tell

At once that, starting such important procedure as the choice of school, I tried to place for myself priorities - that the most important that slightly less, but too is important, than it is possible to renounce. What most important? That the daughter grew up well educated, erudite, prepared in this sense for life. That is - quality of education. It is the first.

That she was not ill

, despite the increasing school loadings. Means, it is necessary that the school paid special attention to health of children, and whenever possible that process of training was followed by supervision of experts - doctors, psychologists.

Further. And I, and our father till the evening at work, and me it is important that the daughter remained at school and after lessons. Earlier it was called “after-school club“, now, as I learned, carries the name of school of “full day“.

It is natural, time the child will be in school all day long, special importance is gained by quality of food. What will be eaten at school by my daughter, who will cook food? I very much would like that there own production of food was arranged, and the food was cooked by good cooks.

I Think, many will agree with me that would be very healthy if classes were not really big if children began to learn a foreign language with 1 - go or with 2 - go a class if out-of-class life was organized (circles different there - theaters - studios).

the efforts Made by me were crowned with success. Found - I school where there is all that I wanted and many other things.

a success Secret

By the way, about this “another“. This school teaches on Elkonin`s system - Davydova. There were such Soviet teachers who on the instructions of the Homeland (then spoke - parties and the governments) still in far 50 - e (you remember, then everyones opened mathematical and physics - mathematical schools) developed the theory and offered practical techniques of creation of “schools for clever children“. Now would tell in a new way, it is modern - “for creative children“. And a number of such schools was it is created.

this Program successfully passed the state accreditation and from experimental became quite traditional and here only not really widespread. In total - to work by these techniques, both additional efforts of the school, and professional retraining of teachers, and attraction in school of experts of new specialties are necessary (curators, tutors, etc.) and many other things.

School about which I write, such. Her pupils are clever, erudite, creative, healthy children, and graduates - the successful, setting before themselves purposes and reaching them, the young people able to work in team, possessing leadership skills and strategic thinking.

What the school is and what the system what allow to raise such non-standard children is? Here briefly you will not answer. I will try that you understood, to give a small example. When I asked the teacher of first graders to explain to me, caustic that supposedly it for system such - Elkonina - Davydova, that just brought me into the 1 “B“ and, having exposed before itself a palm with thumbs up, asked kids: “How many?“

at first did not understand

Ya - well, five and that? First graders, and still kindergartners, and not the most senior group have to know it not that. However while I was perplexed, the class rustled: “And what, how many?“ “Nina Palna, specify!“ and even: “Incorrect statements of the problem!“

Now that`s something like it! And it is valid, I what how many - that thought? Fingers - yes, five (but who told that the question was about fingers?!) a palm - one, and it is possible to count still phalanxes, sustavchik on the palm different of a bone there. Yes - and - and, here children - that!

Ya then thought also over this episode much, and over another, seen at school. Also understood for herself: to be able to ask questions, to approach a problem from the different parties, to doubt, defend the opinion and the decision, to accurately formulate thought, to listen people around and to do so that listened to you - here only some skills allowing children of this school to be not such as all.

the success the children who are engaged on system of the developing training already proved

: and they pass the Unified State Examination successfully, even the third section calculated on an independent way of thinking, and executed the international PIZA test in pilot research at the level of the advanced countries while Russia in general did not rise above the 29th place.

the Secret is simple

: as practice shows, the child shows original knowledge only in situations when he is offered to use the knowledge in new, unusual situations. And such tasks are often used at lessons of the developing training.

you Judge, here only some examples:

of the Mathematician, 1 class
to Measure the area And unit E.
Comments of the teacher:
Usually a measure E “well“ keeps within in size A. In the same case the measure E keeps within an integer of times too, however for this purpose it is necessary to change a form (but not the area) the measure. The measurements leading to numbers 8 and 6 will be wrong. In the first case pupils, reduce a unit of measure to separateness - piece (so, it randomly changes a measure). In the second case - pupils perceive a unit of measure not as size and as a figure. Both such options of measurement show to the teacher that the pupil has problems with way of action, with mastering of concept of size.

Russian, the 2nd class
What of two offered words is test for the word a zvezd_chka: word “star“ or word “star“?
Comments of the teacher:
This task is formulated in such a way that the situation provoking wrong action is created. The child has a rule: the weak position (an unaccented vowel) should be checked on a strong position (i.e. to put it under an accent). If the child formally acts, then both words - both “star“, and “star“ approach. What to write - whether about and? It is possible to remember that in the book once saw that “asterisk“, so, the test word - “star“ is written. And it is a mistake! If the child really owns way of check of spelling patterns of weak positions, then he will pay attention that in the word a zvezd_chka, the admission is made in a suffix, so, neither the word “star“, nor the word “star“ do not approach.

Natural sciences, the 5th class
Are given to the descriptions of location of a point in a rectangle (see fig. above) received by means of a ruler. Lead round the correct answers.
  1. 1,9sm and 3,4sm
  2. 2,3sm and 3,9sm
  3. 4,8sm and 1,4sm
  4. 5,8sm and 5,0sm
  5. 3,0sm and 5,1sm
Comments of the teacher:
This task is intended not only for check of ability to set point coordinates in different systems of coordinates by means of a ruler, but also ability to analyze and to critically estimate own actions and actions of the people arguing differently. Performing a task, the pupil has to “see“ the decision different eyes, as if through different points, but not to stop on the only option of the decision. The correct answers - 1,2,3 4. Answers 1 and 4 are received by measurement from the different parties. Answers 2 and 3 are received by measurement from different corners.

the Whole world

Here so I looked for future school for the daughter, and found the whole new world - the world of the childhood and knowledge, the world of professional care and all-round creative development, the world of health and friendship. It is the whole educational complex - kindergarten, city school, country school, school - the external studies, the methodical center. And the whole institute which specialists accompany training of children - the International Institute of Maintenance of Education (IIME). And we with pleasure go to this world 1 - go September.

Ya shared with you these supervision - suddenly, they will be to someone useful. It was necessary only to call school. This school and the name has proud, modern - Bakalavr School. It is based to two addresses - in Moscow, in Krylatskoye and in near Moscow area, in the settlement “Prince Lake“ on Novorizhskoye Highway. And, delivery of children in Moscow region school from Moscow is organized by motor transport. Very conveniently!

To a meeting in “Bachelor“?