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History of the Sketch map

of Krok was always. Only nobody (and he) knew that he is Kroka... He stood to itself(himself), lonely, but did not miss, and just waited. Waited also for all. Waited on a shelf, near the TV, but did not try to watch it and even did not mow with an eye in that party - to it it was uninteresting.

he waited for

I: approached it, became interested in it. At first it was someone high, such high that it had even to bend the head better to make out it, Kroka. But this someone high almost at once departed, and Kroka understood that his time did not come yet, and he began to wait again. And High came soon, but it came not one - with it there was still someone, but at first Kroka could not see it - it, this “someone“, was such Low that Kroka did not see it.

understood Krok`s

that High there was not one because High told something Low, and Low for some reason was silent... And understood a krok - this Low not so Low: it is SMALL! (not for nothing Kroka stood near the TV. Though he also did not watch it, but he understood everything: if low do not talk - means, they small and just did not grow yet, but it is not terrible - they will become High too).

after that Small began to come to Kroka, it came often, close it did not approach, but for some reason never smiled, and his face scared was frequent (Kroka did not understand that he Small is AFRAID of it!!! Kroka did not make Small anything bad!) . And the fact that at the Sketch map big, however, white, teeth and quite unattractive appearance - about it Kroka even did not think it always was such, and it was quite natural. As his relatives looked, Kroka did not know, he never saw them, and the TV as we know, he never looked.

Once Small, as always, came to Kroka, gave to it a hand, and Kroka felt how it was grasped and somewhere bear - Kroka was removed from the shelf and put on a sofa. Could only make it High or High, Kroka did not know precisely who. He for the first time saw Small so close more to anybody did not pay attention. Small sat down near it, Kroka tried to smile, but he did not know how it becomes also at it and it did not turn out - teeth so disturbed it!

He sat quietly, and then Small drew near and stretched to it - he wanted to stroke Kroka, Small knew that the friendship so begins. Kroka stood, but Small quickly drew aside a hand. Gradually he drew near even closer Kroka and, having grown bolder, nevertheless stroked him. Kroka thought: “Well, here we also made friends“. He blinked from pleasure and suddenly felt on the cheek a touch something soft and warm: “Kiss!“ He was kissed! It, Kroku!

I suddenly he felt that on his cheeks something damp creeps, and here he understood that expression which he heard on the TV more than once - “crocodile tears“ exists and in reality, and it is so pleasant! He was also a CROCODILE!