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Dreams pregnant women (part 1) of

What only improbable dreams do not dream women during pregnancy! One of them are pleasant and joyful, others are sad and are even terrible. Often after such dream the woman cannot long recover, it seems to her that the dream foretells something bad. And can calm her only the fact that similar dreams dream practically all pregnant women, and it is absolutely natural!

Fear for the child

“Dreams in which the child is born ugly or sick, in which it is taken away from mother, reflect absolutely real cares and fears of the pregnant woman. Each woman expecting the child asks herself questions: “And whether I will cope with difficulties which wait for me? Whether the real mother will turn out from me? Whether the child will be healthy? How it will look whether I will fall in love with it?“ - it is the quote from the article “Fantastic Dreams during Pregnancy“.

of Examples of such dreams - a set. Here only some of them, the conferences on pregnancy and childbirth told by participants:


to me dream every night some horrors: I cannot feed the child, I lose it, he does not want to go to me on hands.

Me dreamed all the time

dreams (till the birth of the first child), about the fact that I forget it to feed, and I remember only on third day or that I too hardly swaddled it, and he choked. The fear of the unknown gives such imaginations. Ekhomam`s

Me now very often nightmares dream

. The child will be stolen, I look for the husband and I cannot find. And of other sort of nightmares it is full. If my dreams came true, then it would be more abruptly than “Vyazov Street“, sometimes will see it that at one director the imagination would not be enough for it. Noyabryon`s

Me the other day a dream dreamed

that I gave birth to the child, but I have a suspicion that it was changed because it absolutely had a healed navel (in 2 days!) and some it was big, such huge kid could not be born at me, I am such small!
of Julia

Me such dream dreamed today

: as though I nurse, but the kid for some reason correctly could not take a breast in any way...
of Raduga

make to

of Nervousness of pregnancy, thought of the forthcoming childbirth itself felt in dreams too.

Me dreamed

that handles got out of a stomach. Directly and stuck out from two parties on each side! I so worried in a dream, woke up and I continue to worry: “What to do, the baby means it is necessary to get urgently, but he is still premature!“ And then I look down... And where handles? Fie! Burst out laughing, told the husband that for nonsense to me dreams!

Me dreamed

that the child put out a leg from my navel. And to give birth to me still early, but I in a dream understand that now - back not to push that any more, it is necessary to get...

me disabled people dream all the time

A! Though do not close an eye. Though it is terrible to give birth (in 2,5 weeks already), but it is rather to see that everything is all right from synulky! Olya B.

Quite often the woman herself understands
why it dreams the unpleasant and even bad dreams connected with pregnancy. The following letter illustrates it:

Me dreamed

today that I gave birth to the girl, but she died of the fact that she premature was. All woke up in sweat, it became terrible and terrible. Nonsense, likely, but some I “bad“ became with this pregnancy. 1,5 years dreamed of children, were treated and when became pregnant it turned out that about pregnancy I know nothing. Perhaps if at us everything turned out at once, it would be simpler, there would be no such thoughts, and now so am afraid to lose a bebik. Elaine`s

Easy childbirth

But, fortunately, fear - not the only feeling getting into dreams of pregnant women. If the woman has a positive psychological spirit, she is quiet, counterbalanced and with pleasure expects the kid, it is shown also in its dreams. Very often similar dreams create additional installation on happy end of childbirth.


to me few times dreamed own childbirth. One dream was so real that I even physically felt passing of the child on patrimonial ways. By the way, in a dream it was not sick at all.
of rozmaita

Me dreamed

that I gave birth to the boy... Also it was not painful to me in a dream at all. Extraordinary easily. Even it was not necessary to make an effort, he easily and just slipped out... And at once began to smile and began to suck a breast. Ekhomam`s

U me too often such dreams that is not sick at all, and is even healthy. It seems to me that it works psychological protection, in subconsciousness there was pain etc. and the organism is protected, tells that it absolutely and not painfully. Shimko Irina

A I already both the girl saw
, and the boy... And childbirth was very easy. And I in a dream think... it is necessary - as it is easy to give birth to the second. I gave birth to the first 12 hours and the crotch was cut.
of the Humming-bird

U you remarkable pregnant dream. It means that with the child everything is good, it it to you began “to twist cinema“, psychotherapy such, “a pier, do not worry, mummy, childbirth it is not terrible“...! So I congratulate. We on courses were told that dreams about easy childbirth and any miracles with the child dream 80% of all pregnant women, as a rule in the second half.
M - m

me dreamed

A recently that I wake up, and the daughter who was already born lies in the next room, in a romper suit, even tries to rise on handles, and I as if felt nothing...
the Hedgehog


Yes, me on 7 - m dreamed month that I gave birth to the girl, gave rise easily - easily, and the girl with black volosika also is terribly similar to the husband. 100% came true. Also gave rise in 6 hours, both the girl, and the copy of the husband, and so long volosishch were that all doctors were surprised - though braid braids!
of Marie

the Beautiful child

Similar value have dreams in which mother dreams her charming kid. Such dreams can appear if the woman something is anxious, alarmed for future child. In this case subconsciousness tries to show it that with the kid everything will be good and by that to return it to good mood.

Ya dreamed the sonny. Very much struck me that it the exact copy of my husband, only the baby: eyes blue beautiful and eyelashes long - long. Such lassie. It is interesting whether the truth it will be such or this my sick pregnant imagination? I woke up because that I cry with affection.

U me the same dream was
of Raduga - I saw the son, on age approximately months 6 - 7, the exact copy of the husband, with curly ashy hair as at the husband. Also woke up because that quietly I laugh in a dream. Interestingly, it will come true or not. I even do not know who at me there yet.
of Oksana

Me too dreamed recently

. It seems woke up, I lie on a bed, and the baby sits next, looks at me, and waved with the handle supposedly hi!
of An -

the Name of the child

was Heard by me about such national belief that the woman on 5 - 6 month of pregnancy dreams a name of the child. For example, dreamed me that the boy, and to the husband too, was confirmed then. And here with a name I wait for everything, I wait and nothing will dream in any way, and month already not the fifth...
of Marysya

Most likely, this belief has under itself no soil. It is similar to guessing. But concern of parents in the choice of a name for the successor, certainly, cannot but be shown in dreams.

We long time suffered with a name for the boy, no names were pleasant for 100%. And here I dream my son to whom already for some reason about two years. I squat, it approaches me, I understand that I see it for the first time, I look at his face, trying to find familiar lines. Also I realize that we did not call it in any way, and waited when he grows up also will call himself. Also I ask “The boy, what is your name?“ And when he is going to tell me something, I wake up! Tyulen`s

Even on the eve of pregnancy me dreamed

that I gave birth to the little son. I it am given, and I do not believe that it mine (it was not ready, probably). The doctor speaks - it is your son Roma, take what you... I already then understood that if there is a son, then Roma. And in couple of days learned that the pregnant woman. Here that is called - the dream has come true. And I Roma will call the son. Pumpkin

I to me for couple of days literally before I learned
about pregnancy, the sonny Andryusha dreamed... And now here all the time little girls dream! Perlush`s

the Sex of the child

Is considered

that if you dream the child of a concrete floor, then will be born opposite. It poveryedat an opportunity to claim that the dream came true, anyway: or directly (the boy dreamed and the boy was born, then nobody will remember a sign), or on a sign.

Me even before pregnancy all the time the boy dreamed

, and in time too. Never the little girl dreamed. Therefore I well was simply sure that the boy will be. When to me on ultrasonography it was confirmed, I was not even surprised. The boy was born, of course.

Me dreamed

again that I have a boy. Only it has “a man`s advantage“ such small - small... I even know that it means. On ultrasonography it is already visible that the girl, but small - the small hope still is... Ekhomam`s