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Panic attack of

the First attack of panic, as a rule, becomes a bolt from the blue for the person. Here you go down the street and feel as usual. But suddenly there is something, unsettling you. The subway train unexpectedly stopped in a tunnel. The car rushed in meter from you. The passerby seemed to you very suspicious...

Experts came to a conclusion that more than eight million women in Russia are subject to unreasonable attacks of panic or fear. it is important to div to understand

: attacks of panic is a problem with which it is possible to cope in the natural way, independently, without application of strong drugs and the emergency medical care.

the Occasions which caused a panic attack can be the most different, and symptoms are, as a rule, similar practically for all cases. Heartbeat, cold sweat, weight in legs, weakness, a sharp headache, the complicated breath, nausea and a subconscious state. Forces promptly abandon you, and it seems that together with them also life leaves. It is considered that more than eight million women in Russia are subject to unreasonable attacks of panic. And unreasonable these attacks begin to seem also to the victims - already in a few minutes after the incident. Having analysed a situation and own behavior, many agree that they really reacted too violently, and meanwhile the problem did not cost the eaten-away egg. Owing to the emotionality of the woman men are more inclined to panic attacks, than. Physicians meet that usually these attacks are caused by a stress and overfatigue and are most often shown already at rather mature age. Attacks of panic can arise also for quite objective reasons. For example, having endured really dangerous situation connected with public transport or crowded shop, the person begins to be afraid that it can repeat. In that case it will be independently quite difficult to cope with attacks and the professional help is strongly recommended. However most often attacks of panic happen without the visible reasons. For example, you go by the crowded car of the subway in rush hour. You were tired, are hungry, are nervous, and in the car is stuffy. You tens of times went to the subway, but now begins to seem to you that does not gasp, and you choke. All unpleasant physical symptoms, and are right there shown next time, having appeared in the subway, you are afraid that to you there will be something similar. And many come to a conclusion: “I have a weak heart!“ or “It is all about an elevated pressure!“ - also begin to take medicine which is absolutely useless. And meanwhile it is possible to cope with causeless attacks of panic in the natural way, without strong medicines. whether

it to you Can happen?

owing to the emotionality of the woman men are more inclined
to panic attacks, than. However most often such attacks arise without any visible objective reasons.

Attacks of panic is a peculiar protective reaction of the person to a situation which seems menacing. Most often the stress is the hidden reason of such reaction. Initially it seems to the person that he perfectly coped with a stressful situation, however after a while reaction of an organism is unexpectedly shown as a panic attack. It can sometimes happen even in several months or years after the endured stress. It is connected with specific features of mentality. Usually the first physical symptom of panic - the strengthened heartbeat. Many complain of shortage of air, dizziness, a subconscious state. Other possible symptoms - a shiver in hands and legs, pain or discomfortable feelings in breasts, cold sweat, feeling of lostness, unreality of the events, stomach pain. The attack proceeds from three to ten minutes, however at irritable people the panic state can last also before half an hour. Physical symptoms are followed by feeling of uncontrollable fear. It is important to understand what, as if heavy was to endure a similar attack, it cannot do serious harm to health and is seldom connected with display of dangerous physical or mental illnesses. It is generated only by your imagination. In the nature there is no cure for concern, it is natural human reaction, and panic the concern which - is repeatedly strengthened, “concentrated“.

Sound therapy: in harmony with the nature
to the People subject to panic states, it is very useful to get out as often as possible to the nature, in the wood, to water. The foliage rustle, murmur of a stream or noise of a surf work umirotvoryayushche and soothingly. Not without reason these salutary natural sounds are written down on the disks or cartridges intended for relaxation sessions. Such sessions of “audiorelax“ should be held regularly, taking a bath, before going to bed or since morning - depending on what time of day for you especially intense. Sounds, also favorably and rasslablyayushche acting on nervous system and mentality:
  • rain Noise. Under these sounds it is especially pleasant to fill up, feeling in heat and full safety.
  • Singing of birds. If, of course, this singing did not wake you at dawn, having pulled out from a sweet dream.
  • Classical music. It is already proved that Mozart, Gluck and Vivaldi`s works possess psychotherapeutic influence.

the first step

Take care of the own life

Most often are the deep reason of attacks of panic

a stress, chronic fatigue, the general discontent with and life. And, to get rid of unpleasant feelings, it is necessary to care for himself, first of all. The action plan

  • you Watch that regularly and properly to eat. In your diet there have to be vegetables and fruit, low-fat meat, fish, eggs.
  • to
  • For maintenance of work of an organism to us needs at least 7 - 8 hours of a dream a day. Certainly, in emergency situations of people the main thing that deficiency of a dream did not become the habitual phenomenon of your life can sleep less.
  • Move! Run and swim in the summer, ski in the winter. As often as possible walk in the fresh air and walk upstairs on foot, having refused the elevator.

the Step of the second

Think about good

If once to you it became bad in the middle of the street or in transport, it is quite explainable that you are afraid of repetition of the same situation. But do not allow the fear to expand to the universal sizes, namely it also happens if your brain is busy only with a chewing of an unpleasant case. And therefore try to get rid bad memoirs and concentrate on positive. The action plan

  • “Do not allow soul to be lazy“ - it has to become your motto. Try to organize to yourself additional classes - those that give you pleasure.
  • detailed and extremely precisely list to
  • on paper all you are afraid of. And now think: the probability that it will occur is how high?
  • If you consider that this probability is high, make secure: let you will always have near at hand necessary drugs, contact phones, the exact action plan on a case of emergency situation.

the Step the third

Keep calm

Cannot protect all life itself from disorders and if something extraordinary happened, the person often connects the feelings not with an event, and with the place where everything occurred. Your task - to convince itself that this place in itself is safe. The action plan

  • If you begin to worry, collect will in a fist and force themselves to switch to pleasant mentally.
  • by
  • Remember that the problem causing panic exists at you in imagination and it is not connected with the subway, bus, the elevator or other place in which you are.
  • If an attack everything is began and there are habitual symptoms, do not give in to panic and do not run away. Remaining in the crowded car of the subway, you will prove to yourself that it is informidable, and, perhaps, will get rid of the subsequent attacks.

the Step the fourth

Look at a situation from outside

your task - to separate as much as possible from all events, and here special psychological receptions can be very useful to you. The action plan

  • Put on a thin elastic band a wrist. Having felt approach of the first symptoms of a panic attack, pull an elastic band and release so that it clicked on skin. Many are brought round even by such easy distracting maneuver.
  • Concentrate the attention on something harmless: consider passing by people, remember birthdays of relatives. Anything - if only not to think that the imagination disturbs.

the Step the fifth

Learn to relax

of Technology of relaxation is the best way to cope both with panic attacks, and with any other stressful situation. The main condition of success is in giving to trainings on relaxation several minutes every day even if you are absolutely quiet and you are in fine mood. Only if to finish ability to relax to automatism, you will be able to apply the skills during a panic attack. The action plan

Active relaxation means two stages. On the first you strain all the body, on the second - try to relax each muscle. Starting with the person, move attention on all body - a neck, shoulders, hands, a back, a stomach, hips, legs, consciously weakening each site. Right at the beginning relaxation of all body can occupy you about half an hour and when you learn to concentrate, time will be cut approximately by half. This equipment helps also at sleeplessness.

the Step of the sixth

Train breath

Many patients complain that during an attack of panic they lack oxygen and from - for it they begin to choke. Everything really happens exactly the opposite: the person takes deep breaths and too much oxygen comes to an organism, and carbon dioxide, on the contrary, is spent much. And this glut by oxygen only aggravates mental tension. The action plan

If seems to you that you choke, try to breathe in a paper package. Thus, you will inhale less oxygen and by that you will avoid its glut. And at the same time you “will save“ expenses of carbon dioxide in an organism.

Very slowly and deeply inhale
  • and hold the breath as long as possible. If you are able to hold on 10 - 15 seconds and to repeat this simple exercise several times, you will manage to learn to restore quiet, measured breath and even slightly to slow down heartbeat. Gradually you learn to hold the breath and for longer time.
  • the Way demanding long preparation: you learn to breathe by means of a diaphragm. Having mastered it, you will be able not just to cope with panic attacks, and learn to prevent them. This equipment is based on a deep breath: try to fill with air at first area of a diaphragm and only then - lungs. One more important point - an exhalation has to be more slowly than a breath. If you carry out such trainings (on some deep breaths and exhalations) is regular on three - four times a day, your body will learn to relax. And when there is a stressful situation, you need to begin breathing exercises at once, without waiting when the stress develops into panic.

the Step of the seventh

Natural soothing

Nobody argues that the easiest and fast way to calm nervous system is medicines. But drugs cause accustoming and can turn back new problems as a result. Try to begin with grass tinctures, previously having consulted with the doctor.

  • Camomile tea. It influences receptors of a brain and perfectly calms, is especially useful before going to bed.
  • Valerian. The fine and checked by time means, the only minus: causes drowsiness.
  • Passionflower, or passionflower. Dried flowers infusion and leaves helps at conditions of alarm, concern, fear, tachycardia.
  • Lime color. Tea from dried inflorescences is recommended at the increased nervous excitability and slight sleep disorders.
  • Melissa. Fresh stalks with leaves or the cleared dried leaves made by boiled water or added to tea calm and remove a nervous tension.

Comments of the expert

Irina Chukayeva, the cardiologist, MD, professor

Exist so-called somatic manifestations of alarm. The most essential - kardio - respiratory symptoms: tachycardia (heartbeat), the violations of a rhythm and pain which are usually described as “sharp“ or “piercing“. Often also the tremor clearly noticeable at outstretched arms, the strengthened sweating, unpleasant feeling in a stomach, the general weakness, dizziness meet. In certain cases there can be nausea. More rare - a diarrhea. The person can endure feeling of unreality surrounding, loss of contact with external the world. Often all this is followed by the feeling of shortage of air leading to interruptions in breath. From - for it there are feeling of muscular constraint in extremities, a loss of sensitivity or feeling of dot pricks around a mouth, fingers of hands and legs. It is very important to remember that a panic attack with prevalence it is warm - vascular manifestations sometimes mistakenly diagnose as a myocardial infarction. On the other hand, at a terrible disease of a feokhromotsetom there can be vegetative frustration, similar to panic. And at a disease of a thyroid gland (gipertireoza) the hypererethism regarded as panic is possible. Thus, establishment of a true disease is possible only after detailed clinical and laboratory inspection. Neurosises in which structure there are also panic manifestations represent one of three main groups of inorganic mental disorders. And though serious change of mental functions is not characteristic of them, only the doctor has to carry out treatment. There are many psychological methods of therapy of such patients. In particular, treat them: “rational psychotherapy;

  • the supporting psychotherapy;
  • methods of relaxation therapy (including meditation and hypnosis).

In some cases apply pharmacological methods when the preparations reducing expressiveness of reaction to a stress are appointed. It is necessary to remember that therapy by medicines has to be carried out along with the corresponding psychotherapy, but not instead of it at all.