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Kids want to create

the Inquisitive child is and parental happiness, and constant alarm. Where next time will fall? Where will climb? What will try?“ He at me such fidget“, - smiles young mother with a pride and fear, watching the kid. Besides grazes, bruises and bruises there is also one more, not less important problem - psychological. Little fidgets adore the adult companies and talk, do not feed with their bread, let to feel only big, to be engaged in the “real“, “adult“ business.

Mother is painted with

in front of the mirror? During the next moment the little child abducts ink and couple of lipsticks. The father sits in front of the computer? And the peanut already clambers on a chair and demands to allow to it “to play“ a little bit. The special, true pleasure is considered to have some, special occupation - toy kitchen, cosmetics for girls, machines on remote control.

Now modern technologies allow to create the developing toys which will help to send energy of the unruly kid to the necessary course. For this purpose there is a lot of opportunities, the choice at parents is big and therefore it is difficult. The world of small children in the 21st century becomes unusually various. But, before buying, it is necessary to take care of the developing level of such toys: what will be ideal for the little rascal?

Special, the developing devices adapted for the least users children`s are suitable for small children as well as possible. One of such devices is the video game of “Voobrazhalkin“ which just appeared on shelves of shops from the Wacom company known for the graphic tablets.

“Voobrazhalkin“ represents a set of the training programs and the graphic tablet with the electronic handle which is connected to the computer or the laptop. The electronic handle is much more convenient in use for the child, than a computer mouse as the electronic feather differs in nothing from a pencil or the handle which the child plays since the earliest childhood.

by means of “Voobrazhalkin“ to the little visionary will be to master easier and more interestingly the computer and its specifics. For parents of little fidgets this toy will become the real rescue. The set of the developing programs which are included in the package of “Voobrazhalkin“ are designed for the smallest and on children is more senior. These programs not only will not allow anybody to miss, but also will help quicker to teach the child to read and write.

What it gives to adults? An opportunity to occupy the child with easy, pleasant game which not only entertains him, but also develops. What does it give to children? Having own computer device, the baby will execute the long-awaited dream - to resemble in something the adult. Studying the programs created especially for it - “Drawing for children“, “The cheerful artist“, - the child gets acquainted with work computer design - studios, plunges into the world of favourite fantastic heroes.

“Voobrazhalkin“ will carry away inquisitive the baby the riddles and puzzles divided into three levels of complexity thanks to which the logical and associative thinking, small motility will develop. For example, in the Labyrinth task it is necessary to draw for a small mouse a line to an exit from a labyrinth where the cheese piece lies. And in the Paint Fruit task for children is more senior which already know figures and are able to consider, it is necessary to paint banana, grapes, apple, a pear in different colors depending on figure which is located on fruit. It is also worth noting, all tasks in the Drawing for Children program are sounded and therefore even if the baby is not able to read, it will not become an obstacle in game.

Together with “Voobrazhalkin“ the kid will easily study letters and figures, will be able to use various brushes, pencils, felt-tip pens for drawing. If the child is not able to draw at all, his training will be helped by special cliches which should be painted. It will be simple to quick fidget to concentrate attention on the bright and memorable pictures - a coloring to the tablet which can be led round and painted, or on those which are created by him. And what the result of own creativity can be more important for the little artist, than?


to the kid of “Voobrazhalkin“, mother can not be afraid of the wasted money - this toy will not break if the child incidentally drops it. It is safe for the most bright fidget. Also “Voobrazhalkin“ does not demand batteries.

the Loving mothers understand that their small children are the most active researchers of the world surrounding us.“ Voobrazhalkin“ and other electronic developing toys develop the creative parties of the identity of the child, teach him to independence and diligence, help parents to cope with this miracle - an unruly, but the most favourite being.