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The friend from good family

of the Thoroughbred kitten of “Persian“ in Moscow is less than for $600 not to buy. The puppy of a Yorkshire terrier pulls already for $1000. An animal of fashionable breed sell, as a rule, from a family tree. The correspondent of “SP“ Ksenia Tatarnikova found out that it is not simpler to get to an animal the present documents, than to the person to obtain citizenship.

In Europe and the USA already several years boom on design dogs. So call the metises who are given rise from a poodle and one of long since the breeds loved by people - the Labrador, Jack - Russell - a terrier, a cocker - a spaniel, the toy terrier, a Pekinese and to that similar. For their puppies, cost there is not less new bag from Louis Vuitton in any way, register in turn in nurseries nearly for five years ahead. One more superpopular “genetic cocktail“ - a pug hybrid from a hound.

In Russia the fashion on breeds lags behind high western samples a little. The tone in love to these or those animal species is generally set by movies.“ Having watched the movie “Mask“, people begin to be interested in purchase Jack - Russell - a terrier, after “Turner and Hucha“ - a possibility of acquisition of a bordeaux mastiff“, - Natalya Voldiner, the cynologist and the editor-in-chief claims the Internet - a portal about animal www. ptichka. ru.

Among the most demanded cat`s breeds now the Canadian and Don sphinxes, and also the British short-haired cats are. Still love “Persians“ and Russians blue. From dog our citizens prefer those who to them and are well-known long ago: dachshunds, poodles, German and other sheep-dogs, Rottweilers, Dobermann terriers, riesenschnauzers, English bulldogs, terriers.

But whatever breed it was pleasant to you p before buying to itself an animal of “a high origin“, it is necessary to answer one important question: whether you will participate with the pet in exhibitions or to be engaged in breeding cultivation? If is not present, it is necessary to choose an animal by the principle “that the soul lay“, not especially thinking of genealogical bureaucratic red tape. If purity of breed for you has paramount value, it is necessary to be ready to pay big money for live acquisition and to choose it very carefully.

a vanity Fair manufacturers right after their birth determine


By secret international classification of thoroughbred kittens and puppies in one of three classes: show - the class (the most expensive, perspective in respect of exhibitions and cultivation), is shaven - a class (animal, suitable for cultivation, but without special exhibition prospects) and pt - a class (these animals owing to any shortcomings of cultivation do not participate, and they have no chances of exhibition career).

what class the animal treats, in one accompanying document it will not be specified. It is value judgment of the manufacturer.

But proceeding from it he quotes the price to young growth. Puppies and kittens it is shaven - and especially shows - a class by definition are more expensive, than animals pt - a class. Abroad the last will be according to plan sterilized most often. At us often use in cultivation, despite of doubtful genetics.

The more demand for breed, the is higher risk to run into swindlers. About 60% of buyers begin searches of a thoroughbred puppy or kitten with the Internet. Here most often it is necessary to face two options of deception. In the first case attribute to a puppy or a kitten false, more eminent parents. In the second award, say, cat`s or dog mother loud, but undeserved, and often and nonexistent titles and differences.

the Easy way to check information, according to experts, - to request originals of genealogical and prize diplomas of pets, and also to contact owners of the specified star parents and the parent film logical or felinological organization which includes club that they confirmed or disproved the facts.

In Russia such “chiefs over animals“ a little. The Russian Film Logical Federation (RFLF) unites the most part of dog clubs and nurseries and is among members of authoritative FCI (Federation Cinologique Internationale). The Union of the Film Logical Organizations of Russia (UFLOR) is a member of IKU (International Kennel Union).

In a case with cats the majority of clubs and nurseries belong to either WCF (World Cat Federation), or FIFE (Federation Internationale Feline), or CFA (The Cat Fanciers` Association).

the Worst place for acquisition of a kitten or a puppy, according to experts, - a poultry market. Chances to buy there a thoroughbred animal with original documents are minimum. The considerable part of the metises and mongrels given for thoroughbred are on sale exactly there. Besides, from about 25% bought in a poultry market of animals are patients (worms and infectious diseases), pretty often quickly die. Very often as it is sick animals are given drugs of the exciting or calming action. The person buys a sweet sleepy shchenochk or a playful kitten, brings home, and here action of the preparation given by the seller comes to an end, and the picture of an illness appears in all beauty. And the price there is not always less, than upon purchase “from club“.

it is the most reliable to p to buy a puppy or a kitten in well proved nursery registered in club - the member of RKF, FIFE, WCF etc.

“In long ago the existing nursery experts are engaged in

in dogs. They know breed, carry out the competent program of breeding cultivation, participate with the dogs in exhibitions, care about their health, - Elena Adamovskaya, the expert in breeds of RKF says. - For sale offer the puppies vaccinated and passed antigelmintny processing and adult animals. A peculiar quality mark - the factory prefix (the name of nursery) which is officially registered in RKF and FCI as a nickname component for all divorced dogs irrespective of breed. On it it is easy to learn everything about a family tree of future pet“.

the same signs (official registration in the professional organization, at least several years of breeding work, participation in the international exhibitions) distinguish good cat`s nurseries.

Whenever possible nursery for an animal should be visited independently to see with own eyes conditions of keeping of mother and children. In Russia so-called farms for animals are widespread: dogs or cats are kept in cages there, and care of them is urged to leave them in live, but no more. It is clear, that it is impossible to grow up a healthy animal in such conditions.

Manufacturers are singles, as a rule, engaged in cultivation of dogs and cats in own apartments, can quite offer qualitative and healthy animals, but, unlike owners of nurseries, opportunities and experiment on breeding cultivation they have less. They invite producers from outside and know for certain what their breeding quality and a state of health, cannot.

Brutal documents

it is the best of all for p to go to shows to the companies with the expert knowing standards and features of this or that breed.

the Cynologist or the felinologist will be able professionally to estimate the four-footed kid, to verify authenticity of the documents shown by the seller. Let`s tell if you think of the Persian cat, to look for a kitten experts advise in the clubs entering into the American associations like CFA.“ Persians“ - their fad.

Large dogs often have genetically transmitted dysplasia of coxofemoral joints, and this problem comes to light only to seven - eight months. Serious clubs and manufacturers strictly watch that only healthy dogs participated in cultivation.

they will confirm to

In response to the expert`s request health of the producers with x-ray pictures. Moreover, the check fact on a dysplasia is often specified in family trees.

the Main document of a puppy which the seller without fail (it is free also in the original) reports to the owner at the time of purchase, - a metrics or “a puppy card“. In it have to be specified: breed and a full nickname, a floor, a color, date of birth, a code and number of the made brand, a surname and the address of the manufacturer and owner of a puppy, data on an origin (the father, mother, numbers of their family trees and their colors), number and date of issue of a metrics.

have to begin

of the Nickname of puppies of one dung with one letter. The name of nursery (a factory prefix) joins in nicknames of all puppies born in nursery.

the Metrics can be filled by hand, but without corrections and is certified by the press of club. Besides, in it there have to be all requisites of the film logical organization in which the club is registered (we will tell, RKF or SKOR), and its phones are specified.

On them to the owner are obliged to provide to

full information on a puppy and his parents. Together with a metrics the veterinary passport or the reference about health of a puppy with marks about the done vaccination is transferred to the owner.

the document Similar to a metrics at a thoroughbred kitten - a registration card. In it are specified: the full name of a kitten (beginning on a certain letter according to the breeding book of club), its sex, breed, color, date of birth, full names, titles and numbers of his genealogical parents (perhaps, and primogenitors too), a surname and the manufacturer`s address (the owner of a cat), the name and requisites of the organization (club) which gave out the document, the signature of the head, number and date of issue of a card, phone or the address of the owner of nursery and its club. Except a registration card with the press, upon purchase it is possible to request the veterinary passport of a kitten with marks about the done vaccination against infectious diseases.

the Metrics and a registration card - some kind of birth certificate. On reaching six months at dogs and ten months at cats they need to be exchanged for “the adult passport“ - a family tree. Only the family tree admits the official document on an origin of a thoroughbred animal.

the Blood relations

can Exchange “the children`s document“ for a family tree in club where the animal, or in the higher organization was acquired. Let`s tell, in RKF or SKOR. In some associations (for example, FIFE, CFA) the local club has no right to give family trees, they can be received only from the head center abroad or in official branch in the country.

it is specified In a family tree by p, in - the first, breed, a nickname, a floor, date of birth of a dog or cat, the name and requisites of club, number of entry in the breeding book.

In - the second, the information about ancestors to the fourth generation. In - the third, data on progress at exhibitions. The family tree gives a guarantee that the animal is made by thoroughbred parents whose data (exterior) meet the requirements of the standard.

the Family tree is printed by

on the special form (their samples it is possible to look on the official sites of RKF, SKOR, FIFE, CFA and others). The press fastening the signature of the person who assured (signed) the document has to correspond to state standard specification: round, with an accurate print, the text completely coincides with the name of the organization specified in the top part of the document.

of V RKF can exchange a puppy metrics for a family tree urgently (for 400 rub on the same day) or it is not urgent (for 200 rub it will be handed out in time by from 15 to 30 days). In it is FAST a family tree make month, there is this service 450 rub. In WCF genealogical give out in day of the address for 300 rub

Besides a usual dog family tree exists also export option for participation in exhibitions abroad. It is made out a roman type on the basis of an internal family tree at additional expense (500 - 700 rub) . In cat`s clubs of division into internal and export family trees does not exist. Most often the family tree is made out by a roman type, but depending on internal rules of club (or the higher organization) can be written out also by Cyrillics.

the Noble diploma

As well as at people, destinies of high-native representatives dog and cat`s sometimes develop not easy. Let`s tell, the owner did not attend to receiving a family tree of the pet in club in time - and the adult dog or a cat were left without official confirmation of the thoroughbredness. Other option: to you into the house came, according to the knowing acquaintances, a pure Persian cat without documents, or you took the Labrador from a shelter with a brand of club in an ear, but again - without any family trees.

In such cases “nobility“ it can restore or lay the foundation, having addressed directly in RKF, SKOR (for dogs) or, say, in FIFE, WCF (for cats). However, will restore a family tree to an adult animal not everywhere. Let`s tell, according to the recent Provision on breeding work of RKF, since 2006 the dog can exchange a puppy metrics for genealogical RKF only aged till 15 months. In it is FAST not so strict rules. If the owner did not find time to receive a family tree on a dog before achievement of 18 months by it, it can be restored later. The same in WCF: the cat with a registration card a family tree will be given at any age.

to Receive a family tree (more precisely, the certificate on an origin) on the foundling also perhaps. The dog or a cat without any documents need to pass survey at least at two club experts in estimated breed. A brand at a dog, and also any remained information about ancestors, the former owners of a cat or a dog, in this case will promote an identification.

If experts come to the positive decision, the thoroughbred pet will be given a so-called register family tree. Though in it at least three generations of ancestors are not transferred on names and colors, the register family tree grants the right to participate in exhibitions and to turn on posterity. The posterity of the dogs brought in register genealogical books through three generations is transferred to the genealogical book of RKF.

At cats everything is not so simple

. Only about ten breeds, and in the majority which are recently removed (Celtic short-haired, a Kuril bobtail, the Karelian bobtail, the Don sphinx, Siberian, Nevsky maskaradny, European short-haired, Turkish Angora, Thai), can be allowed on the pedigree commission and count on assignment of the register certificate.“ In case of other breeds, for example, British short-haired, “Persians“, such option is excluded, - the president of World Felinological Federation created two years ago in Moscow Stanislav Stepkin says. - That is even if on all pedigree signs it is the Persian cat, but she has no documents on ancestors, she cannot count even on the register certificate“.

the Bubble scheme
Most of dog lovers and aelurophiles get to themselves a thoroughbred pet for the sake of own pleasure and prestige
Participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions under the auspices of the known zooassociations - one more way to amuse vanity, having shown to the whole world a personal four-footed miracle. But, on the other hand, thus the owner has an opportunity to earn money on the dog or a cat. Puppies from producers - champions are more expensive than the not eminent tribespeople (though a kitten or a puppy “from - under the champion“ it will not become obligatory too the champion at all). But in the course of career a considerable waste of time, forces and money is coming
. Participation in a prestigious international exhibition costs an average of $300. Let`s tell to become the proud title holder “The European champion“ in FIFe, the cat and his owner need to pass before it at least 14 various exhibitions and to receive the mass of intermediate awards. In the beginning the champion title (CH), then an interchempion (IC), then a grandinterchempion (GIC) and only then is chance to apply for the European champion (EC). Each title demands several certificates (estimates) of judges at least at three various international exhibitions.