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Why to us grass? In total about modern lawn-mowers of

there is an opinion that beautiful, well-groomed lawns at the dacha are necessary only for appearance. It is supposedly a decorative element, and need for it on a personal plot small. Here not. Are fresh - a slanted grass not only is pleasing to the eye, but also very well influences health. The lawn increases humidity and reduces air temperature in hot day, catches dust, and young greens actively produce oxygen. And to get own lawn today in power to everyone. The benefit modern technologies allow to create this vivifying beauty on any site.

Malyshnya , certainly, will be required to


For creation of a lawn and its further leaving a lawn-mower. To understand the widest assortment offered us specialized to shops and the markets, happens not so - that simply. Therefore for a start just take a view of your possession. Except the territory sizes, it is necessary to estimate also its passability: whether the flat earth whether there are no big hollows and potholes. Not the last role at the choice of a lawn-mower is played also by grass height. If the earth on your site equal, a grass not such high, but dimensions of an allotment do not exceed 2,5 hundred parts, it is enough to get a small electric lawn-mower. The small weight, almost silent engine, environmental friendliness (there are no times gasoline, there will be no exhaust gases also) belong to its indisputable advantages, and the usual household network in 220B will be suitable for food. And there are electric lawn-mowers much cheaper petrol: on average 4500 rubles. Ergonomic handles of such cars allow to keep hands in the most comfortable situation so upon termination of works at you will not ache a back and other parts of a body.

However, these babies have also shortcomings. In 15 - 20 minutes of work the machine should be switched-off. Otherwise the engine will overheat and, most likely, will break. And the special extender (which, we will notice, will cost 600 - 700 rubles), without which it is just impossible to reach the most intimate corners of a site, will be confused in a grass.

Petrol monsters

better to Cut a grass on big spaces a petrol lawn-mower. The cost of petrol lawn-mowers fluctuates from 9000 to 20000 rubles. Unlike the electric competitor, she possesses a freedom of movement. And thanks to bigger engine capacity will cope with a grass practically of any height, besides in the most damp weather. The matter is that when bevelling a high or damp grass turns of the engine decrease (resistance appears) why the grass not completely gets in a travosbornik. Therefore it is better to stop the choice by car with a large supply of power. Among producers of motors Black &Dескег enjoys the greatest popularity. By the way, many petrol lawn-mowers can be equipped with the engine with the Self Start system which is started by simple pressing of the button.

the Case of a petrol lawn-mower can be made by

both of steel, and of aluminum. The material choice is reflected not the last way in the price. Steel lawn-mowers are simpler and cheaper. It is unlikely they will hold on more than 4 - 5 seasons. And here on cars with the aluminum case producers give a guarantee of 10 years. By the way, the aluminum case weighs much easier.

However, it not the only difference of petrol lawn-mowers. For example, some models are equipped with big back wheels. This considerable advantage as they facilitate movement of the car on the uneven earth and in a high grass. Besides, wide wheels of the unit do not damage a lawn. Still the lawn-mower can be equipped with the so-called mulching knife. In many respects thanks to this knife the lawn-mower chops a mowed grass several times then throws out waste in the crushed look. These small pieces not only do not spoil the presence a general view of a lawn, but also perfectly fertilize it. Quickly rotting through, this crushed slanted grass does not litter the soil and gives it all nutrients. And here, if you decide to tonsure thus a crude grass, the result will be opposite.


the Knife - one of the most important details of a lawn-mower. Except bevelling of a grass, he can create still the air stream which is lifting a grass and collecting its remains in a travosbornik. Certainly, over time the knife zatuplyatsya. And in this case it is better to carry it in the service center. Independently you can simply - naprosto not to cope with its sharpening. Besides, practically all producers of lawn-mowers recommend to do balancing of a knife after its sharpening. If to neglect it, the increased vibration of a shaft of the engine on which the knife is established will result in its premature wear. By the way, repair and replacement of a shaft - quite expensive pleasure. And that to avoid it, it is necessary to watch appearance and quality of the processed surface carefully. Of course, petrol lawn-mowers have slightly more opportunities, than at electric. However hollows or holes more than 7 cm in depth can become for them a serious obstacle.

Three in one

Different models of petrol lawn-mowers are calculated by

on different ways of bevelling of a grass. She can jump out aside or back, to get in a travosbornik or as it was mentioned, in the crushed look to remain on a lawn in the form of fertilizer. And so, some models are delivered complete with the devices allowing to carry out all three types of bevelling. It is possible to identify such cars thanks to the 3-in - 1 logo.

Also petrol lawn-mowers differ with

also on a way of installation of height of bevelling. For example, on a sound board of the car several openings located at a certain distance from each other are made. Screwing in an axis in the necessary opening, you also change height. There is also other option. On each wheel there is a lever by means of which height of bevelling changes on each wheel individually. Of course, the most convenient way - the central adjustment of height. For this purpose it is enough to press one lever. And if you plan to cut often a lawn, it makes sense to buy the mower with wheel levers or the central adjustment.

And the last

At the choice of a lawn-mower should not neglect quality of such detail as a travosbornik. The best of them are made of strong plastic and equipped with the filling level sensor. And, certainly, it is better to choose models with a travosbornik of large volume. By the way, the rigid travosbornik is more convenient soft. From it and a grass it is easier to take out and to wash it much more simply.

Agree, good care of a lawn should not be limited only to a hairstyle and watering. Over time the top layer of earth gets littered with a dry grass, backs and begins to grow old. To the corked earth badly there passes the sunlight and fresh air, from - for what putrefactive bacteria and a mold begin to develop. That not to allow it, it is necessary to do aeration of the earth. For this purpose some lawn-mowers are completed with the aerator, the roller with steel hooks - springs which is established parallel to wheel axes. Rotating, the aerator thins out the mixed-up backs and deletes a layer of the inveterate turf.