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It was the sea! To Read part II


on June 26. Day of the sixth. Big travel. Perhaps, it will seem to someone absolutely small. But for us it is Big! In - the first, first time of a car for rent, in - the second, everywhere exclusively, in - the third, with us three children - and for them it precisely big.

the Car was ordered by

on Friday, our guides who incidentally met on Sunday in the city confirmed time and date: on Monday in 10. 30 on a reception. I prepared routes and cards in advance, staying before a trip hours in the Internet.

If to be short, then we received the car in two and a half hours after the fixed time. All this time was filled up by expectation, calls to our guides, refusal of the car. And as result - we received the category D car at the category A price for three days at the price of two days! However, it was parked in the neighboring city. Here so the known international company Europcare sent us the car!!! But then we were told that we were an exception of the rule only because it was the first working day of their new employee.

So, in 13. 00 we moved forward in Zhirona. Very long wound across Malgratu, trying to find departure from the city on the route. Streets are narrow, cars are parked everywhere. Almost always one-way traffic. To add to it that by any other car, except the, I did not go long ago. I.e. accustoming to a car, madly sensitive wheel. Generally, seven sweats descended from me, and once I decayed at the intersection, and at last the city was safely left by us.

the First 46 km to Zhirona I went, having pressed ears, being afraid to inhale - to exhale. The first and at once incorrectly made arrival on the paid road. But here we in Zhirona.

went to the Old city At once. Antiquity of the old city touched deeply. We wandered about old small streets, turning in all arches which attracted us with the mystery. Overcoming hundreds of steps, dragging on them carriages and encouraging children, we at last left to a Gothic cathedral which began the counting since 1312 and was under construction more than 400 years.

Outside it, in principle, us impressed with

with nothing special, but here when we got inside, grandness of this construction shook us. It is the widest nave in Europe. All floor consists of plates of burials. On plates the coats of arms, some inscriptions and dates are represented... In the cathedral of burial about 16 - 17 centuries. And here in a courtyard a huge number of plates of 13 - 14 centuries. Very much we advise to get inside!

But farewell, Zhirona! We are waited by Besalu. With car I accustomed, and all other trip on it brought already only positive emotions. Having curtailed on the route a little not into that party, but, having quickly thought, found the direction necessary to us. Beautiful mountains began to surround to the purpose the road closer.

Some more tens km, and we in Besala. The town - a card. Behind it the Pyrenees and somewhere there France. 2000 inhabitants. Besalu`s principality was founded at the end of the eighth century. Cathedrals are constructed in the X-XI centuries. Silence, on city streets of anybody. It seems to me, we bypassed it all. There is no modern construction as though got to the past. Unfortunately, from - for late sent car, we lacked time for the third, the city planned by me - Rupit. And we start in a way back to be in time for dinner.

Invariable champagne on a promenade. Where the children who were tired in a day find forces? Run on the embankment, ride from hills... And midnight.

on June 27. Day of the seventh. Today according to the plan - Monserrat. Hour one and a half ways, and we on the place. We put the car on the parking. We sit down on a kremalyer - the railroad beaten to mountains by which cars carry you upward to the most monastic complex. To describe what will appear before your look it is useless - will understand only visited there. Mountains are so unusual and beautiful. I am the second time here, and again it is shocked.

is Sent away to the monastery, returned... Bought local liqueur, sheep cheese. Looked at a slide - the movie about Monserrat. Once again inhaled, looked round, exhaled and went down. Again tremendous types, toy machines below, town, as though children`s.

Now entertainment to children! They so are very patient, remuneration from positive emotions is necessary. We go to Barcelona, to the Aquarium. But, having left from the parking, we plutanut and went not to that party. And it was healthy! Because the road all the same conducted to Barcelona, just the way was slightly longer. But what types we admired while we left a complex of mountains!

we got To the Aquarium, having passed across through all Barcelona and how we did not get lost?! Thanks to the navigator! And as I passed on these streets and “prospectuses“ where through each 200 meters the traffic light and into what moment to curtail and where to go - it is unknown. But we made it! We spent the remained several hours among sea horses, sharks and penguins. It was pleasant to children. Too it was interesting to us.

For dinner, it seems, were in time. To children, traditionally, ice cream. To us wine.

on June 28. Day of the eighth. Port of Aventura. To drive originally there the car did not include in my plans. But time the distribution company provided to us the third day, decided to use it quite so. Besides even at the beginning of travel we stocked up with discounts about “the Bass - Turistika“. And therefore in this situation the economy turned out just huge in comparison with what was offered by our travel agency.

of Listing of this route at us was not, but the Spanish roads are so informative that we reached according to indexes without problems there. Two hours of a way, and we on the place. Took a walk, drove. The problem arose with our children: they on growth did not approach under one attraction. Why there was got down also offenses much. As a result we had to spend a lot of time on especially children`s attractions owing to what we were in time a little. There of course it is healthy, but with such there is nothing to do small.

For dinner this time we were not in time. And it was the only day when I was really physically tired driving. Since walked the whole day in park. And on the road back we were haunted by indexes of “France of 70 km“... Eh! To us couple more of days and to our children of forces, but, probably, already another time...

on June 29. Day the ninth. Today in 12 to give us the car. But to 12 - ti it is possible to think up something still! And we decided to jerk in next Blanes for visit of the Botanical garden. Perfectly went, admired cactuses of various types, limonovy and orange trees, types which open from survey platforms of a garden.

K 12 - ti returned to Malgrat. Parked the car on the parking about the station. Also began to wait for the representative of the Europcar company to give keys and to receive back the pledge. In an hour of expectation, began to call our guides again. Also learned a tremendous thing about how here it is accepted to give the car. Just you leave keys on a reception, and in the late afternoon you ask the pledge in the same place. We and made and jerked to be gathered the seas, the sun and the pool on the eve of the last day in Spain. But the car standing on the parking nevertheless haunted us.

of Nakupavshis thoroughly, we went to Sancho Panso restaurant which is located near our hotel. By a lunch decided to order pink sparkling wine. It was divine! The tasty Spanish lunch on a summer terrace, the daughter has a good time at a playground nearby. And the waiter arranged the whole action from opening and pouring on glasses of wine. About! Spain! Where to gain strength for farewell to you. For some reason the second bottle of this magic wine followed...

A in half an hour we already sat down in an electric train which took away us to evening Barcelona. This time we went under sounds of a bayan and some, in my opinion, Italian song. Barcelona, Thursday, somewhere after 18. 00. CROWDS of the people, it is simple not to force the way on the area of Catalonia.

Today in our plans - Gothic quarter and the Singing fountains. Wound on small streets of the Old city then that is distributed some music there: festival, just street musicians. And together with old times it makes very strong impression... And then run by the subway to be in time on representation of fountains. And here, honestly I admit, I was mistaken the beginnings of show over time, and it was very a pity for me for that half an hour which was not enough dogulyat in Gothic quarter.

But here show began

: beautifully, fantastically. Our daughter began to remember fountains which she saw in Prague. In spite of the fact that then two years were not even it, they so impressed it that she remembers them to this day. Unfortunately, not enough time was to the last electric train going to our city. We looked only at the first one and a half parts of colourful show.

I running of the first trip to Barcelona repeated again. Ladders, the subway, where change, here it - precisely! How to pass to renfe station, it seems already we remember. Ooh! Were in time and even waited. Good-bye, Barcelona!

This time in way us was accompanied by crowd of the Spanish noisy teenagers who sang some songs, like our “marching“.

Arrived to the city about midnight. From the train noticed - there is no car on the parking! So were delighted! And I with grief thought: “Good-bye, my “Renoshka“, in three days I so got used to you“. And even looked at “French“ other eyes. And then thought, and suddenly stole - we unclear to whom left keys. On a reception the man does not speak in any language, we understood that we learn the truth about the car and pledge only in the morning of tomorrow, and went to sleep. Today there were many impressions... There was even no champagne on a promenade.

on June 30. Day the tenth. In principle, this day had to become the last on our trip. All day we bathe, we walk on the city, each section we absorb Spain. We drink champagne in the evening, we admire the sea and we understand that this rest will remain forever in our memory. And the phrase of the husband which sounds very often now:“ It is impossible to see enough of the sea“...

on July 01. Day the eleventh. Yes! The WHOLE day was presented to us! The day before we learned that our flight is transferred, and it is appointed on 00. 50. Also will take away us only at nine in the evening. We decided that such gift should not go to waste.

Having released numbers at 10 in the morning and having carried the heap of suitcases to the luggage room of hotel, we went to Marinelend. We with the husband very much wanted to please our daughter with hills which so were pleasant to her last time. Once again looked at show of dolphins - cats. Again were glad as children. In an aquapark the daughter slid few times from hills and was filled up to sleep directly on the earth. And all the time before departure she overslept.

Having returned to the city, we went to our favourite restaurant again. Generally, before departure 4 bottles of wine were already drunk. To us was and it is good and sad, mix of feelings and emotions. Having arrived to the airport, we learned that our flight is once again postponed, already on 1. 35 (in tickets 20. 40, on arrival to Spain 22. 40, on the eve of departure 00. 50).

Thanks to guides Lena and Sasha which to the last helped to be registered by all. Our company was put in the first salon. Hour in 2 nights we, at last, got to the plane. Without kondeev, having nearly died from a heat and a stench, we spent an hour more on the plane and for three o`clock in the morning took off from Barcelona.

Spain! We still will return!