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It was the sea! Part I

June, 2006 Spain, Malgrat de Mar, Sorra D`or.

It was the sea: sea of the sea, sea of the sun, sea of happiness, sea of emotions. And happy faces of our children. And now question of the three-year-old daughter in the mornings: “Mothers, and we will return to Spain tomorrow?“

Characters: I, my husband, our daughter Galinka (on the eve of the third anniversary), my friend Katya and her children: Sonya (3,5) and Nikita (nearly 7). Three plus three.

one after another. June 21. Day the first. The departure is appointed on 8. 30 of Vnukovo. Declared a departure delay, nothing terrible - have a bite in cafe, exactly in an hour rose in the sky. The plane is terrible! We hardly understood for what merits it did not get - to junk. But we the people not whimsical, and having stretched one blanket for three, carried out half-asleep all weeds.

Having gone out of the plane, one of the first passed control that somewhat quicker, having grabbed baggage to come up outside and to inhale Barcelonian air... But here with baggage - that there was also the first hitch of our tour. If to be short, then it was lost. Not ours - is not present! ALL PLANE! Only through a throwing couple of hours from a path to a path and after apologies of administration of the airport our baggage went on a path.

Hurrah! We in Barcelona. We are loaded in the bus, we are carried on hotels. Our hotel has an individual transfer! We are taken by the general bus of “Neva“ to “Anchor“, and there we are already waited by the individual bus which brings our company on old small streets of the city to our hotel. It was pleasant to us at first sight and we for a second did not regret about my choice (since I undertook all organization of a trip, and responsibility for all events lay on me).

we Become populated by

. In broken English we are asked what numbers we want: overlooking the pool or on the sea, we with Katya chorus answer:“ SEA“, also we receive with an affirmative nod keys from two next numbers. It were numbers overlooking the pool. But it trifles, and numbers suited us.

We hardly managed to dress up as

and run went to the beach. We went to the sea!!! The benefit, the beach is in 25 meters from our hotel. The most poorly populated on all coast from Kalella to Tossa! As our hotel is not in hotel part of the city, we received the most desert beach and the purest sea.

Oh, My God! What tremendous color - color of a sea wave, it for a long time remains in our memory as well as taste of salty lips. Nakupavshis, we took a walk in the city, found nice church and an excellent public garden. And then drank wine for euro on a promenade. The first day came to an end, we made plans for tomorrow.

on June 22. Day of the second - bathed, walked, had a rest.

on June 23. Day the third. Nakupavshis, since morning after a breakfast all our amicable company decided to move forward to Barcelona. Ć / d Malgrat`s station is located, one may say, directly at doors of our hotel. And it is huge plus! And about what the Spanish electric trains “inaudible and invisible“ wrote already repeatedly so proximity of the road to us it is simple droplets could not prevent. Having bought tickets and having looked at the schedule to manage to return to a dinner to hotel, we rushed off towards the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona. An electric train with kondey, tiny coastal towns, escort of some local musician by rush, this time, in my opinion, there was a guitar...

the Area of Catalonia, at last found an exit upward. Now it is necessary to think where the route necessary to us “the Bass - Turistika“ - red stops. The area was bypassed almost around, the lot of pigeons, is not less at all, than at Piazza San Marco in Venice. Found! Plunged.

Advantage of driving on “the Bass - Turistike“ (besides a sightseeing of Barcelona) - a book of coupons which we used further at a lunch in McDonald`s, visit of the Aquarium and, certainly, to the Port of Aventura (two tickets at the price of one). Time is limited, unfortunately, therefore this time decided to visit the basic: Casa Mila (Gaudi), Sagrada Familia (it) and Park Guell (about! Just now thought that it we had a day of Gaudi).


- nothing changed since my first trip of five-year prescription. Judging by photos, even cranes stand on the same place. In general, it is not sure - whether it is worth completing it, all charm of this cathedral in its unusual history. It impressed the girlfriend and the husband too. Two times bypassed it - were clicked, have dinner overlooking it and went further.

Park Guell - as I wanted to return to it and to take a walk slowly in all - all paths! Unfortunately, and this time we were limited in time. Beauty is indescribable, such unusual forms of bridges, paths. Under arches of one bridge the musician sat and played something madly romantically - Spanish. And so, it was to the place that the soul ached about something unknown... The tremendous place, it is necessary to return nevertheless once again.

the km with two carriages, one carriage forgotten in the subway, jumps between platforms and return behind it was couple runnings farther than

A. The confidence is that the train already left also happiness because, as in Spain electric trains are late. Two trains on the platform in one party, shouts in crowd: “Blanes, Blanes?“ and answer: “Blanes!“ . Our six jumps - happy and tired. To deliver a monument to our children for such endurance! Dinner.

A this evening, and on all coast night of fire was declared. Under drum sounds we came to the square on the beach and observed such holiday of fireworkers! The heap a pallet was in the middle piled, its arson became the culmination of a holiday. Such a campfire blazed! And in parallel with this action every second then, there, explosions of salutes and cottons of petards were distributed. The adult man had a good time the fact that he threw petards in transitions, in wastebaskets. Real dityo. Explosions and peals did not cease till the morning (without exaggeration). Yes - and, today was sated with emotions. In total! To sleep!

on June 24. Day the fourth. And we have one or three dates of year from the date of our wedding today! Mudflows since morning on the bus which brought us to Marinelend - an aquapark between Blanes and Malgrat. The bus free of charge brings and brings. However, the ticket expensive - 20 euros from a nose. There looked at show of seals and dolphins. Full delight. Such handsome! Multi-colored parrots and pink flamingos were pleasant to children.

Went to a children`s aquapark. Here will be entertainments and for adults. The husband perekatatsya from all hills, we with the girlfriend slid a semicircle by the boat, fairly navizzhavshis for a full high.

At last and our daughter grew bolder and entered water, hour through three it decided to roll down from the first hill, in the subsequent minutes 40 we rolled two hills of times on 50. She all shouted of what it is courageous. And the smile did not descend from its face. It was the day devoted to children. And they were satisfied. And we fairly burned slightly.

in the Evening on a promenade - wine and cheese with a mold, sweet cherry, the size about plum. Be happy! That you noted 10 more times on as much!

on June 25. Day the fifth. After a breakfast we run on the beach, we buy tickets for a ship to Tossa de Mar. What view of the coast opens from the ship: each bay is unique in own way! Floated all resorts and were once again convinced of correctness of the choice of the city for accommodation. Beaches are simply overflowed by people, there`s not an inch of room!

I here behind turn fortress appears - we came. Tossa! Left the warmest memoirs! And if we sometime return on Costa Brava, then it will be this town.

included In our plans at first to be bought, then to take a walk. Waves in this bay such strong that it is simple - naprosto do not allow even to come into the sea. I was cast by two times ashore. But if it was succeeded to enter in a pestilence, then what you test a high, shaking on these huge waves!

Having passed

a little bit across small streets of the town, we decided to rise to the very top of fortress ruins. How thrilling! Such types open from which takes the breath away: on the one hand - the boundless blue sea, with another a town panorama, with the third a bay, with its beach, yacht points and other delights. We go down old very narrow small streets where boils usual Spanish (not tourist life). We come in an interlacing of streets to some square (2*2 meters), and there! I see again that musician who played in Park Guell in Barcelona couple of days ago. This meeting!

At last we find

small restaurant for a lunch. Decided to try a paella - very much it was pleasant. Especially how beautifully it was displayed on plates by the waiter. Well, that`s all! Farewell Tossa, will be an opportunity, we will return to you - small Spain.

of the Wave quickly rocked to sleep our leveret, and she overslept all way back. And we admired the sea, rocks again and were happy from beauty and carelessness of the spent day.

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