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Ya went to the daughter of long fifteen years. No, there was no wearisome treatment, powerlessness and a pillow, wet from tears. Everything developed remarkably - the beloved husband, good work, we gave birth to three remarkable sonny, life raged, I was almost happy. Almost. I could not even understand what is not enough for me for feeling of completeness of life. And whether often we think of similar things, constantly somewhere being late, something not being in time, dreaming it is simple to stop, and without having such opportunity?

Then, probably, having been tired to wait for my enlightenment, providence began to work independently. I do not remember what for the first time suggested to me an idea that the girl can be adopted. Conferences of adoptive parents, stories and photos of children I saw, of course, but on myself did not try on such option as I considered it as spare airfield for the people having reproductive problems, and themselves I did not carry to those.

Then on Sibmam`s website. ru the subject about the help to Children`s home appeared and for some reason very much touched me. I considered photos since the Holiday of fall and for the first time in life bitterly regretted for absence at me actor`s talents.

At that time none of little girls personally I did not know

. Therefore for the first time went to Children`s home one, calming itself the fact that at any time I can be developed and leave. It was very terrible to face for the first time such center of a children`s grief, to see it personally, but not from the TV screen. In life to me the people who threw the child never met.

the Idea was such - to photograph each child few times and to make to everyone a fotoalbomchik that they had in adulthood children`s photos.

to Tell

that children struck me - means not to tell anything. Without suspecting about the unenviable position and, most likely, considering that the world quite so is also arranged, children try as far as it is possible, to enjoy life in which there are neither mothers, nor fathers, nor kisses, nor lullabies, nor walks … Yes there is no lot of things in their small life.

Ya photographed children from two groups, having spent for it hour, and left. Feeling that you come back from unloading of cars, full weakness and a devastation - I promised myself that I any more never there will return. You know less - better you sleep, there is such popular wisdom.

Exactly in three days atilt and Ania Maslova I stood the camera before an entrance in Other near. Dasha was the first child whom I saw in group of godovichok. She very attentively looked at me and refused to go on hands. I did not understand then, but time was reckoned from this point. We photographed three more groups and left, again broken and crushed.

of the House, considering photos, I for the first time accurately realized that quiet life the end came. Dasha looked at me from the screen honest and strict eyes. I was gone, edge of consciousness being surprised to the fact that love - it also is love, and not an essence important - whether to the man, to the child … I remembered myself the twenty-year-old little girl suffering from impossibility to be near darling. I will not be surprised if on other end of the planet people are also exhausted from melancholy for the native earth …

of Promuchivshis several days, I all - decided to approach the chief physician Other. I remember myself, the Chief physician sitting in an office and who is dumbfounded with information that to take away the child who sank down to me in souls well it will not turn out in any way - the girl not “negative“, mother of the rights is not deprived, the legal status of the girl is not clear, and in general everything badly, at best, it is possible to achieve some definiteness in a couple of years … This there was shock. Naive, I believed that any of these children can be taken away in a family, to warm, treat kindly and live long and happily.

- my house did not share my dreams at all … My relatives and the family mother and the husband passed through all phases - from full rejection of the idea of adoption, through “well can sometime be then“ and “let`s wait though few years“, to “well if you fell in love with this girl whether I will support you“ and “it is possible to accelerate process somehow?“ :). The father tactfully was silent.

should be added

still Here that my mother-in-law was taken out the child from Leningrad on Road of Life, all her family died, and the girl was adopted by one good family. And, though the mother-in-law of a debt to mankind in this regard does not feel, my husband perfectly realizes that everything in life of his mother could develop absolutely differently … I think, it mattered.

slowly collected by

Ya documents, in parallel trying to convince the family of things, obvious to me, visiting Dasha and her friends by misfortune few times in a week and showing administrations of children`s home persistence of an asfaltoukladochny skating rink on intention anyway the daughter from DR to take.

Medical board. Me the relation of physicians to an occasion on which I addressed them struck. From me did not take money for initially paid reception twice, two times accepted without coupon, the doctor from others site without turn accepted, the magic phrase “for guardianship“ did absolutely impossible things... In completion of all certified the conclusion in not business hours, by long telephone negotiations having got from where - that from a subsoil of policlinic of the chief physician. All wished good luck. And even the lovely lady in the Public reception of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs treated with understanding and participation that for clerks of this level categorically is not found, judging by my experience. So rumors about human callousness are strongly exaggerated :).

Now about my children. My boys. I never doubted them. Therefore was not even surprised when my average 8 - the summer sonny, having been ahead of me, long and painfully making in the head the text of conversation on “and whether we need the sister“, approached me with a question (literally):“ Why we cannot take away at least one child? It could be the girl …“. As they say, I cried all … I did not even know that it is aware of my experiences concerning a preponderance of men in our family … And the child not only sympathized with me and to the thrown children, he found a simple and obvious way out :). Lips of the baby …

the Eldest son got used long ago that parents do not look for easy ways :), and treated the events philosophically … From it, by the way, the official consent was required, and it surprised me with ease of writing of the official text and clearness of the formulation. Not for nothing goes to school.


I here I, the proud owner of the conclusion about the right to be a trustee, feeling the strong back in the person of the family and strong support of administration of DR, went for storm of Zayeltsovsky guardianship.

Ya prepared for fight. I learned everything that it was possible to learn in the informal ways about the girl`s family, about her numerous relatives, about chronology of the events which brought the child there where it appeared. I spent many hours to reflections concerning the moral right to take away to myself the child whose mother did not want to sign official refusal. I will not describe here everything that I managed to learn, I can tell only with relief - my conscience is true. Dasha was not necessary to her former family.


In Zayeltsovsky guardianship wonderful women work. And if at a meeting seems to you that they are dissatisfied with the world, yourself, you and one thousand more things, you drive these thoughts away. Just they have very hard work. I do not represent how it is possible to enjoy life, for years carrying out duties of the inspector of department of guardianship. But they are able to smile too, I saw it, taking away the order on expel of my girl from Children`s home. For guardianship I was given the child without fight. But history is not finished because we very much want to give to the daughter the surname.

I here, we are houses :), Darya strikes on the spot everyone visitors the hand-written beauty, the Hollywood smile and improbable charm, and the first victim the father who for the first time saw the daughter only at home fell.

it do not have

U children`s home habits at all, she does not wish to sit on a pot, to lay down in a bed and in general to get down from hands, it is also whimsical in food as her two-year-old brother Vova, from notorious domrebenkovsky appetite did not remain also a trace literally the next day. She very much likes to bathe and is not afraid of water at all. Very watchfully treats prospect to go for walk - does not want to leave the apartment, interrogatively looking into face waiting for the promise to return from walk here. Sleeps on hands, having seized my sleeve and not wishing to release it, having even sunk into a deep sleep. Has absolutely dumbfounded appearance, watching Vova the use of breast milk, the State in which I stay the last days looks attentively and very seriously …

, I would characterize as internal comfort :). The world is poured by paints, behind a window spring, all our children with us.

I Want to thank all who went with me along this road nearby, supported, consoled, imparted experience and rejoiced for us, it was ready to listen, help and consult :). I very much love all of you!