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School of the beginning cyclist of

you live in the summer in the country and, apparently, all entertainments are already tried. Why not to remember the favourite children`s hobby besides useful to health and mother, and child? We go to cycle travel! At first from giving on the next glade behind tasty wild strawberry, and then to the neighboring village behind spring water to tease geese and to bake potato on a fire! However it is necessary to be prepared for expedition seriously: for a start will not prevent to buy bicycles and to learn to go by them.

For a start we will choose a suitable vehicle for mother. Today various models of bicycles the inconceivable quantity is thought up. But approximately they can be divided into several classes. Let`s try to understand.

we Gather in a campaign

Tourist the bicycle - both for trips for the weekend, and for multi-day travel.

* the Car promises to behave well both on soil, and on stony roads. However, to buy it only to lose weight, riding in park, a little prodigally. Bicycles of this class are expensive, from $700 to 2000.

we Storm off road terrain

Mountain the bicycle - for driving on bad roads and on the district where there are no roads at all.

* If you look for the bicycle for trips from giving on the lake, then the cheap mountain bicycle - the excellent choice. Expensive “SUV“ can be adapted also for multi-day travel. Cost: 500 - $1000.

the City feature

the Road bicycle - for slow movement in the city on asphalt.

* If in the summer you remained in the city and want to drive in park, then it is excellent option. Will be suitable also for day off trips. Will not arrange persons interested to go to more serious travel as the luggage carrier is not calculated on big freight. Reliable, inexpensive (from $200) and quite comfortable model.

chose golden mean


Hybrid the bicycle - for driving everywhere, except heavy off road terrain.

* If you regularly go from the city on the dacha through the wood, then it is your choice. If you cannot decide in advance where you will ride more often: in park or in the wood, it makes sense to get accustomed to hybrids too. It is possible to go hiking on it and if on a route overcoming of serious off road terrain is not provided. There are bicycles of this class from $300 to 1500.

Heart will tell


statistically bicycle sport - one of the most popular not only in our country, but also world. Rotation of pedals of any bicycle strengthens warmly - vascular system, well influences lungs, strengthens muscles of legs and buttocks, improves the general endurance of an organism, develops coordination of movements, tactical thinking and a fighting spirit.

According to data of physiologists, occupations by bicycle sport are very useful to weight reduction. Besides, they improve the biochemical processes proceeding in an organism that in general helps to reduce chances of development of many diseases.

cycling are safe

of Occupation practically for any person, except for the people suffering from serious it is warm - vascular diseases and diseases oporno - the motive device (arthritises, arthroses, etc.) .

To a choice problem

How to understand that it is necessary for you? For this purpose it is necessary to answer still honestly at home several questions.

Where to buy?

Upon purchase of the bicycle it is the best of all for h2 to give preference to the specialized cycle centers, salons and shops, and it is the most reliable to buy bicycles from official representatives of firms.

it makes sense to Stop p the choice by bicycle of one of the brands which well proved in the market. By the way, by and large, the name of the bicycle is a name of a frame. Other hinged equipment is made by other firms, as a rule, almost same for all.


But here it is solved what model to gain. The speech goes about the choice of a concrete copy in shop now.

At first should examine the sparkling handsome from all directions. A sharp-sighted eye to inspect: whether there are no dents, cracks, deep scratches, pognutost and other mechanical damages, whether all nuts and screws on the place. It is necessary to check completeness of accessories of the bicycle. If with you chooses the bicycle which is a good judge of mechanisms of people, let it will estimate the car from the technical point of view. Wheels of crew have to be adjusted in one plane, that is at the movement of the bicycle in the direct direction to follow in the tracks (admissible discrepancy - 4 mm). So-called “dog“ (so cycle tourists call discrepancy of the planes of wheels) reduces stability of the bicycle. The saddle at the tightened nuts of an axis of the lock has to keep an absolute immovability.

the Suitable size

not to become a cripple, check the size of future companion on improvement of an organism in advance.

the Bicycle has to correspond to growth of the owner. Selecting the bicycle, it is necessary “to saddle“ it. Correctly picked up size, it when legs completely touch the earth, and the frame is as it is possible closer to a crotch, but does not concern it. One more moment. When you sit on a saddle, the knee has to be slightly bent while foot is in the lowermost point of rotation. whether

you are able

, sitting on a saddle, to touch by thumbs of both legs the earth? Then the car suits you. However, if slightly - it is nearly convenient, it is possible to adjust landing by means of adjustments of a saddle and wheel.

It was pleasant to p? We take!

the Father, mother and I

If careful mother does not want to revitalize an organism alone, then the little partner requires crew too.

Children quickly grow at

and the temptation is big to buy the child the bicycle “for growth“. However it is worth refraining from it. Choosing the bicycle for the child, it is necessary to consider his age, growth and extent of development.

Bicycles for the smallest represent a three-wheeled toy, with pedals, zhestkozakreplenny on a forward wheel. They are intended for children 2 - 3 - x years, about 95 - 103 cm in height, and are very easy-to-work. To the neighboring village to reach hardly to turn out, and it is possible to reach the neighboring seasonal dacha with a breeze!

Bicycles with removable added castors on each side are intended to

for training of the child in driving at two wheels. They promote formation of the correct landing and development of sense of equilibrium.

In order that it is correct to pick up the bicycle according to growth of the child, it is necessary to remember several reference points: growth of the cyclist has to be equal to two and a half diameters of a wheel, and frame length (distance from a wheel axis to a first line of a saddle) has to equal to distance from an elbow of a hand of the child to tips of the extended fingers. Pay attention that tires were wide - for improvement of passability and stability, the wheel and a saddle were regulated on height, the frame was low that the child could come off easily the bicycle in case of failure, and the chain and asterisks for safety are protected by a casing.

Mother washed with

a frame and... changed oil

the Modern bicycle is rather reliable, but nobody cancelled care of this miracle of equipment. Surely regularly you clean and oil a chain, asterisks and a gearshift.

the Frequency of replacement of details depends on many factors, but, as a rule, they are enough not for one thousand kilometers.

If suddenly something breaks, then problems with replacement will not arise, first of all, in case at the firm which made your bicycle there are a lot of service centers. It is interesting that today many producers give a lifelong guarantee for a frame that cannot but please.


If you not too well ride a bicycle, for a start it is necessary to lower a saddle and to learn to keep balance in this situation. Only after that it is possible to return a saddle to former situation again. If earlier you never rode a bicycle, then in the first day pass about 1 km and double a distance by the end of the first week. Continue to pass 10 km in 30 - 32 minutes, you will not feel yet that it became too easy for you, then begin to increase distance length gradually.
of Device for children
What to do if the child is so small what far with it you will not go by the bicycle, and mother dreams to drive in vicinities? Presently this problem can be solved in the different ways. You can carry kids with yourself in chairs which are placed behind a saddle, before a wheel or on the top pipe and provide rigid fixing and safety of the child.
After the child grows up, it is possible to use special children`s trailers. Such trailer fastens to the adult`s bicycle for a subsaddle pipe and visually looks as his back part. The kid in him is rather free, can survey vicinities, but at the same time is under your constant control. Only do not forget to buy a children`s helmet, safety above all!
to Return live
or Check rules of safe driving the
  • before departure from the house that all parts of the bicycle were serviceable, cleaned and well greased.
  • Use a special helmet, this measure half reduces probability of death in case of serious collision.
  • Attach a mirror to a wheel, it will reduce probability of road incident.
  • Moving on the highway, strictly conform to all traffic regulations.
  • Never try “to dive“ between cars: the motorist moving behind can not notice and bring down you.
  • you do not stick to
  • slightly ahead of the right wing of the car - - usually it is the zone invisible to the driver.
  • If the stream of the movement is very big
  • , do not try to carry out the left turn from the left row. Get down from the bicycle better and cross the street together with pedestrians. The majority of incidents and collisions of cyclists with cars happens on intersections.
  • you watch closely the road: whether is not present ahead of hatches, big holes, gravel, rails and other hindrances. Even on the flat street the sandy covering can change a movement trajectory on turn of the carriageway and lead to accident.
  • you do not transport passengers and big things, especially if they close to you the review. Presence by bicycle of the second person or big freight can prevent to maintain balance.
  • you do not go late at night or at night if in it there is no urgent need. If it was necessary to leave, surely use headlights, reflectors and light clothes: the white sweater or an undershirt noticeable were published.

How to avoid mistakes

Protect yourself

do not save on protective equipment! Statistically as a result of accident in 85% of cases the lethal outcome was caused by lack of a helmet.

As a rule, helmets of sports group suit most of cyclists. A helmet has to suit the horseman in all respects. For example, if he is even a little great, then at sharp turn of the head he can close to you eyes and create an emergency.

If you assume to go actively not only on roads, then besides a helmet it makes sense to use also additional protection, it will protect you from possible injuries. First of all it is about protection of brushes, elbows and knees. It is convenient to get a set “2 in 1“. These are specialized cycle clothes with rigid protective inserts. If you have no opportunity or desire to use specialized things, then also usual kneecaps, elbow pieces, etc.

perfectly will approach

Put on correctly!

Decided not to buy by

special cycle clothes? Then usual it is necessary to pick up intelligently. Many beginning cyclists like to ride in jeans, sweaters, warm sports suits etc. Easier! The warm clothes will quickly bring the cyclist to “boiling point“. Sweaters and jeans quickly absorb sweat, become wet and therefore you in them can freeze if stop and it is not really pleasant to ride in the clothes which got wet from sweat. Use light cool fabrics which perfectly absorb moisture and protect from wind, such as nylon or is better special find fault - flew materials (Gore - Tex, etc.) . It is the best of all that to you it was cool when you leave, differently there is a danger to cook in 20 minutes of walk. Also you will make sure that your laces do not hang down and will not be reeled up on gears! By the way, for comfortable driving it is optimum to use also special cycle footwear. By the way, sneakers are considered as the most inconvenient driving footwear. Cycle shoes for fans allow not only to twist pedals with convenience, but also it is easy to go on the ground.

the “Camel“ illness

the Athlete whose organism is well supplied with water can go about two hours (to cool weather) before he begins to suffer from dehydration. Beginners drink seldom even if they have water. Not to feel after driving broken, it is necessary to drink, at least, each 15 minutes, even in cold weather. It will rescue you from painful feelings in muscles and from unnecessary sufferings at the end of a trip.

Oh, I will fall now!

When driving plan a trajectory of the movement and observe straightforwardness. Consider actions beforehand, you look for roots, hummocks, stones, streamlets, etc... Do not lose sight of branches and other hindrances. You have to control situations completelybb. Beginners often suffer from fixing on various objects which are found on the way. If on a footpath the healthy stone, a root or a hole appears, they look at it, reflecting what to do, and go directly to the center of an obstacle. Why? Eyes so influence your brain that unconsciously conduct you there on what you focus them. Force themselves to look at safe ways.

Landing when driving

you have to move with

weight to the abrupt mountain forward, hold a chin as it is possible closer to a wheel, and try to last the head forward. Be displaced on a saddle tip! For simplification you can get up from a saddle and it being necessary pedal.

Landing when driving from descent

you have to be displaced by

back and sit below, than usually. During very abrupt descents it is worth being displaced back so that the basin appeared over a back wheel. If be displaced too strongly, then you can lose control over a forward wheel. Strong you hold a wheel, but, at the same time, do not forget that hands have to work as shock-absorbers. The below you sit, the center of gravity is lower and the it is simpler to steer bicycle on descent.



what brake handle is responsible for a forward brake. Usually it is the left handle. The back brake (on a wheel on the right) has to be used earlier, and forward a bit later and more softly (otherwise you can stop a forward wheel and turn over through a wheel). You remember when a wheel wet - the brake way is much more. During wet weather begin to brake earlier.

Switching of speeds

Skilled people joke that it is much simpler to learn to ride a bicycle, than to learn correctly to switch speeds. This function is necessary for the correct distribution of load of legs when driving. At the movement it is uphill recommended to put the switch on the maximum speed that it was easier to twist pedals. During descent it makes sense to reduce speed not to lose control of the movement.