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At full speed

Are, perhaps, the most gentle method of heat treatment invented for centuries of development of culinary technologies. The product evenly gets warm wet vapor, and in food nutrients and natural taste

In what an essence

Technically as much as possible remain it is simple to make it to impropriety. For example, so. A small amount of water - as a rule, no more than a quarter of volume, but not less than 250 ml joins any pan of the suitable size. Then the ware is put on fire, water is carried to boiling. And then on a pan the banal metal colander or the same sieve where the product prepared for heat treatment - washed up lies, cleared, cut, seasoned or even wrapped in food wrap is established. The pan together with a colander is covered - here, actually, and all., It seems. Actually everything is not so simple.

the Ferry can burn very seriously. Therefore the cover from a pan with a colander or a sieve (or a double boiler cover) should be opened from itself.

products are longer always steamed by

, than in liquid. Here we are also waited by the first hassle. The long time of preparation inspires in the cook illusion that the product thus cannot be peregotovit. Still as it is possible. Therefore give attentively. And about everything one after another.



  • of Zraza from veal with vegetables on couple
  • Steam vegetables on a bed from rice with turned sour - sweet sauce
  • Steam vegetables with tuna sauce

the Cultural revolution

As well as the most part of kitchen devices and ways of processing of products, steam boiling was invented by Chinese. And of course they do not use any metal colanders. Everyone seeing cinema from the Chinese life where not only fight, but also eat, for certain noticed characteristic straw baskets which put one on another.

It is also the Chinese double boiler. Spin such baskets from bamboo straw. Lower put on a frying pan - a wok with the boiling water, and the others - one on another. The convex bottom of a frying pan allows to establish double boilers of the different size, and thanks to slanted edges if necessary it is easy to add a little more water. It is so possible to prepare several different dishes, and also one is possible. Vegetables, except for eggplants, in China cannot be steamed (by the way, in vain). And here fresh-caught fish in general steam only. And still - various Chinese pelmeni.

the Double boiler should be had

so that the boiling water was 2 - 3 cm lower than its bottom, and the preparing product was not closer than in 2 - 3 cm from its walls. If a product juicy, it it is necessary to prepare in a soup plate that taste and aroma were not gone. If it is not going to expire juice, it is possible to put directly in a double boiler. You should not prepare more than in two tiers of a bamboo double boiler. In the third, top tier of couples it is insufficiently hot for preparation, it suits only for a warming up of dishes. By the way, it is convenient and correct to warm food in a double boiler because the food in this case never dries up.

Steam boiling happens on slow fire. On a bottom of container with water it is possible to put several coins; so far it is enough water, they will ring; the come silence will tell that it is time for boiled water to add.

the Main inconvenience of use of bamboo double boilers - need to watch that at the lower basket adjoining to a hot wok did not burn edge. Care of the Chinese invention simple: after use it should be washed up hot water at once and to wipe dry. And as bamboo double boilers are usually very beautiful, sometimes dishes give to a table directly to them.

From the point of view of a practicality it is much more interesting to p to use the Central Asian modification of a double boiler known to all population of the former Soviet Union as a mantyshnitsa. It is made, as a rule, of aluminum and cannot burn down. Except manti in it it is possible to prepare anything. The product which it is necessary to heat stronger - meat fish, - keeps within the lower tier, and the dish needing smaller heating - for example, vegetables, - in top.

Without double boiler, as well as without the steamed rice, Thais do not think to themselves of life. The Thai jasmine rice welded on couple very strongly differs on a consistence and a smell from pining in a pan with water. Thais claim, as on taste it turns out better.

in search of perfection

Besides the usual steam boiling happening with a usual atmospheric pressure also steam boiling at an elevated pressure exists. So products in industrial coppers and in household pressure cookers prepare. Though the boiling water will never be able to get temperature higher than 100? With, at the closed pressure cooker cover pressure increases and temperature of steam reaches 121? C. Thus, products cook on average three times quicker, than a usual way, in the boiling water. From a pressure cooker liquid does not evaporate therefore there is enough only a half of a glass of boiled water.

to steam products in a pressure cooker, them is put on the special support which is included in the delivery package any of “a high-speed pan“ that they were processed by steam, but did not cook in water. It is important that the product occupied no more than two thirds of volume of a pressure cooker. And still: before use bring a pressure cooker cover to a light source and glance in an opening for steam; it has to be surely closed. Well and, of course, it is necessary to watch that the opening was not hammered in the course of preparation. It settles safety measures.

If you cook for

in a pressure cooker gentle vegetables, after the end of process put it in cold water - so it will quicker cool down and vegetables will not be digested.

But also steam boiling with an atmospheric pressure underwent improvements too. In a modern electric double boiler to prepare much more conveniently, than by means of a pan and a colander. This device is simpler, than the iron. In the basis - the capacity in which water is carried to boiling by means of a heating element. From above one or several steam baskets are established, top of which it is closed by a cover. The condensate and juice which is flowing down from products gather in the special pallet.

can be prepared for

on the basis of this juice, by the way, sauce for a dish. And sauce will turn out very elegant - low-fat, without the burned pieces.

the Possibility of steam boiling is provided by

in some models of microwave ovens, thermoprocessors and convection ovens. They are arranged more difficult, than just double boilers. Liquid, necessary for production of steam, joins, as a rule, a special capsule; it heats up, and steam fills the camera of the furnace. The sensors which are in a chamber watch steam temperature, its saturation, and also formation of condensate. As soon as conditions of preparation recede from an ideal, either ventilation joins, or still the portion of steam arrives.

can Influence taste of the steamed product, changing composition of paroobrazuyushchy liquid. It is possible to use water mixes with wine, beer, various broths, and also to add spicy herbs to water. And when cooking meat add a small amount of wine vinegar to water.

can achieve Absolutely tremendous result at a combination two the technician - preparation in vacuum and on couple. The product is properly seasoned (“properly“ in this case means that at once all seasonings and spices are brought, up to sauces and the evaporated wine), keeps within a tight package, vacuumized and located in a double boiler. Preparation happens only at the expense of internal juice of a product and absolutely dry heat, practically the product cooks itself.



  • of the Plateau from fish and seafood with apples sauce
  • Egg - a posha with spinach and sharp oil
  • Fast mutton on couple, with marinated mozzarelly and a pear
  • Orange panna cotta with shokoladno - strawberry shaving

Pros and cons

the Main argument in favor of use of this ancient technology was always its especial usefulness. Any carcinogens, excess fats, carbohydrates, and at the same time - high comprehensibility of the prepared product, the maximum safety of all nutritious and mineral substances. The main argument against - very much inexpressive taste. But nothing prevents you to combine several ways of preparation in one dish. For example, a tax to fish on couple quickly fried vegetables or even puff vegetables pie. And to the steamed meat - some delicate sauce. Too, by the way, it is possible to steam it - many classical sauces only this way and prepare, without taking out direct contact with fire at all. One more argument in favor of steam.