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Let`s strike with beer an illness of

you Represent, people began to cook beer 2000 earlier, than learned to bake bread! At all times it was considered as very useful drink, but it was not always told about it aloud.

the Leading experts of the Prague Institute of brewing who were scrupulously investigating influence of beer on health of the person with full confidence carry beer to the products necessary for the person because it contains those substances which are required for our organism: water, saccharites, proteins, vitamins, biopower elements, biologically important ions. Yes, of course, in beer there is an alcohol. But the content of alcohol in beer in comparison with other alcoholic beverages low. Modern scientific researches show that such concentration and reasonable doses of reception of beer give antistress effect, strengthen blood circulation, reduce risk of heart diseases.

the Czech authors mean a daily glass of beer By a reasonable dose. At the same time it is necessary to do amendments on identity of a human body and to remember: the founder of pharmaceutics Paracelsus used to say that a certain substance can be both poison, and medicine - everything depends on a dose, on weight, age, sex of the one who accepts this substance. What brings one benefit to another can do much harm. So you have to define the measure or your doctor.

Scientists revealed

that moderate doses of alcohol have no significant effect on a blood pressure, and if pressure high, then beer even lowers it a little as has property to expand vessels. According to medical researches, you if you have an elevated pressure, risk to get a hypertension, only strongly abusing beer. Now everyone knows that excessive cholesterol in blood beats heart. The alcohol which is contained in beer promotes removal of cholesterol from fabrics and vessels in a liver where it decays, and thus the quantity it in blood decreases.

Beer, again - unlike other alcoholic beverages, approximately for 92% consists of water and therefore considerably satisfies thirst and interferes with organism dehydration which usually occurs under the influence of alcohol.

Beer - the only drink which bitter hop additives not only are nice to the taste but also have the calming effect on the person, and also promote digestion. By the way, beer in itself, at the reasonable use, does not lead to obesity, but awakens appetite, and already it threatens with an overeating. Try to behave within and do not shift the fault to drink. And even as a result of researches by the Czech scientist it was succeeded to establish that isoacids of hop additives prevent developing of osteoporosis.

Beer, from the point of view of physiologists, represents one of the most balanced drinks. It positively influences a metabolism and is an important source of vitamins. On it, unfortunately, the attention addresses a little. Beer contains, for example, niatsin, pantothenic acid, a pyridoxine, Riboflavinum, it is a little in smaller quantity tiamin and biotin. These vitamins exert beneficial influence, for example, on growth of hair and health of skin. The pyridoxine (B6 group), according to results of the latest medical researches, also interferes with vascular diseases.

At the use of 1 liter of beer of people is received by 20% of day norm of B2 vitamin, 32% - B6 vitamin and 25% - pantothenic acid. The day need for the niatsena makes 16,5 mg, and the liter of beer contains about 50% of this quantity. 1 liter of beer delivers us on average 200 mg of biologically active agents. If you drink one liter of beer, then satisfy the day need for zinc and receive about a half of norm of iron, fluorine and copper. Calcium and magnesium (in the ratio 1:3) interfere with education bilious and nephroliths. Using beer, you receive still vegetable starched connections which promote digestion and release of gastric juice.

Experts carry beer to the healthiest products which only manage to be eaten. It is connected with natural raw materials, features of technology of brewing and rigid control of everything at all stages of production. Beer, thus, the product the purest containing low concentration of harmful substances in comparison with initial ingredients. The famous German figure, the great admirer of beer Richard von Weizsekker once told:“ We would be absolutely happy if air would be same pure, as well as beer“.

Moreover, the thermal modes in the course of production of beer (at malt overwrite, cooking of a mash) and anti-microbiological properties of alcohol and hop isoacids create an adverse environment for pathogenic microorganisms.


A few years ago in Germany examined 1500 people at the age of 65 - 85 years. Research showed that people of advanced age have a regular and sufficient use of polyphenols which are in beer too, considerably reduces risk of death from warmly - vascular diseases. Today in all developed countries daily reception of biological antioxidants is recommended, at the same time the important part is assigned to polyphenols in products. While you are young, for certain will not stuff the head with any holesterina and polyphenols. If you the person with a vital experience and the doctor recommended you the drugs containing zinc, sodium, iron, fluorine, copper or gave a hint at osteoporosis, remember, please, that he much necessary to an organism contains in such natural product as beer. Also you remember that everything is good moderately.