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Cyprus - the island of love. Part II

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of Zygi is a small fishing small village where fish taverns stand closely to each other at the edge of the sea. There we tried at last a traditional Cyprian dish “Meuse“. It happens meat, fish, mixed, but ours was fish. Also it would be strange if it was on another - in the menu there was no uniform meat dish.

“Meuse is a set of 20 - 30 dishes where hot dishes, snack and a dessert enter. An excellent opportunity to try a maximum of national dishes“. Well, 20 not 20, but species of 10 - 15 various fishes, squids, octopuses, cuttlefishes, mussels, shrimps we tried. In total very much - it is very tasty. Also it is felt that everything is so fresher - floated still quite recently. What tiger shrimps... and huge mussels.... and fried octopuses... When I remember, at me slobbers flow. The dinner for three of adults and one child with wine and juice cost us 42 pounds. In Cyprus tip of 10% is already included in the account. Naturally, the dinner this day was cancelled.


at us planned in the Evening voyage in Aja - to Nap. Aja - Napa in translation from Greek means the sacred wood. If to trust the guide - along the coast of a raskinuta the most beautiful golden beaches on which pelicans fearlessly walk. I do not know, our visit Aja - Napy was evening, and we did not see beaches. From Limassol to Aja - Napy about 110 - 115 km. Reached quickly. Aja - Napa - the madwoman, youth, raunchy, is not similar to modest strict Limassol at all.

Many people on streets, the bars filled to the full, and the small street of discos in general impresses! Discos and bars go closely each other, trying to outvoice each other. Barkers too not for nothing work the bread - just like that it is impossible to pass by any disco - you try get to talking, to make laugh, give a flyer on free cocktails. At two o`clock in the morning on streets as in the subway in rush hour.

here also the Russian bar - very awfully nice town and music excellent Is! Besides, in Aja - to Napa we drove on attractions and kartings. 5 pounds from the person for a jump on a bungee and 8 pounds in 10 minutes on karting.

Next day we had a long journey. But now on the West: at first from Lemessos it is strict on the North on the route B8 through Trimiklini, further through Pano Platres, through Prodromos and Pedoulas, through Panagia to the known monastery Kykkos. On the way back on mountain roads on Pano Panagia, then to Axylou and again to the amazing place of Petra tow Romiou.

On the way to Kykkos we came around on Caledonian falls. How footpaths to falls are made was pleasant. On the one hand, very conveniently, with another - they so fit into a landscape that it is almost impossible to distinguish that is made hands of people, and that the nature. Also there is a small volyerchik in which chickens and peacocks walk.

Passable Pedoulas, how after all Cypriots in mountainous areas build houses should not be surprised - it is just impossible! On the breaks, the coolest mountain under legs and small, accurate, absolutely fantastic White House with a red roof... The guide says: “Pedulas is the mountain small village drowning in cherry orchards - the known center of rest and entertainments with good hotels and restaurants. In the Archangel Michael Church constructed in 1474, interesting frescos, a beautiful iconostasis. There is a church museum“. Unfortunately, we did not begin to stop here, monasteries and churches on the island great variety, and the way was coming us still far.

Monastery Kykkos. Again I will address the guide.“ The monastery is located in 20 km to the West from Pedoulas. It is open from April to September daily from 10 to 18 o`clock, from October to March - from 10 to 17 o`clock. Undoubtedly, it is the most known monastery of the island. Throughout centuries the monastery repeatedly collapsed and anew built up. The existing buildings are dated the 19th century. The earliest constructions concern to XVIII. The iconostasis is dated 1850. Many objects are decorated with sheet gold, some of them are decorated with a cross of Russian Orthodox Church“.

In the monastery the museum where the richest, in my opinion, collection of church utensils, icons, crosses, church clothes, mosaics is collected is. But main, all - not it. The main thing is the wonder-working icon of the Mother of God written by St. Luka (the Mother of God Miloserdiya - “Panaya Kikotissa“). It is not just an icon - it is treasure.

“According to the legend, this icon was one of three written by the apostle Luka according to the divine instruction in seven years after death and Christ`s revival. After numerous adventures the icon appeared in Constantinople where it was stored in the imperial palace. At last, the emperor Alexy Komnin, on suggestion from above, sent an icon to Cyprus together with the subsidy intended for construction of the monastery Kykkos. The icon was exposed to big danger repeatedly - four times in the monastery were the strong fires“.

Of course, the icon shakes - and shakes availability it. It is possible to approach any - to be put to it and to ask the Lord about all benefits for itself and the relatives. The set of other icons, and all in gold, just suppresses, but on the other hand - there is so quiet and peaceful. There so with calm you feel that by all means there is a wish to remain and just to sit. To stop a moment of this blagogoveynost.

we bought

In a monastic bench the copy of this icon. Our icon is embroidered with gold threads and stones. As I like to embroider, I understand what work to make this icon. It is titanic work - a stitch to a stitch, the icon seems volume, poured. Now, when I write these lines, I look at our icon and I remember the monastery and its original. Also I understand that I touched then something great, to something that I cannot comprehend, to something that passed through many centuries and many people and remained same, as well as was.

the Icon to us cost very much to

, but it costs each pound. It is a thing very expensive to me. The iconostasis and an icon is forbidden to be photographed and removed, but in a bench cards are on sale. It is allowed to enter the monastery bare-headed and in trousers.

Also in the monastery the wine made right there is on sale. Here we, at last, bought a bottle of Kommandaria wine - the red sweet wine, known on the island. And one more old dry wine in the bottle which is filled in with sealing wax. In total - productions of the monastery Kykkos.

Having left Kykkosa, we decided that we all - will go towards the house because the mountain road very heavy and tiresome and, frankly speaking, all were tired of moving already a little. But, despite everything, on the way home we had one more point - the monastery Panagia Chrysorogiatissa.

“The monastery is located

in mountains approximately in 2 km from the village of Panagia. The architecture, greatness and tranquility of the surrounding nature, and also magnificent views which open from monastery height strikes it. In the monastery make one of the best grades of white wine on the island. Before the monastery at the bottom centenary 14 - a meter pine the terrace is located“.

the Monastery not strongly inspired us the architectural delicacy, and here on that terrace with which the magnificent view on the valley, through grapes clusters opens, we sat and drank on a coffee cup. And a pine - a centenary huge tree for which maintenance concrete props are put.

As I already told

, in the evening, on the way home, we stopped by in the birthplace of Aphrodite and once again enjoyed a charm of this corner.

it was decided to go to an aquapark Next day. I am afraid to be mistaken, but, in my opinion, it was called, “Watermania“ or somehow like it. There is it literally kilometers in five to the west from Limassol. It is impossible to be mistaken because the indexes conducting to it - the sea, and the road from the city, actually, one.

the Aquapark - it is healthy. To both adults and children. I cannot precisely tell, in how many it begins work, but finishes at 18 o`clock. Entrance for adults - 15 pounds, for the child till 12 years - 8. In the territory there is a cafe where it is possible to have a bite, but the prices just space there.

“Children`s corner“ just remarkable. The real super - the city, with short flights of stairs, ropes, networks and so forth - everything on what it is possible to creep, climb and cling. In addition the lot of various cranes, gates and just effect of it will not keep itself waiting for handles which it is possible to pull and - from where it - nibud will be watered and will pour the unlucky adventurer. Several hills - more abruptly - quicker or more slowly - are quieter. On them did not disdain to ride even adults! The truth - the truth, itself saw.

In separate “zagonchik“ - the “gigs“ working from the manual drive - you twist the handle - the boat slides. And in completion of everything is mad action. In top of all this construction - the bucket in which water when it is filled flows - occurs what you see on a photo. But also here everything is thought over - it pours out on a roof, but not on the heads to gapers. And the fact that all - gets on those who especially for it and cost below it is only the smallest water dust. So for children it is absolutely safe.

As for adults - about 10 various hills, including “Kamikaze“ - with which, mother expensive! - also I slid, having had suffered much at water landing on water. One can ride, together, three together. Cheese cakes much are also enough for all. The order is ideal: took - put! The only hill, a black pipe in which we were started a back forward seemed a little frightening - of course, to fly forward, failing, soaring up (at some moment in general it seemed to me that we turned over) - it is possible to understand. But as it was the very first hill, others seemed much more quietly. But I am nature extreme, hills can seem someone more impressive, than me.

Is still there “the lazy river“ on which it is possible to float on a cheese cake, there is a sea simulator with a surf, there are parallel hills, but they seemed to us too simple and in general - the pleasant atmosphere, good design, it is a lot of greens and flowers. A set of plank beds - both in a shadow and on the sun. The only minus, in my opinion, what there are not given in hire of a towel so if you go, do not forget to take with yourself. At an aquapark there is a small souvenir little shop, we bought Goshune`s cap there.

time to give the car Came. To give, as well as to take - it is possible any. At lease of the car to us wrote out a ridiculous piece of paper which has to be also the certificate and THAT and an insurance at the same time. And when rent ended, we just gave keys on a reception. By the way, radio in the car was ready for the Russian wave - a trifle, and it is pleasant.


In the next days at us planned excursion “catching of octopuses“ and “ATVs“. For catching of octopuses we were taken away by bus, taken to Larnaca, put on a small ship and taken out to the sea, but it is not far from the coast. Gave rods - it is a thick scaffold with a heavy sinker and “cat“. Still a bait - a white octopus in the form of strips of fragmentary paper. Catching of octopuses at our team, in principle, did not go. We caught octopuses a little though Artyom and caught two.

was Put by these tiresome as any fishing demands enormous patience. Therefore personally I, having tried to catch, and having quickly got tired from this occupation, left to sunbathe and bathe. In my opinion, octopuses - absolutely disgusting beings. As soon as they were caught, they right there strive to stick to everything that is in a zone of their access tightly. Whether it be deck, bucket or someone`s hand. Extreme tourists even tore one octopus, trying to unhook from a bucket. This suction not sick, but unpleasant is awful. Though, by experience of a village of Zigi, octopuses - not too bad at all to, tasty piece.

By the ship too, and octopuses were also served, but in this case they were pleasant to me less. By the way, when they are some time on air, they change color with is brown - pink (as on a photo) on violet.

In general the sea trip me was pleasant to

. To the people there was a little - all had enough place. I chose a main deck and sunbathed there and when we anchored, began to jump from there in the sea.

the Trip on ATVs was remembered by

too. The ATV for me - the same that a snowmobile, only on wheels, but not on caterpillars. The same management - two brakes (for both hands), gas, the right - left. I very quickly accustomed and even deserved respect among instructors the driving.

the Route at us was rather big. We came around on the abandoned copper mines, on a reservoir dam. In Cyprus 330 days in a year - the sun. And only month there can be rains. But, sometimes, they are not for 2 - 3. On the island of only 4 large reservoirs, for each of the large cities of the island. But it is not enough, and then the state introduces a regime of economy for inhabitants of the island. It is not reflected in tourists at all, and local reserve to themselves water in barrels on roofs of houses.

We stopped by in the lonely village which is under protection of UNESCO came there into church of the 14th century - a small rural churchlet, appearance not reminding at all that it is church. Were passed on the roads included in the route WRC Cyprus - world autorally. Visited the small Cyprian village, drank “coffee on - Cyprian“, made not on fire, and on the heated sand. And in conclusion of everything bathed in the mineral pool and have dinner in the Cyprian tavern. This excursion very much was pleasant to me. Of course, we arrived everything in dust and tired, but it was worth it.

of 11 days in Cyprus flew as one moment. It is a lot of where we did not manage to visit. Eto and Aja - Napa in the afternoon with her, probably, magnificent beaches; it and Polis - the charming town on North - the West, both Aphrodite`s swimming bath, and Pathos with its eternal excavation, and the abandoned city of Famagusta, and the Blue lagoon...

of Much, very much we did not see, but we also looked at a lot of things. Cyprus - the wonderful island. Quiet, full of advantage, very friendly, with the unique nature changing literally in the eyes with the turquoise sea and the blue sky. With great history and an uncountable set of monasteries and churches.

Cyprus is amazing

. Here all clearly, and at the same time so much time is necessary that all this to look that it seems, and there will not be enough life whole. We did not go to cruises yet - to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria or Greece...

B one of days, coming back from our autowalk, we were caught in the rain. The rain which there can not be no several years - whether is a sign from above what this “our“ place in the world and what here we still by all means will return?