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Cyprus - the island of love. Part I

this year we were lucky to visit Cyprus. Travel was not really planned, spontaneous, but as it is great that it took place!

We planned to go to Italy (oh, my dream!) but as we decided to take with ourselves in holiday of the eldest son of my husband, and it had certain problems with the international passport, Italy disappeared by itself. For obtaining the Cyprian visa not so strict conditions, namely the passport has to come to an end not earlier than in three months after the termination of a trip. Plus are still necessary for the visa the questionnaire completed in English, one color photo 3õ4 on a light background and the civil passport. The visa becomes within one working day. Free of charge!

As in our family I am “the rest manager“, the hotel was chosen by me. We in “Saint Raphael“ lived, 5 stars, Limassol. More precisely, suburb of Limassol. Hotel very much and very good. From talk with Cypriots I, however, learned that this hotel is considered very expensive, but with very good service. From good hotels they (Cypriots) recommended “Five seasons“ and “Le Meredien“. Is 5 - ki cheaper.

That before service, I to it have no complaints. - beginning very unostentatious personnel from maids to waiters. The maid some wonderfully cleaned up (ideally!) in our absence even if we left for a while. And it could be different time, but always, having returned, we found the room cleaned, things spread out. Running forward, I will tell that the Cyprian pound consists of 100 cents, and so, almost every day we left it a trifle, but even if did not leave - the relation was the same.

As for waiters, at placement “all inclusive“ giving tip was simply excluded. Moreover, there was no their “begging“... (such as in Egypt). Everything became quickly, beautifully and with advantage. Laying for dinner was full! All devices!

That before food - I will tell in a word, it was tasty! Yes, for breakfast every day was same, but it was plentiful - both hot and cold appetizers, and pancakes, and rolls, and fruit, and muesli, and dry breakfasts, juice, waters and even champagne! In general, hungry we never remained - when we would not go to eat (and where!) always we were full and happy. Three restaurants, three bars, bar - a coffee house and one more restaurant partially outside the territory. Fed from 7 in the morning to 12 in the night almost constantly. Both seafood, and meat, and chicken - and the Mediterranean kitchen, and east, and usual European, and a barbecue...

the Sweet table - above any praises! Cakes, cakes, fruit - a water-melon, a melon, grapes - it is obligatory, nectarines, plums, apples, strawberry... I do not know what need to be the whimsical person not to find to itself something to taste. I do not treat whimsical, but the food in Turkey, for example, made indelible impression on me - was absolutely tasteless, and here... meat just melted in the mouth...

Before the trip I already knew that we will independently travel around the island. Houses, in Russia, I bought Cyprus guide of Le Pti Fyute. Further in the narration I will refer to it.

the next day on arrival we rented a car - Meagen Kabrio`s Renault. It cost us 70 pounds a day. Plus 35 pounds for a full tank. We took the card on a reception. Also absolutely free of charge. Roads in Cyprus just ideal! In four days of constant trips around the island we saw only two (!!!) holes. Equal covering, marking, indexes... However, it is necessary to tell about indexes separately, but already their existence speaks about care of drivers.

Indexes.... There is a lot of them, there is a lot of them, just madly there is a lot of them. On the one hand, it is very good - if there is a turn on the highway, then it will be duplicated by the index at least two times - for kilometer, for 500 meters and just before turn. On the other hand, as, for example, on a photo, on forks there is a set of indexes, and, without having stopped before them, it is difficult to go in the right direction. To stop it turned out not in each place. Therefore it is convenient to go together, and even three together. One drives, another looks around in the card, the third. Especially hard on circular outcomes where the movement behind draws in. But you get used to all this quickly enough, as well as to left-hand traffic.

In Cyprus three views of roads (on my modest belief) - the highways ordinary and minor are. The highway, i.e. the high-speed highway (speed of at most 100 km/h) is on two strips in each party, in the middle a concrete divider. Ordinary - on one strip in each party, with a marking, without divider. Minor - roads are slightly wider than the car without marking. But... all with an ideal covering.

On highways to go extremely easily since oncoming cars are not visible, on ordinary - passers come across, but it is a little cars on roads, on minor, of course, it is more difficult, but not and there are a lot of them. Plus rolling cars have numbers of red color (usual - yellow or white) that too is a certain protection. Are quite kindly favorable disposed. Even there were cases when we, having stopped at the intersection, reading indexes, built for ourselves several cars - nobody beeped! So take the car, and in a way!

In Cyprus, in my opinion, cannot look at everything, going only by excursion. There are such places where tourists are just not carried... For myself I made such plan.

In the first day we were in Petra tou Romiou, i.e. the birthplace of Aphrodite. The guide says:“ It is one of the most beautiful places of Cyprus. This rocky height had waves a goddess of beauty Aphrodite. The same stones were used for fight against the enemy ships by the legendary hero Digenis Akritas. The smallest of a heap of stones is similar to a mushroom, - exactly about it, on a legend, Aphrodite was born. Among Cypriots there is a belief that if in a full moon to float by this stone, then it is possible to find eternal youth“.

Place it, really, amazing. Beautiful unusual beauty. The turquoise sea, rocks and an eternal surf with sea foam. In Aphrodite`s birth it is trusted at first sight. Quite strong wave breaks against the coast in hundreds - thousands of the smallest droplets. Peschano - the pebble wild beach. A huge stone ashore on which it is possible to get and from where all is visible - all - all...

We were in this place twice. Fell in love with him at first sight! There is it in vicinities of Pathos, but also from Limassol absolutely nearby. With this place we are connected now also by one more - there my spouse lost a wedding ring. Just washed away it from a finger. But we decided that it for luck. And that here - that we will surely return. Though, just in case, threw there also on a coin... But if you have a wedding ring with huge diamond - advise all jewelry to remove - a wave very strong.

of Tourists, it is necessary to tell, there too carry. But what it - to arrive to this amazing place for one or two hours? And then, tourists there since the morning, and in the evening when the sun already tends to the horizon and photos turn out especially beautiful when on all beach ten - twenty people... So the car should be taken already only for the sake of this place.

Also we came around on the cape Aspro. On a photo you can estimate beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the Cyprian landscapes. On the island two massif - one calcareous, another with impurity of copper and metal. One - white and beige, another - it is red - brown... And nature absolutely different: here - small trees, and there - mighty pines...

In the second day we decided to go to the East. From Limassol through Pano Lefkara, through Kornos further in Stavrovouni, then through Kalo Chorio back on the highway and through Zygi home, in Lemesos.

of Pano Lefkara...“ The first mention of the name of Lefkar treats the 12th century. The village was always famous for skill of women - embroideresses whose products husbands and sons carried worldwide. Lefkariysky women studied art of an embroidery at spouses of the Venetian senores living on the island in the 15th century. Then Leonardo da Vinci saw in these embroideries similarity with native to it the Italian culture. It was so struck with complexity and beauty of an embroidery that ordered to embroider an altar cloth for the Milan Cathedral. Traditional two-color (colors of cotton - a raw and beige) an embroidery with characteristic geometrical difficult motives - Lefkara`s emblem. “

It that the guide says, actually - small the small town with very narrow small streets. And all these small streets in little shops which are simply covered with the embroidered products - cloths, napkins, dresses, tunics, small jewelry, the embroidered umbrellas (!!!) - what there is only not present. Besides there still do also products of gold and silver. Of course, and in Lefkara carry tourists, moreover, the trip enters any excursion there, as far as I know, but tourists that are carried on those shops where all extremely expensively... And to walk on small narrow small streets, to look at everything, to touch, measure?

We bought

a big cloth for 45 Cypriot pounds and for 25 - a lacy scarf and when stopped by in Lefkara together with tourists, coming back from excursion - paid 30 pounds for a small napkin. Therefore and here it is more interesting and more favorable to travel.

of Kornos if to trust the guide, - the city - the producer of clay pots. And yes here only women are engaged in production. The city also small (in Cyprus only 4 big cities - three resort and the capital of Neoksiya) and there, really, is a lot of pots... but all of them with flowers - at each house tens of pots, beds, everything is buried in flowers. But for some reason or at least shop with pots we did not find any production... so, probably, it or the tradition mislaid for centuries or, all this is done not in houses any more. So purchase of a clay pot broke.

of Stavrovouni...“ The name of the monastery is meant by “the mountain of the Sacred Cross“. The monastery is located at the height of 700 meters above sea level“. History of this monastery is very interesting. Having returned in 327 from the Holy Land mother Konstantina Elena brought with herself part of the Sacred Cross. In one of dreams her was the angel and ordered to construct church, similar to the Jerusalem Temple, he specified by it and the place. So on the mountain of Olympe renamed later uphill the Sacred Cross the monastery and church were built. Soon Elena left Cyprus, and the monastery remained one of the large centers of Christianity“.

At the monastery difficult destiny. It was exposed to destructions and the fires. Now it is completely restored. The monastery man`s, open for visit in certain hours (we were in the afternoon, about 14, and it opened with 15, but from morning to some certain o`clock it is open too) and only with the closed shoulders and in trousers. Not in the shorts closing knees namely in trousers.

my men, wanted to get there, but they were told “no pantaloons“ so we examined the monastery only from outside, but also it impressed! The monastery, by the way, is visible with the highway Larnaca - Limassol. If to get accustomed, then on the highest mountain which you pass constructions are visible. Road there just mad! The real mountain serpentine and such that from height differences stuffs up ears. But a look from there - tremendous: the half-countries on a palm...

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